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Every great movement resolves itself, in ultimate analysis, into the action of individual lives, typical of the nurture and aspirations of their time.

So it has been in the Women's Suffrage movement: one life above all others has left the impress of its intellectual force and deep sympathy with human sorrows. Accordingly Part II. takes the form of a biographical sketch of Miss Lydia Becker, as the best introduction to the story of the work, and to the underlying motives and the methods of the workers therein.

Parts II., IV. and V. essay to marshal the leading facts and features of the movement in a concise narrative from the passing of the second Reform Aet in 1867 to the present time. Dates and other scaffolding of the movement have been arranged, for convenience of reference, in two charts, while various documents, together with a bibliography, will be found in the Appendix.

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December 15th, 1901,

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