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Absalom and Achitophel, publication of, 173. | Calendars of State Papers inaugurate a ner
Alaric and his Goths, siege of Rome by, 256. method for the study of history, 213.
Alford's (Dean) article 'Cyrenius' in Dr. Smith's Carmagnole (song), conjectures as to the name,
Dictionary of the Bible, 267.

Alnwick's (Bishop) review of the ancient state of Castlereagh (Lord) attacked by Plunket, 103 ;
Lincoln Cathedral, 123.

supposed allusions in Plunket's speech, ib.;
Antwerp, defences of, 15.

reply to lim of Teeling's mother suing pardon
Army (Englislı), its present state, 296 ; the for her son, ib.; his character advanced in pub-

changes in the art of war due to improved lic estimation as it has become known, 104.
arms, and to railways and telegraplis, 297 ; ('athedral life and work, 121; prebendaries, 124 ;
the intelligent use of modern firearms now constitution of an ancient chapter, ib.; neces-
indispensable besides personal gallantry, ib.; sity of renewing the vitality of cathedrals,
application to war of the two great modern 130; revival of cathedral institutions for clergy
discoveries, the railway and telegraph, ib.; training, 131 ; for instruction in pastoral care,
the nation's defenceless condition, ib.; Mr. 132; to create a staff of freo preachers, 133 :
Cardwell's retrenchments, 298; small amount preparation of the order of readers, 134: school
of forces available, 299; three things neces. inspection, 135 ; liospital service, ib. ; recon.
sary in the constitution of an army, ib. ; the struction of a cathedral system on a liberal
reserve force, ib.; defencelessness of rivers and popular basis, 136 ; applicability of the
and cities, 300 ; necessity of reorganizing the institution to modern ends and needs. See
army, ib.; proposals for army reform, 301, Lincoln,
302; proposals embodied in the Army Regu. Catholics on the Malabar coast, 289 ; their re.
Jation Bill, 302 ; annual sums paid to lionorary ligion a degenerate graft on the trunk of
colonels, for army agents, for distinguished Paganism, ib.
services, and to widows, 303 ; benefits of the Cavendish's principles of Whist, 30, 38.
purchase system, 304; army enlistment, 305 ; Census (Roman) preceding the birth of Christ,
laws of the ballot for the militia, ib.

Arnold's (Dr.) St. Paul and Protestantism,' 231 ; Chabot's professional investigation of the hand-

denies that the victory of Dissent will be that writing of Junius, 177; elaborate reports on
of religious freedom, 234; Nonconformist ob- the handwriting of Sir Philip Francis, Lady
jection to his manner as a writer, ib.

Temple, and Lord George Sackville, 179.

Chancellors of Ireland, Lives of tho, 86; archi-
Belgium, defensive strength of, 18.

cpiscopal chancellors, 88.
Beranger's place among song-writers, 116. Chénier's life and songs, 114.
Bismarck (Count), public and private life of, 38 ; | Cherizy, German barbarity in burning the ril-
in early life called 'Mad Bismarck,' 39; affray

lage of, 83.
in a beer-house, 41; the ground-tone of his Christie's (W. D.), life of the first Earl of Shaftes-
character oppus, ib.; characteristic revenge on bury, 155; merits as a biographer, 155, 156 ;
Count Thun, ib.; observations on Bismarck's editions of Dryden's works, 173.
policy by M. Renan and Sir A. Malet, 42, 43; Church and Nonconformity, 231 ; impulses to-
his participation in the Federal Execution wards change from without and within, ib.;
on Denmark, 43; contrasted with Napoleon broad distinction between the two forms of re.
III., 44; chief feature of his speecles, 45; re- ligious orgavization, 232; Nonconformist sup-
pudiates Parliamentarism as a master while port of Liberal ideas, 233; the victory of dis-
using it as an instrument, 46 ; his Boswellian sent not that of religious freedom, right, and

chronicler Hesekiel, ib. ; Pan-Teutonism, ib. improvement, 234; the two fundamental alle-
Bonzes, massacre of, and destruction of their gations of Nonconformists against the Church,
temples, 291.

236; the idea realised for ages of a Church
Bounty Fund (Royal), triennial grants of, 230. historic and inherited, 237; preference of the
Buddhism and Catholicism, external resemblance genius of the Church for uncontroversial re-

between, 287; 'the Devil's imitation of Chris- ligion and a not too definite theology, 238;
tianity,' ib. ; its two great sects, ib.

the two great Puritan doctrines, 240 ;
Buddhist priests or Bonzes, 291.

parison of Anglican and Nonconformist theo-
Burgh (Hussey de), fragment of his oratory, logical literature, 241 ; superiority for a re-

ligious position of a public Church above pri-
Byron's alteration in Englisli Bards' from vate religious association, 242; a long-tried
praise of Lord Carlisle to censure, 169.

and settled system contrasted with a com-

petitive and aggressive proselytism, 244; ob-
Cæsarism, revival of German, 193.

jections to a dogmatic Church examined, 245 ;
Cannock Chase recommended as the site of an the division in the Church does not, as a mat.
arsenal, 18.

ter of fact, destroy unity, 245, 246.


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