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The Bulky Elephant--Tale of the Assyrian Queen-Panic and Frightful Carnage--

Ivory Palaces--Thrones of Elephants' Tusks—Elephant Gymnasts – The Mon-

ster Frightened by a Horse--Revenge for an Insult -Droves of Game-Passion-

ate Cry and Wild Rush-A Situation Apparently Hopeless-At the Mercy of

the Infuriated Beast--Exploits of Jan Wildeman--A Frightened Scotsman--

Immense Quantities of Ivory--Buldwin Pursued by an Elephant--Miraculous

Escape--Exciting Chase--Goatskin Clothing Torn to Shreds-- The Rhinoc-

eros--Powerful Animal-Hunted with Elephants-Terrible Weapon of Attack

and Defence--Story of a Desperate Fight-Hunting Rhinoceroses with Horses--

Strange “Rhinoceros Birds”—Mad Beast Attacking Hunters--Lucky Shot-

“Fire-Eating Rhinoceros"-Routing a Camp at Night-Horse Saved by a

Bullet-Sudden Upset of a Wagon--Helping the Young to Escape--Vast Size

of the Hippopotamus--Anger Easily Aroused-Manner of Hunting the River-

Horse-Hiding Under Water--Cumming's Adventure with a Hippo-Man and

Beast Splashing in the Water Together--Unique Surgical Operation--Steering

the Huge Creature Ashore-Boat Smashed by a Sea-Cow--Snatched from

Devouring Jaws-- Crocodiles Startled from Slumber-Dangers of Gorilla Hunt-

ing-Fierce Aspect of the Gorilla-Amazing Power of the “Wild Man"- Ele-

phants Routed by Gorillas --The Fleet Ostrich-Modes of Capturing the "Flying

Camel”—Hunters' Disguise-A Flying Run-Baldwin and Andersson's Adven-

tures--Concern of the Old Birds for their Young.


a Paw-Jacob Bok's Adventure-Lion's Gratitude-Magnanimity of the King

of Beasts—Shaking Mane and Lashing Tail-Tremendous Strength-Narrative

of Brehm-Spectral Lemur--A Creature with Singular Eyes and Claws-Fine

Tree-Climbers—The Babiroussa-Quadruple Tusks-A Restless and Ferocious

Beast--White-Lipped Peccary--Plucky Fighters-Wart-Hog-A Dangerous

Brute-Invader of Cultivated Fields—Expert Swimmer-Adventure of Captain

Harris—The Lithe Panther-Supple Muscles of Great Strength-Sudden Spring-

Thirst for Blood-Doctor Brehm's Remarkable Experience-An Old Dog-faced

Lid and Stepping Out-Not Taking the Trouble to be Born-Eggs Exquisitely

Decorated-S-less Insects-Flying Lamps-Insects Illuminating Dwellings-

Brilliant Appc rances-Beetles—The Sacred Beetle of Egypt-Insect Under-

taker-Death Watch-Droll Superstition-Hercules Beetle-Six Years' Impris-

onment—The House Cricket-Poet's Address-Ship Saved by a Cricket-How

the Chirping is Done-Wings Without Flight—The Spider's Web-Ingenious

Mechanism—Water Spider-How Air is Obtained-A Complete Diving Bell-

Rapacious Bird Spider-Females Practicing Cannibalism on their Husbands-

Children Devouring Mothers—Thread of Myriads of Fibres—The Great Moth

Family-Death's-Head Moth-Fungus Growing on an Insect's Head-Ravagers

of the Forest-Visit to the Woods-Whirlwind of Fire-Waging Organized

War on Moths—Incalculable Destruction by Mites—Stenographers, Carpenters.

Joiners, Carvers among Insects-Wood-Boring Goat Moth-Making a Place for

Eggs—The Historic Locust—Ravages in the West-Flights of Devastation-

Where Locusts Come From-Devouring One Another-Rapid Growth of

Young-Orchestra of Strange Instruments—Return after Seventeen Years—NO

Forgetfulness—Ephemera—Creatures of a Day Described—Bees and their Re-

markable Habits—Insect Inteliigence...




Living Seed in the Earth—The Tap-Root-Plants that Perspire-Catching Water

from Trees-Garden Sun-Flower-An Old Physician Living in a Pair of Scales-

Vegetable Marvel-The Weeping Tree-Plant with a Movable Lid-Water

Treasured in Plants in the Burning Desert-Leaves that Flash Lightning-The

Famous Cow-Tree-Vegetable Milk-Butier Tree-Poisonous Compounds,

“Herculean Remedy"-India-Rubber Tree-Golden Wealth for the World

Vegetable Giants-Astonishing Magnitudes-Eighteen Guests Taking Supper

in a Holl)w Tree-Enormous Lime-Tree-Normandy Oak Turned into a

Church-Riding on Horseback Through Tree-Cavities—Colossal Baobab-

Strange Burial Place-Gigantic Cedars of California—Tops Five Hundred Feet

in the Air-Giving a Ball on a Stump-Vegetable Longevity—Methuselahs of

the Forest-Historic Lime at Fribourg-Old age of the Fir-Army of Cortez

under one Tree-Legends of Teneriffe-Dragon's-Blood Tree-Where we get

Camphor—"Serpents of the Vegetable Kingdom"-Deadly Nettles—The Fatal

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