Debates of Lincoln & Douglas: Carefully Prepared by the Reporters of Each Party at the Times of Their Delivery

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These debates are perhaps the most consequential artifact of American election campaigning and its political arguments. The political debates took place between the Honorable Abraham Lincoln and the Honorable Stephen A. Douglas in the celebrated campaign for a United States Senate seat in 1858, in Illinois. The debates were carefully recorded by the reporters of each party at the times of their delivery and originally published in 1860 by Follett & Foster.

The debates were held at seven sites throughout Illinois, one in each of the Congressional Districts. Also included are the preceding speeches of each candidate at Chicago, Springfield, etc., as well as the two great speeches of Lincoln in Ohio, in 1859.

Douglas, a Democrat, was the incumbent senator, having been elected in 1847. He had chaired the Senate Committee on Territories. He helped enact the Compromise of 1850. Douglas then was a proponent of Popular Sovereignty, and was responsible for the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854. The legislation led to the violence in Kansas, hence the name "Bleeding Kansas."

Lincoln was a relative unknown at the beginning of the debates. In contrast to Douglas' Popular Sovereignty stance, Lincoln stated that the United States could not survive as half-slave and half-free states. The Lincoln-Douglas Debates drew the attention of the entire nation. Although Lincoln would lose the Senate race in 1858, he would beat out Douglas in the 1860 race for the United States Presidency.

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