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Ne quid falfi dicere audeat, ne quid veri non audeat,

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AVING now completed a volume of the Scors MAGAZINE, the Editors feel themfelves called upon, to exprefs their grateful fenfe of the very liberal fupport they have received, and to return their moft fincere thanks to their friends, fubfcribers, and correfpondents, for their patronage and favour.

It was not without anxiety and diffidence, that they undertook the task of conducting so useful and refpectable a publication, and the refponfibility attached to it often bears hard upon their minds. To give tricking, and just fpecimens of the literature and poetry of the prefent day-to make a faithful record of those inventions and improvements, which the fertile and restless genius of man is continually bringing forward into notice-to fet before the public the difcoveries made in the natural as well as the moral world, by travellers and voyagers and finally, to give an impartial, accurate, and authentic account of the great events which at prefent agitate the political world, together with a juft narration of domeftic occurrences, is a matter of no flight moment; it is, however, the indifpenfible duty of the Editors to lay all thefe before their readers. How far fuch topics have been properly handled, and the chief objects of the publication accomplished, to the fatisfaction of every one, it is impoffible to determine; but the flattering marks of approbation, given by many good judges, encourage the profecution of the Work with all the diligence and attention the Editors are capable of beflowing upon it.

When they reflect upon the prefent agitated ftate of Europe, the extraordinary events of the war, and the peculiar fituation this Country is in at this moment, they feel it no eafy undertaking, to deliver fuch an impartial narrative as will bear the teft of after times. All they can fay is, that no circumftance of moment fhall knowingly be omitted, nor fhall any be wilfully mifreprefented. Keeping all these things ever in their view, the Editors may humbly hope to afford fome aid in forming the public tafte, as well as in furnishing materials for the hiftorians of future



The Editors, in their first address, took the liberty of requesting communications for this Work, particularly for the Biographical department they again beg leave to renew that requeft, fince no degree of learning, nor of literary research, can fupply those materials of biography, which it may be the good fortune of many individuals to poffefs.

By profecuting their plan with fidelity, industry, and candour, they hope to merit the patronage of their Countrymen, and the Public at large, to a Work which, they take the liberty to fay, bears the character of a national and popular publication.

Edinburgh, 10th Feb.

A Short Recapitulation of the PRINCIPAL EVENTS in 1794.


6. William Skirving convicted of Sedition before the High Court of Juftici ary, and fentenced to fourteen years banishment to Botany Bay.-13. Maurice Margarot convicted of the fame crime, and fentenced to the fame punishment. Intelligence received of the evacuation of Toulon by the Allies.-21. Parliament meets-Divifion of the Lords in favour of the addrefs 97 to 12-of the Commons 277 to 59.-25. A heavy fall of fnow, and a fevere gale of wind from the E. N. E. by which confiderable damage is done to the fhipping. Intelligence received that Pondicherry had furrendered to the British forces in Auguft 1793.-29. At Dublin Hamilton Rowan found guilty of published ing a feditious libel-efcapes foon after from prifon, and gets fafe to France.


5. Mr Pitt opens the budget -The fupplies, twelve millions. Lord Cornwallis arrives from India.-9. The Duke of York arrives from the Continent.-19. St Fiorenzo in Corfica furrendered to the British. -26. A general faft obferved throughout Scotland-In England on the 28th. Fifteen people crushed to death in endeavour ing to get in at the pit door of the Little Theatre in the Haymarket.


1. King of Denmark's palace at Chrif. tianburg burnt.-3. The Duke of York departs for the Continent.-17. Jofeph Gerald found guilty of fedition before the High Court of Jufticiary, and fentenced to fourteen years banishment to Botany Bay; Mr Adam's motion refpecting Muir and Palmer, that an address should be prefented to his Majefty, praying him to extend his mercy to them, &c. negatived 172 to 32. All the fubfequent motions in their favour were in like manner negatived.— 22. Martinique furrendered to the British forces.-24. A meffage delivered to Parliament from his Majefty refpecting an increase of the militia, and providing for internal defence.-29. The French open the campaign by an attack on the Auftrians near Cambray, in which they are repulfed with confiderable lofs.-30. St Lucia furrendered to the British. Troops of fencible cavalry raised in most of the counties of Scotland-followed foon after by the establishment of volunteer corps in the principal towns.


Leith for England-The Weft Lowland 3. The Gordon fencibles embark at fencibles, a few days before, embarked at Fort George for the fame fervice.-9. Danton and his adherents guillotined at Paris, on the accufation of Robespierre. 18. The allies fuccefsfully attack the French near Cateau, and commence the fiege of Landrecy.-23. The Pomone and Babet French frigates taken by the Flora and Arethufa British frigates.-26. The French are repulfed with great lofs near before Parliament, and approved of. Cateau.-30. The Pruffian fubfidy laid Landrecy furrenders to the allies. Clairfait's army, which covered Oftend, attack


by the French under Pichegru, and. from fuperior numbers obliged to retreat. The Duke of York marches to form a junction with Clairfait.


11. The French attack the allies near Tournay, and are repulfed with great lofs. liament refpecting the feditious practices -12. A meffage from his Majesty to Parcarried on by certain focieties, &c. which is followed up by an appointment of Secret Committes of both Houfes, who_report on the fubje&t.-17. Several perfons (Watt, Downie, Orrock, &c.) apprehendA number of perfous apprehended in Loned at Edinburgh for fabricating pikes, &c. don for treafonable practices; among others, Hardy, Horne Tooke, Joyce, Thelwall, Martin, &c. &c.-17. The Habeas Corpus act fufpended.-23. A woman is thrown over, or falls from Salisbury Craigs near Edinburgh. After the minutest enquiry nothing could be difcovered as to ed.-17. & 18. The allies make an attack the manner in which the accident happenon the French in five columns, but are dePrincefs Elizabeth, after a mock trial be feated with confiderable lofs.-20. The fore the revolutionary tribunal at Paris, make a general attack on the combined inhumanly guillotined.-22. The French army, and are repulfed, after a long and obftinate engagement. Baftia in Corfica Auftrians under General Kaunitz defeat furrenders to the British forces.-24. The the French near Fountaine l'Eveque where they loft 50 pieces of cannon, and about 500 men.



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