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Rt. Rev. Bishop Vail's Sermon, at the Consecration of the Chapel

of Griswold College, Davenport, Iowa, Dec. 30, 1864. Rev. G. M. Hills' Sermon, in memory of the Rt. Rev. Bishop De

Lancey, in St. Paul's Church, Syracuse, W. N. Y., May 14, 1865. Rev. Dr. C. H. Hall's Sermon, on the assassination of President Lin

coln, preached in the Church of the Epiphany, Washington City,

D. C., April 19, 1865. Rev. Dr. E. A. Hoffman's Sermon : The Martyr President :

Preached in Grace Church, Brooklyn Heights, April 20th, 1865. Rev. A. D. Benedict's Address : Our Nation's Sorrow: St. Luke's

Church, Racine, Wis., April 19, 1865. Rev. Dr. H. A. BOARDMAN's Sermon : The Peace-Makers: in the

Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, April 9th, 1865. Rt. Rev. Bishop Lay's Memorial of Alexis I. Dupont; re-printed by

L. C. Wilmington, Del. St. John LAND: a Retro-Prospectus. In two Letters, supposed to

be written some years hence. By W. A. MUHLENBERG, 8vo. pp. 62. REGISTER OF Racine COLLEGE. Twelfth Year. 1864-5. Present

number of Students in the College, 117. TWENTIETH ANNUAL REPORT of the Executive Committee of the

Prison Association of New York. 8vo. pp. 367. The New Path: A Monthly Art Journal. Vol. II., No. V. May

1865. Journal of the Institute of Reward for Orphans of Patriots. Vol. I.

No, I.





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June 7,


Betts, George C. Talbot, Mar. 12, 1865, St. Mary's Nebraska City, Nebr'a.
Bellam, T. L.


June 11, Chapel, Nashotah Mission, Wis.
Duerr, J. W. C. Mcllvaine, April 1, " Trinity, Cleaveland, Ohio.
Fullerton, Alex., Jr. Odenheimer, June 2, St. Mary's, Burlington, N. J.

Potter, H. April 8, Christ, Bay Ridge, N. Y.
Gibson, George, Kemper, June 11, Chapel, Nashotah Mission, Wis.
Hargate, Jolin, Chase, May 25, St. Paul's, Concord, N. H.
Harrison, Hall, Chase, May 25, St. Paul's, Concord, N. H.
Holbrook, Charles A. Williams,

Holy Trinity, Middletown, Conn.
Holly, Wm. Wells, Williams, June 7, Holy Trinity, Middletown, Conn.
Hlyde, Jos. William, Potter, H. April 8, Christ, Bay Ridge, N. Y.
Lusk, William, Kemper, May 14, " Trinity, Fort Wayne, Wisconsin.
Magill, William J. Williams, June 7, Holy Trinity, Middletown, Conn.
Peterson, John, Potter, H. June 9, St. Philips, New York City.
Pope, Wm. Cox, Kemper, June 11, Chapel, Nashotah Mission, Wis.
Rafter, Wm. W. Kemper, June 11, Chapel, Nashotah Mission, Wis.
Scripture, James (). Eastburn, May 17, Trinity, Boston, Mass.
Sellick, Charles M. Williams, Mar. 11, St. Paul's Norwalk, Conn.
Slafter, Carlos, Eastburn, May 17, Trinity, Boston, Mass.
Vernor, George, Kemper, June 11, Chapel, Nashotah Mission, Wis.
Whitney, George A. Kemper,

June 11,

Chapel, Nashotal Mission, Wis.



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Rev. Allen, Henry F. Eastburn, Mar. 13, 1865, St. Paul's, Boston, Mass.

Applegate, Octav. Potter, H. Mar 19, Grace, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Aspinwall, J. H. Potter, H. April 8, Christ, Bay Ridge, N. Y.
" Atwill, Edw. R. Potter, H. April 1, St. Luke's, New York City.

Boyle, John, Potter, II. April 1, St. Luke's, New York City.
" Brown, Geo. W. Clark, Mar. 3, Trinity, Pawtucket, R. I.
" Buckmaster, J. W. Potter, H. June 11, St. Barnabas, Irvington, N. Y.
“ Chapin, C. Ingles, Eastburn, May 29, St. Luke's, Chelsea, Mass.
* Charles, Wm. Kemper,

Mar. 12, Intercession, Steven's Point, Wis. “ Cooley, Benj. F. Eastburn, May 29, St. Luke's, Chelsea, Mass. * Debrisay, Wm. A. Williams, Mar. 8, St. James', New London, Conn. " Denham, George, Eastburn, May 29, St. Luke's, Chelsea, Mass. " Duhring, H. L. Stevens, May 17, Swedes, Bridgeport, Penn. " Duerr, J. W. C. Bedell, June 1, Ascension, New York City. “ Fitch, Wm. T. Elliott, Apr.21,1864, St. James', Marietta, Ga. “ Gilliat, Chas. G. Williams, Mar. 8, 1865, St. James', New London, Conn. * Goodridge, Edward, Williams, Mar. 8, St. James, New London, Conn. * Locke Geo. L. Eastburn, May 29, St. Luke's, Chelsea, Mass. ** Lusk. Wm., Jr. Upfold, June 8, St. Paul's, Richmond, Indiana. " Murray, Chas. E. Stevens, May 17, Swedes, Bridgeport, Penn. Pearce, J. Sturgis, Williams,

Mar. 8, St. James', New London, Conn.

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Rev. Potter, E. N. Potter, A. Mar. 19, 1865, Holy Communion, New York City.

• Reeves, Abraham, Upfold, June 8, St. Paul's, Richmond, Indiana.
" Schouler, Wm. Chase, May 24, St. Andrews, Hopkinton, N. H.
“ Sears, Lorenzo, Williams, Mar. 8, St. James', New London, Conn.
“ Sherman, H. M. Williams, Mar. 8, St. James', New London, Conn.
“ Sweet, Richard F. Kemper, Mar. 8, St. Mark's, Beaver Dam, Wis.
“ Tompkins, E. D. Potter, H. April 8, Christ, Bay Ridge, N. Y.
Webb, S. H. Clark, April 27, St. Paul's, N. Providence, R, I.
" Yocum, Thos. S. Stevens, May 17, Swedes, Bridgeport, Penn.


St. James,
St. John's,
St. John's,
St. Luke's,
St. Matthew's,
St. Paul's,
St. Paul's,
St. Peter's,
St. Phillip's,


Mellvaine, May 2, 1865, Warren, Ohio.

Apr. 29, Oswego, W. New York.
Kemper, May 9, Lancaster, Wisconsin.
Potter, H. Apr. 20, New York City, N. Y.
McCoskry, Apr. 19, Albion, Mich.
Odenheimer, Mar. 26, Elizabeth, New Jersey.
Whitehouse, Apr. 24, - Naperville, Ill.

May 20, Jamestown, W N. Y.
May 11, “

South Boston, Mass.

May 18, Mayville, W. N. Y.

May 4, Waterloo, W. N. Y.
Potter, H.

Apr. 23, Brooklyn, N. Y.

May 31, Belmont, W. N. Y,
Kemper, Mar. 5, Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin.

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The Rt. Rev. William HEATHCote De Lancer, D.D., LL.D., D. C. L., Bishop of the Diocese of Western New York, died at Geneva, April 5th, 1865, aged nearly sixty-seven and a half years. He was born at Mamaroneck, N. Y., Oct. 8th, 1797, a descendant of Chief Justice De Lancey ; graduated at Yale College, with distinction, in 1817; was ordained Deacon in St. John's Chapel, N. Y., on the Feast of the Holy Innocents, A. D., 1819. His first ministerial labor was given to Grace Church, N. Y., of which he was in charge, during the vacancy of the Rectorship, which preceded that of the Rev. Dr. Wain wright. He then officiated for a short time in the newly organized Parish of St. Thomas', Mamaroneck, which had been formed out of the ancient Parish of Rye, in the immediate vicinity of the home of his ancestors. He having been advanced to the Priesthood on the 6th of March, A. D., 1822, in Trinity Church, N. Y., he removed to the City of Philadelphia, where he became an Assistant Minister of the united Churches of Christ Church, St. Peter's, and St. James', of wbich the venerable Bishop White was then the Rector. He remained in Phildelphia throughout his Presbyterate of seventeen years-succeeding to the Rectorship of St. Peter's, and filling, for a time, the office of Provost of the University of Pennsylvania—until his return to his native State as first Bishop of the new Diocese of Western New York; to which ‘office he was consecrated on the Feast of the Ascension of our Blessed Lord, A. D., 1839.

The Funeral Services were held in Trinity Church, Geneva, April 11th. The sentences were read by the Rev Dr. Bissell; the portion

of the 39th Psalm was chanted by the choir; the portion of the 90th was read by the Rev. Dr. Metcalf; the Lesson by the Rev. Dr. Ingersoll; the 13th selection of Psalms in metre was announced by the Rev. Dr. Hull; the address was delivered by the Rev. Dr. Van Ingen; the 6th, 7th and 8th verses of the 34th selection were then given out by the Rev. Dr. Van Rensselaer, and sung to the Old Hundredth; the opening part of the Burial Service was then read by the Rev. Dr. Jackson, the committal by the Rev. Dr. Bissell, the sentence, “ I beard a voice," was sung by the choir, and the Lord's Prayer and concluding Collects said by the Rev. Dr. Bolles, of Boston. His remains rest in the family burial-place at Mamaroneck.

We hope hereafter to present a sketch of the life, labors and character of this accomplished, devoted, and successful Bishop. The history of bis Episcopate, in such a field as Western New York, would afford a valuable study.

The Rev. CHARLES JONES died in the City of New York, Oct. 28, 1864. Mr. Jones was an Englishman by birth and education, and was a Dissenting Minister, before coming to this country. He was the founder, or one of the earliest Ministers of Calvary Church, New York City; he was Rector of St. John's Church, Tuckahoe, New York; and of Trinity Church, Marshall, Michigan. For several years he has been incapacitated, by physical infirmities, for active service, yet has rendered frequent assistance to his brethren. He was a scholarly man, of refinement of feeling and manners, and a well-read and sound divine. He was buried from St. Stephen's Church, New York City, Oct. 31, 1864.

The Rev. EDWARD C. Jones died at Philadelphia, March 2, 1865. He was born in Philadelphia; graduated at the University of Pennsylvania; officiated as Assistant to Rev. Dr. Boyd, of St. Jobn's Church, Philadelphia, and at Georgetown, D. C., and Pottstown, Penn.; and at the time of his death, was Chaplain at the Blockley Almshouse, in Philadelphia, which post he has filled for fifteen or sixteen years.

The Rev. BASSETT Trevett, D.D., Rector of St. James' Church, North Salem, N. J., died at that place, March 8th. He was a native of New York; was brought up a Congregationalist; was ordained by Bishop B. T. Onderdonk, in 1841; in 1843, became Professor of Languages in St. James' College, Maryland; in 1855, was Professor of Languages in St. John's College, Annapolis.

The Rev. Evan M. Johnson, D.D., Rector of St. Michael's Parish, Brooklyn, New York, died at Brooklyn, March 19th, aged 73 years. He was born at Newport, R. I., June, 1792; was ordained in Trinity Church, Newport, July 8, 1813, by Bishop Griswold; became assistant Rector of Grace Church, New York City, in 1814; Rector of St. James' Church, Newtown, L. I., in 1815; in 1824 he built St. John's Church, Brooklyn; in 1847 he founded St. Michael's Parisb, and remained Rector until his death.

The Rev. CHARLES DRESSER, D.D., died in Springfield, Illinois, March 25, 1865, aged 66 years.

The Rev. JAMES WELLESLEY JONES, Rector of St. Luke's Church, Altoona, Penn., died at Altoona, April 15, 1865. aged 32 years. He was born at Helston, England, Sept. 16, 1832; graduated at Bishops College, Canada East; was ordained Deacon by the Bishop of Quebec in 1858, and Priest in 1859. In 1859 he was assistant to Rev. Dr. Howe, in Philadelphia ; was Chaplain of the Seamen's Mission, in Philadelphia, and was in charge of St. Luke's Parish, Altoona, about fifteen months.

The Rev. WILLIAM CREIGHTON, D.D., Rector of Christ Church, Tarrytown, N. Y., died at Tarrytown, April 23, 1865, aged 73 years. He was born in the City of New York, Feb. 22d, 1793. His ancestors were all of the Church, and many of them are reposing in the Burial ground of Old Trinity ;-William Bradford, being an ancestor on the maternal side. Dr. Creighton was educated in Columbia Col. lege, graduating in the Class of 1812, and received bis Doctor's Degree, in 1830, from the same Institution, of which also he was a Trustee, from 1828 to 1840. He was ordained Deacon by Bishop Hobart, in the early part of 1815; the Rev. Dr. Brown, of Newburgh, receiving Orders at the same time. Soon after, he was employed in Grace Church, New York, as an assistant to the Rev. Dr. Bowen. In 1816, he was called to the Rectorship of St. Mark's Church-in-the Bowery, of which he remained Rector until 1836; when he removed to the residence purchased by him on the Banks of the Hudson, where he continued to reside till his death. In 1836, he became Rector of Zion Church, Greenburgh, and resigned the same in 1845. In the same year, (1836,) the Parish of Christ Church, Tarrytown, was organized, of which he was chosen Rector, and remained so up to the time of his death, a period of 29 years, without salary. In 1845 he was elected President of the Convention of the Diocese of New York, and was re-elected every succeeding year until the Consecration of the Rev. Dr. Wainwright, in 1852. At the first election of a Provisional Bishop of New York, he was chosen to that high Office, but, from various considerations, declined its acceptance. He was also chosen President of the House of Clerical and Lay Deputies, of the General Conventions of 1853, 1856, and 1859, respectively. He had previously served the Church in different stations of trust, as member of the Standing Committee-Chairman of the Missionary Committee, &c. In 1849–50, the Church of St. Mary's, Beechwood, was founded by him and his son-in-law, the Rev. EDWARD N. MEAD, D. D.; the principal part of the cost for the erection and ground being contributed by them, and Divine Service being maintained by them in it, as a Free Church, to the present time.

The Rev. John S. Dewey died in Branford, Conn., April 27, 1865, aged 42 years. He was born at Litchfield, Conn., Nov. 13, 1822; was, by profession, a Clerk and Book-keeper; was ordained Deacon,

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