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Suavis, sweet. Suavity, assuage. Sublimis, exalted, lofty. Sublime. Suetum, the sup. of Suesco, to accustom. Custom, desuetude. Super, above. Superabound, insuperable.

Surgo, surrectum, to rise. Surge, insurgent, resurrection.


Tendo, tensum, to stretch. Tent, ex-' tend, tendon.

Teneo, tentum, to hold. tenement, detain, tenet.


Tento, to try, to prove.
Terra, the earth. Terrestrial.
Terreo, to frighten. Terrible, terror.
Tête (F.), formerly Teste, the head.
Thema, an argument or subject for
writing or declaiming on.
Theos, a God. Atheism.
Thringan (S.), to crowd, to throng.
Tolero, to endure. Tolerate.
Tonus, a tone. Monotone.

Torpeo, to benumb. Torpid.
Torreo, tostum, to parch.

Torrens, a stream.


Tortum, sup. of Torqueo, to twist.
Torture, distort, retort.
Tourner (F.), to turn. Tournament.
Tracer (F.), to delineate. Traho (L.).
Tractum. See Traho.

Traditor, one who delivers another into

the hands of an enemy. Traho, tractum, to draw. Tract, abstract, subtraction, contract. Traitre (F.), traitor. Traditor (L.). Tremo, to shake, to shudder. Tremor, tremble, tremulous.

Tribuo, to give, to present. Tribute.
Triumphus, a triumph, a solemn and
magnificent entrance of a general
into Rome after having obtained an
important victory.
Truand (F.), a truant.

Trudo, to push, to thrust. Intrude.
Tumbos, a tomb, a grave.
Tumeo, to swell, to puff up.

Tumultus, a tumult. From Tumeo.


Umbra, a shadow. Umbrage.
Unctum, anointed. Unction.
Unus, one. Unit, unicorn.
Upgebradan (S.), to reproach.
Urna, a vessel in which the ashes of the
dead were formerly kept.


Vaco, to be empty. Vacate, vacancy.
Vagor, to wander about. Vagrant.
Valeo, to be strong. Valiant, valid.
Vallum, palisades together in a mound
or rampart round a camp.

Vanus, empty, vain. Vanish, vanity.
Veho, vectum, to carry. Vehicle.
Venio, ventum, to come. Invent,
prevent, revenue.
Ventum. See Venio.
Vereor, to fear. Revere.
Veritas, truth. Verity.
Versum. See Verto.

Verto, versum, to turn.

pervert, universe.


Vestis, a garment. Vestry.
Victoria, victory. From Vinco.
Victum. See Vinco.

Video, visum, to see. Visible, evident.
Vigor, strength. Invigorate.
Vinco, victum, to conquer. Convince,
invincible, province.


Vindex, icis, a defender. Vindicate, Vindico, to revenge.


Vireo, to be green, (F.), Verdir.
Visum. See Video.
Vita, life. Vital, vitality.
Volvo, volutum, to roll. Volume, re-
volve, involve.

Voro, to devour. Vorax, eating, de-
vouring. Voracity, devour.
Votum, sup. of Voveo, to vow.
Vulnus, vulneris, a wound. Vulner-
able, invulnerable.


Winnan (S.), to win.


Zone, a belt or girdle. Zone.





OCTOBER 1, 1849.

A Select Catalogue of






Uniform with Riddle's large Latin Lexicon.

An English-Greek Lexicon


Containing all the Greek Words used by Writers of good authority; citing the Authorities in Chronological Order for every Word used; explaining the Construction; and giving the Declension or Conjugation of each word when irregular; and marking the Quantities of all doubtful Syllables. By C. D. YONGE, B.A. Post 4to.

Brasse's Greek Gradus.

A Greek Gradus; or, a Greek, Latin, and English. Prosodial Lexicon: containing the Interpretation, in Latin and English, of all words which occur in the Greek Poets, from the Earliest Period to the time of Ptolemy Philadelphus. By the late Rev. Dr. BRASSE. With a Synopsis of the Greek Metres, by the Rev. J. R. Major, D.D. New Edit. revised by the Rev. F. E. J. Valpy, M.A. 8vo. 15s. cloth. Giles's Greek and English Lexicon.

A Lexicon of the Greek Language, for the use of Colleges and Schools; containing -1. A Greek-English Lexicon, combining the advantages of an Alphabetical and Derivative Arrangement; 2. A copious English-Greek Lexicon. By the Rev. J. A. GILES, LL.D. New Edition. 8vo. 21s. cloth.

*** The English-Greek Lexicon, separately. 7s. 6d. cloth.

Dr. Kennedy's Greek Grammar.

Græcæ Grammaticæ Institutio Prima. Rudimentis Etonensibus quantulum potuit immutatis Syntaxin de suo addidit B. H. KENNEDY, S.T.P. New

Edition. 12mo. 4s. 6d. cloth.

Kühner's Elementary Greek Grammar.

An Elementary Grammar of the Greek Language. By Dr. Raphael Kühner, Co-Rector of the Lyceum at Hanover. Translated by J. H. Millard, St. John's College, Cambridge. 8vo. 9s. cloth.

Valpy's Greek Grammar.

The Elements of Greek Grammar: with Notes. By R. VALPY, D.D. New Edit. 8vo. 6s. 6d. boards; bound, 7s. 6d.

Pycroft's Greek Grammar Practice.

Three Parts: 1. Lessons in Vocabulary, Nouns, Adjectives, and Verbs in Grammatical order; 2. Greek, made out of each column for translation; 3. English for re-translation. By the Rev. J. PYCROFT, B.A. 12mo. 3s. 6d. cl.

Moody's Eton Greek Grammar in English.

The New Eton Greek Grammar; with the Marks of Accent, and the Quantity of the Penult containing the Eton Greek Gramm r in English, and the Syntax and Prosody as used at Eton; witn numerous Additions. By the Rev. CLEMENT MOODY, A.M. New Edition. 12m is. cloth.

Valpy's Greek Delectus, and Kev.

Delectus Sententiarum Græcarum, ad usum Tironum accommodatus: cum Notulis et Lexico. Auctore R. VALPY, D.D. E itio Nova, eademque aucta et emendata. 12mo 4s. cloth.

KEY to the above, being a Literal Translation into English. 12mo. 2s. 6d sewed.



Valpy's Second Greek Delectus.

Second Greek Delectus; or, New Analecta Minora: intended to be read in Schools between Dr. Valpy's Greek Delectus and the Third Greek Delectus: with English Notes, and a copious Greek and English Lexicon. By the Rev. F. E. J. VALPY, M.A. New Edition. 8vo. 9s. 6d. bound.

Valpy's Third Greek Delectus.

The Third Greek Delectus; or, New Analecta Majora: with English Notes. In Two Parts. By the Rev. F. E. J. VALPY, M.A. 8vo 15s. 6d. bound.

*.* The Parts may be had separately.

PART 1. PROSE. 8vo. 8s. 6d. bound. - PART 2. POETRY. 8vo. 9s. 6d. bound.

Valpy's Greek Exercises, and Key.

Greek Exercises; being an Introduction to Greek Composition, leading the student from the Elements of Grammar to the higher parts of Syntax By the Rev. F. E. J. VALPY, M.A. New Edition. 12mo. 6s. 6d. cloth. KEY, 12mo. 3s. 6d. sewed.

Neilson's Greek Exercises, and Key.

Greek Exercises, in Syntax, Ellipsis, Dialects, Prosody, and Metaphrasis. To which is prefixed, a concise but comprehensive Syntax; with Observations on some Idioms of the Greek Language. By the Rev. W. NEILSON, D.D. Edition. 8vo. 5s. boards.-KEY, 3s. boards.

Howard's Introductory Greek Exercises, and Key.


Introductory Greek Exercises to those of Huntingford, Dunbar, Neilson, and others; arranged under Models, to assist the learner. By N. HOWARD. New Edition. 12mo. 5s. 6d. cloth.-KEY, 12mo. 2s. 6d. cloth.

Dalzel's Analecta Græca Minora ;

Or, Select Passages from Greek Authors: adapted for the use of the Junior Classes in Schools. A New Edition, corrected. With English Notes, by the Rev. J. T. WHITE, A.M. of C. C C. Oxford; Junior Upper Master of Christ's Hospital, London; Editor of "Xenophon's Anabasis," &c. Post 8vo. 6s. bound.

Donaldson's Theatre of the Greeks.

The Theatre of the Greeks; or, a Series of Papers relating to the History and Criticism of the Greek Drama. Sixth Edition, revised and improved. With an Original Introduction and Notes by JOHN WILLIAM DONALDSON, B.D. Head Master of King Edward's School, Bury St. Edmunds; and formerly Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. 8vo. with Frontispiece and Wood Engravings, 15s. cloth.

This Edition-the Sixth-has been printed throughout under the eye of the Editor, and is increased by more than twenty pages. Besides many improve. ments in the rest of the work, the Introduction has been rendered much more complete. It is accompanied by a newly engraved plan of the Greek Theatre, and Illustrated by several Woodcuts from the Antique.

Dr. Major's Guide to the Greek Tragedians.

A Guide to the Reading of the Greek Tragedians; being a series of articles on the Greek Drama, Greek Metres, and Canons of Criticism. Collected and arranged by the Rev. J. R. MAJOR, D.D. New Edition, enlarged. 8vo. 9s. cloth.

Viger on the Greek Idioms.

Translated and abridged, with original English Notes, by the Rev. J. SEAGER, Editor and Translator of " Bos on the Greek Ellipsis," "Hermann's Doctrine of Metres," "Hoogeveen on the Greek Particles," and "Maittaire on the Greek Dialects." 8vo. 9s. 6d.

LATIN WORKS, DICTIONARIES, CRAMMARS, ETC. Riddle and Arnold's English-Latin Lexicon.

A Copious English-Latin Lexion, founded on the German-Latin of Dr. Charles Ernest Georges. By the Rev. J. E. Riddle, M.A. Author of "A Complete Latin English Dictionary," &c.; and the Rev. T. Kerchever Arnold, M.A. Rector of Lyndon, and late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. 8vo. 25s.

Riddle's large Latin-English Lexicon.

A copious and critical Latin-English Lexicon, founded on the German-Latin Dictionaries of Dr. William Freund. By the Rev. J. E. Riddle, M.A. of St. Edmund Hall, Oxford. Uniform with "Yonge's English-Greek Lexicon." Post 4to. 50s. cloth.

Riddle's Complete Latin Dictionary.

A Complete Latin-English and English-Latin Dictionary. For the use of Colleges and Schools. By the Rev. J. E. RIDDLE, M.A. New Edition, corrected and enlarged. 8vo. 31s. 6d. cloth.

The English-Latin Dictionary, 10s. 6d. cloth.
Separately The Latin-English Dictionary, £1. 1s. cloth.

Riddle's Young Scholar's Latin Dictionary.

The Young Scholar's Latin-English and English-Latin Dictionary; being Mr. Riddle's Abridgment of his larger Dictionary. New Edition, corrected and enlarged. Square 12mo. 12s. bound.

Separately {The English-Latin Dictionary, 5s. 6d. bound.

Latin-English Dictionary, 7s. bound.

Riddle's Diamond Latin-English Dictionary.

A Diamond Latin English Dictionary. A Guide to the Meaning, Quality, and right Accentuation of Latin Classical Words. By the Rev. J. E. RIDDLE, M.A. New Edition. Royal 32mo. 4s. bound.

Riddle's Latin Vocabulary.

A Progressive Latin-English Vocabulary: being a List of Common Latin Words, with their principal Meanings in English: distinguished according to their comparative importance or frequency of use. By the Rev. J. E. RIDDLE, M.A. 12mo. 2s. cloth.

Riddle: Questions on Latin Style;

So far as relates to the Use and Quality of Words. Constructed with special reference to the Critical Remarks contained in Riddle and Arnold's EnglishLatin Lexicon." By the Rev. J. E. RIDDLE, M.A. 12mo. 2s. cloth.

The Illustrated Companion to the Latin Dictionary

and Greek Lexicon: forming a Glossary of all the words representing Visible Objects, connected with the Arts, Manufactures, and Every-day Life of the Ancients. With Representations of nearly Two Thousand Objects from the Antique. By ANTHONY RICH, Jun. B.A late of Caius College, Cambridge. Post 8vo. with 2,000 Wood Engravings, 21s. cloth.

"This admirable book will be as welcome to mature scholars as to those who are commencing study. It is an original contribution to the investigation of classical literature, as delightful as it is ably executed."-Examiner. "It is a master key to unlock the doors of Greek and Latin dictionary reference. ...There is not a school where languages are taught, nor a place or library where history is read in the empire, that can do without it "

Literary Gazette.

Zumpt's Grammar of the Latin Language.

Translated from the Enlarged Edition of the original, and adapted for the use of English students, by L. SCHMITZ, Ph. D. Rector of the High School of Edinburgh; with new Additions and Corrections, communicated to Dr. SCHMITZ by Professor ZUMPT. New Edition. 8vo. 14s. cloth.

Zumpt's School Grammar of the Latin Language. Translated and adapted for use in English Schools. By Dr. L SCHMITZ, F.R.S.E. Rector of the High School of Edinburgh. With a Preface, written expressly for this Translation, by Professor ZUMPT. 12mo. 4s. cloth.

Pycroft's Latin Grammar Practice.

Latin Grammar Practice: 1. Lessons in Vocabulary, Nouns, Adjectives, and Verbs, in Grammatical Order; 2. Latin, made out of each column, for Translation; 3. English, for re-translation. By the Rev. JAMES PICROFT, B. A. New Edition. 12mo. 2s. 6d. cloth.

Valpy's Latin Grammar.

The Elements of Latin Grammar: with Notes. By R. VALPY, D.D.
Edition, with numerous Additions and Corrections. 12mo 2s. 6d. ooung.


[blocks in formation]

Or, First Latin Lessons: Extracted (with Model Questions and Exercises) from "An Elementary Latin Grammar," by the Rev. B. H. KENNEDY, D.D. Head Master of Shrewsbury School. 12mo. 2s. cloth.

Dr. Kennedy's Latin Vocabulary.

A Latin Vocabulary, arranged on Etymological Principles, as an ExerciseBook, and first Latin Dictionary for the use of the Lower Classes in Schools. By the Rev. B. H. KENNEDY, D.D. Head Master of Shrewsbury School. 12mo. 2s. 6d

Dr. Kennedy's First Latin Reading Book.

Tirocinium; or, a First I atin Reading Book. Adapted to the Author's "Child's Latin Primer." By the Rev. B. H. KENNEDY, D.D. Head Master o Shrewsbury School. 12mo. 2s. cloth.

Dr. Kennedy's Latin Grammar.

An Elementary Grammar of the Lati. Language, for the use of Schools, by the Rev. B. H. KENNEDY, D.D. Head Master of Shrewsbury School. New Edition. 12mo. 3s. 6d. cloth.

Moody's Eton Latin Grammar in English.

The New Eton Latin Grammar, with the Marks of Quantity and the Rules of Accent; containing the Eton Latin Grammar as used at Eton, and its Translation into English: with Notes and copious Additions. By Rev. CLEMENT MOODY, M.A. New Edition. 12mo. 2s. 6d. cloth.

The Eton Latin Accidence: with Additions and Notes. New Edition. 12mo. ls.

Graham's First Steps to Latin Writing.

First Steps to Latin Writing: intended as a Practical Illustration of the Latin Accidence. To which are added, Examples on the principal Rules of Syntax. By G. F. GRAHAM. New Edition, considerably enlarged. 12mo. 4s. cloth.

Valpy's Latin Delectus, and Key.

Delectus Sententiarum et Historiarum; ad usum Tironum accommodatus: cum Notulis et Lexico. Auctore R. VALPY, D.D. New Edition 12mo. 2s. 6d. cloth. KEY. New Edition, carefully revised. 12mo 3s. 6d. cloth.

Valpy's Second Latin Delectus.

The Second Latin Delectus; designed to be read in Schools after the Latin Delectus, and before the Analecta Latina Majora: with English Notes. By the Rev. F. E. J. VALPY, M.A. New Edition. 8vo. 6s. bound.

Valpy's First Latin Exercises.

First Exercises on the principal Rules of Grammar, to be translated into Latin: with familiar Explanations. By the late Rev. R. VALPY, D.D. New Edition, with many Additions. 18mo. 1s. 6d. cloth.

Valpy's Second Latin Exercises.

Second Latin Exercises; applicable to every Grammar, and intended as an Introduction to Valpy's "Elegantia Latina." By the Rev. E. VALPY, B.D.

New Edition. 12mo. 2s. 6d. cloth.

Valpy's Elegantiæ Latinæ, and Key.

Elegantiæ Latina; or, Rules and Exercises illustrative of Elegant Latin Style: With the Original Latin of the most difficult Phrases. By Rev. E. VAL?Y, B.D. New Edition. 12mo. 4s. 6d cloth.

KEY, being the Original Passages, which have been translated into Er glish, to serve as Examples and Exercises in the above. 12mo. 2s. 6d. sewed.

An Introduction to the Composition of Latin Verse; containing Rules and Exercises intended to illustrate the Manners, Customs, and Opinions, mentioned by the Roman Poets, and to render familiar the principai idioms of the Latin Language. By the late CHRISTOPHER RAPIER, A.B. New Edition, revised by the Rev. T. K. ARNOLD, M.A. 12mo. 3s. 6d. cloth.-KEY, 2s. 6d. sewed.

Walford's Latin Verse Book.

Progressive Exercises in Latin Elegiac Verse. Adapted, with References throughout, to the Syntax of Dr. Kennedy's Latin Grammar; and accompanied by Marginal References to the Works of the best Latin Poets. By the Rev. E. WALFORD, M.A Scholar of Balliol College, Oxford, and AssistantMaster of Tunbridge School. 12mo. 2s. 6d. cloth."

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