Sarah Laughed: Sonnets from Genesis

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Ribbonweed Press, 2007 - Всего страниц: 166
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Poetry. SARAH LAUGHED is the second collaboration between poet Judith Goldhaber and artist Gerson Goldhaber, a husband-and-wife team from Berkeley, California. Following the formal model of their previous work, SONNETS FROM AESOP, which won the Independent Publishers Book Award, Judith Goldhaber imbues familiar Biblical folklore with equal parts humor and wisdom. Gerson's delightfully childlike illustrations accompany the poetry, rendering the work a storybook of sorts, open to young and old alike. "In the hands of Petrarch and Shakespeare, the sonnet became associated with the inner paradoxes of erotic psychology. Like Pushkin and Vikram Seth, Judith Goldhaber has adapted the sonnet to the paradoxes of social narrative as well" -- Peter Dale Scott. "The poetry and illustrations work their magic together, delighting the eye and beckoning the mind to wonder" -- Daniel Matt.

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Poet Judith Goldhaber retells the familiar stories of Genesis, from Adam and Eve through Joseph, in more than 80 sonnets.

Artist Gerson Goldhaber illustrates each of the 80+ sonnets in a unique watercolor painting.

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