Genius Gymnasium

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Sterling Publishing Company, Inc., 2006 - Всего страниц: 175
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It takes physical exercise to build the body—and it takes a workout to strengthen the brain, too. Ivan Moscovich is a masterful coach, and he’s created a selection of tricky conundrums to enhance every muscle of the mind. Because each puzzle must be completed in just one minute, there’s a little hourglass timer (built into the book’s front cover) that’s custom-made to run for 60 seconds. Set it, and start the “circuit training” with the creative thinking puzzles: These graded problems develop flexibility, lasting mental stamina, and all-around mental fitness. Plus, they refine solvers’ natural aptitude for the logic, number, visual reasoning, and word puzzles that follow. The culmination: a special Genius Gymnasium program that helps maintain the brain for years to come!

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Logic Puzzles
Number Puzzles
Visual Reasoning Puzzles
Word Puzzles
Genius Gymnasium Training Program
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Ivan Moscovich is an internationally known and acclaimed inventor, puzzler, and artist. He is a cofounder of San Francisco's Exploratorium, has designed award-winning toys for Mattel, Kenner, Childcraft, Ravensburger, Binary Arts, and other companies, and is the author of the MindGames series and other books. Mr. Moscovich lives in The Netherlands.

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