Darwin's South America

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Contents: Systems. 1. An introduction to satellite orbits -- 2. Global positioning system program status -- 3. Glonass system: an overview -- 4. Geostationary augmentation of global satellite navigation: 1991 update -- 5. Navsat: an update -- 6. Towards a global satellite navigation system. User aspects. 7. Satellite navigation spectrum allocation -- 8. Does civil aviation require satellite navigation? -- 9. GPS for maritime operations -- 10. Hydrographic charts, datums and GPS -- 11. The international activities of the civil service interface committee -- 12. Real time DGPS for precise positioning in Germany: status & policy -- 13. GPS: can it contribute to European ATC? -- 14. Navigation and its application to surveillance after the rule of GPS (A review of civil satellite navigation requirements up to and beyond the GPS/Glonass environment.) Precise/specialised applications (1). 15. High precision positioning by GPS -- 16. Precise real-time differential GPS positioning using on-the-fly ambiguity resolution -- 17. Trimble navigation: GPS attitude determination system -- 18. Interaction of multipath propagation with different types of GPS antennae -- 19. Single frequency refraction correction. Precise/specialised applications (2). 20. The use of GPS in crustal dynamics studies: navigating the continents? -- 21. GPS for marine geodesy -- 22. GPS provides precision tracking for SDI interceptor flight tests -- 23. The use of satellite navigation systems for precise applications in land, air and space environments: status, problems and trends. International. 24. Prospects for differential Glonass and GPS applications: accessible approaches and possible implementation in terms of international cooperation -- 25. Initial results of integrity monitoring tests on GPS/Glonass -- 26. The politics, economics and implementation of global radionavigation systems -- 27. Aspects of GPS for aircraft flight testing -- 28. Analysis of stand-alone differential GPS for precision approach. Integrity. 29. Performance of GPS supported by Inmarsat satellites -- 30. Optimal GPS satellite selection algorithms for land mobile use in open mountainous or city environments -- 31. Applicability of multistationary satellites for GPS coverage and integrity improvement -- 32. Integrity network simulator -- 33. A synergistic approach to the integrity problem of satellite navigation. Differential GPS and timing. 34. Experience and quality in DGPS operations -- 35. GPS and Diffstar integrity monitoring in the North sea -- 36. BT'S data delivery service for differential GPS correction messages -- 37. Quality control considerations for real-time differential GPS -- 38. Present state and prospects of Glonass synchronization system development. Integrated systems. 39. The GPS heading sensor -- 40. High dynamic stand-alone GPS navigation: the limits of a reversionary mode -- 41. The proposed Inmarsat overlay as an extension to terrestrial Loran-C -- 42. GPS and integrated navigation -- 43. Integrated Eurofix and IALA'S DGPS: improved integrity and availability. Future developments. 44. Inmos GPS receivers -- 45. The Starsys proposal -- 46. Satellite navigation: new perspectives with Euteltracs -- 47. The navigation sensor system interface project -- 48. Options for the future.

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PROLOGUEThe Expedition of 1826
Darwin and FitzRoy
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