Buddhism in Translations

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Harvard University, 1900 - Всего страниц: 520
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Стр. 260 - Quit your sweet bride, and come with me.' ' With you ! and quit my Susan's side ? With you ! ' the hapless husband cried ; ' Young as I am, 'tis monstrous hard ! Besides, in truth, I'm not prepared : My thoughts on other matters go ; This is my wedding-day, you know.
Стр. xiii - JPTS Journal of the Pali Text Society JRAS Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society Ostas.
Стр. 125 - Malunkyaputta, this does profit, has to do with the fundamentals of religion, and tends to aversion, absence of passion, cessation, quiescence, knowledge, supreme wisdom, and Nirvana; therefore have I elucidated it. Accordingly, Malunkyaputta, bear always in mind what it is that I have not elucidated, and what it is that I have elucidated.
Стр. 83 - O builder ! I've discovered thee ! This fabric thou shalt ne'er rebuild! Thy rafters all are broken now, And pointed roof demolished lies ! This mind has demolition reached, And seen the last of all desire!
Стр. 118 - Malunkyaputta, does not depend on the dogma that the world is eternal; nor does the religious life, Malunkyaputta, depend on the dogma that the world is not eternal. Whether the dogma obtain, Malunkyaputta, that the world is eternal, or that the world is not eternal, there still remain birth, old age, death, sorrow, lamentation, misery, grief, and despair, for the extinction of which in the present life I am prescribing.
Стр. 397 - Let the merit that I have gained be shared by my lord. It is fitting to give me to share in the merit gained by my lord. It is good, it is good. I share in it.
Стр. 262 - Nay then, the spectre stern rejoined, These are unjustifiable yearnings ; If you are lame and deaf and blind, You Ve had your three sufficient warnings So come along, no more we...
Стр. 159 - THUS have I heard. On a certain occasion The Blessed One was dwelling at Rajagaha, in Bamboo Grove in Kalandakanivapa.
Стр. 221 - O priests, if any one says that a man must reap according to his deeds, in that case, O priests, there is no religious life, nor is any opportunity afforded for the entire extinction of misery.
Стр. 261 - Death as near ; His friends not false, his wife no shrew, Many his gains, his children few, He passed his hours in peace ; But while he viewed his wealth increase, While thus along life's dusty road The beaten track content he trod, Old Time, whose haste no mortal spares, Uncalled, unheeded, unawares, Brought him on his eightieth year. And now one night in musing mood, As all alone he sate, Th' unwelcome messenger of fate Once more before him stood.

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