The Young Voyagers: Or the Boy Hunters in the North

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Ticknor and Fields, 1857 - Всего страниц: 354
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Стр. 350 - The owl measured exactly two feet in length from the point of the bill to the end of the tail ; and its " alar spread," as naturalists term it, was full five feet in extent.
Стр. 201 - of great importance in the Fur Countries, as they furnish at certain seasons in the year, in many extensive districts, almost the only article of food that can be procured. The arrival of the water-fowl marks the commencement of spring, and diffuses as much joy among the wandering hunters of the arctic regions as the harvest or vintage excites in more genial climes.
Стр. 129 - Lake Winnipeg is remarkable, as being in the very centre of the North American Continent, and may be called the centre of the canoe navigation. From this point it is possible to travel by water to Hudson's Bay on the north-east, to the Atlantic Ocean on the east, to the Gulf of Mexico on the south, to the Pacific on the west, and to the Polar Sea on the north and northwest. Considering that some of these distances are upwards of three thousand miles, it will be perceived that Lake Winnipeg holds...
Стр. 245 - A fish diet exclusively was not the thing; and as our party soon grew tired of it, the hunter Basil shouldered his rifle, and strode off into the woods in search of game. The others remained working upon the cabin, which was still far from being finished. Basil kept along the edge of the lake in an easterly direction. He had not gone more than a quarter of a mile, when he came upon a dry gravelly ridge, which was thickly covered with a species of pine-trees that resembled the Scotch fir (Pinus sylveslris).
Стр. 35 - He had the current in his favour — so had they. He had oars or paddles — his feet; they had oars as well. He " carried sail," while they spread not a " rag." The wind chanced to blow directly down-stream, and the broad wings of the bird, held out from his body, and half extended, caught the very pith of the breeze on their...
Стр. 37 - From this forest the strange cry had proceeded, and from the right bank. Its echoes had hardly ceased, when it was answered by a similar cry from the trees upon the left. So like were the two, that it seemed as if some one of God's wild creatures was mocking another. These cries were hideous enough to frighten any one not used to them. They had not that effect upon our voyageurs, who knew their import. One and all of them were familiar with the voice of the white-headed eagle!
Стр. 51 - The swans are eagerly hunted, both by the Indians and white hunters. Their skins, with the quills and down, form a source of profit to the natives of the fur countries, who dispose of them to the Hudson's Bay Company. In some years as many as ten thousand skins have been exported, and sold at the rate of six or seven shillings each. Most of the skins thus sold were those of the trumpeter swans, which are the most numerous.
Стр. 38 - Instead of rising into the air, as he had purposed, he suddenly lowered his head, and disappeared under the water. Again was heard the wild scream and the maniac laugh ; and the next moment, an eagle swept out from the timber, and, after a few strokes of its broad wing, poised itself over the spot where the trumpeter had gone down. The other, its mate, was seen crossing at the same tune from the opposite side. XXVL— THE SAME, CONCLUDED. PRESENTLY the swan rose to the surface ; but his head was...

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