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Orders for Advertisements and Bills should reach the Office, 214 Piccadilly, W., not later than the 18!h of the Month.


Monthly, price ONE SHILLING.



The FEBRUARY Part contains, amongst other contributionsGreek Myths in Greek Art: Demeter. The Interior of St. Paul's Cathedral,

By JANE E. HARRISON. With Eight Illustrations Past, Present, and Future. By BASIL CHAMPIRIB. îrom the Antique.

With Five Illustrations.

An American Palace. By S. G. W. Prince Edward VI. and his Whipping

BENJAMIIX. With Six Illustrations. Boy! Drawn by W. S. STACEY, 1rom the Picture ethibited at the Royal Acade.ny, 1882. Frontis- The 'Special Artist.' By HARRY V. piece,

BARSEIT. With Six Facaimiles of Sketches of

Battlefields &c. Horses and Dogs. By A. E. TORRENS.

Current Art. With Fire Engravings. With Portrait and Antograph of CHARLE LUTIENS, and Two Engravings.

The Chronicle of Art.

«« The Magazine of Art” contains a very storehouse of art.'-Times.

The engravings are of exquisite beauty.'--Standard, * Its criticism is full of interest and value.'-- Saturday Review.

Its literary excellence is certainly not less than its artistic grace.'— Specla'or.

· La rédaction du Magazine est confiée aux écrivains les plus compétents de l'Angleterre ; les illustrations sont gravées sur bois avec le plus grand soin.'

Gazette des Beaux-Arts.

CASSELL, PETTER, GALPIN & CO., London; and all Booksellers.

Ready immediately, price 21s.



A SEQUEL TO 'YOUNG IRELAND.' This rolame deals with the most memorable incidents in the modern history of Ireland : the Becersion, by which the marvellous authority of O'Connell was overthrown, his compact with

he Whigs, the great famine, and, for the first time, the secret history, minutes of council, and private correspondence, connected with the abortive insurrection headed by Smith O'Brien. lo

written not only from close personal knowledge, but founded on unpublished documents and be correspondence of nearly every one prominently concerned in these transactions.

CASSELL, PETTER, GALPIN & CO., London; and all Booksellers.

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Crown 8vo. cloth extra, Cs. (uniform with ‘A Tramp Abroad.')



"«« The Invalid's Story” shows the author at his best and strongest, and is equal to anything of the kind he has ever produced. Speech so quaint and extravagant, and yet so natural and right, as that of the suffering Inail-man, who is one of the heroes of the romance, is not often achieved. It is worthy of the anthor of “ Tom Baker's Cat" and the story of the Blue Jay and the account of Buck Fanshawe's funeral. As for the burlesque that gives its name to the volume, it is really good work. With “The Invalid's Story" it is enough to make che book a success.'-ATHENÆUM.

The volume is full of Mark Twain at his best...... Mark Twain's popular mission is to make people laugh; this he does so successfully as to overshadow bis large possession of the rare quality of quick observation, combined with power of graphic delineation, which makes books of travel delightful reading.'--SAEFFIELD INDEPENDENT.

• Although the scene is laid in America the satire is just as applicable here, and will be heartily appreciated by all who have had any dealings with mysterious detectives.'-DAILY CHRONICLE.

• That Prince of Aincrican humorists, Mark Twain, has issued a volume which he calls " The Stolen White Elephant." It is made up of several chapters all marked by that strong common sense which underlies everything that Mr. Clemens does, and full of wise cynicism. The first chapter--the Stolen White Elephant-is perhaps one of the best satires on the ineffectiveness of a detective police that could well be imagined. In er. cellence, however, it is equalled by many other chapters in the volume. Mark Twain's humour may be well misunderstood by some stupid people, but it must produce its effect where there is any keenness of intelligence ; nud its teaching, we venture to think, is all for good.'-SCOTSMAN.

• " The Stolen White Elephant" is one of the most amusing books that I have read for a long time. This is a collection of some of the latest of the clever author's minor writings, and I need scarcely say that it is marked by the most characteristic and abundant humour. Here is a volume which can be contidently recommended as an instantaneons cure for “the dismals." No man can look on it and not laugh, . The book is crammed full of entertaininent, and no lover of original fun should fail to make its speedy acquaintance.'


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by the Author. With Life, Portrait, and numerous Illustrations. Crown 8vo. cloth extra, 7s.6d, THE ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER. With 100 Illustrations. Small Sro,

cloth extra, 78, 6d. CAEAP EDITIOy, illustrated boards, 2s. A PLEASURE TRIP ON THE CONTINENT OF EUROPE: The Innocents

Abroad, and The New Pilgrim's Progress. Post 8vo, illustrated boards, 2s. AN IDLE EXCURSION, and other Sketches. Post 8vo. illustrated boards, 2s. A TRAMP ABROAD. With 314 Illustrations. Crown 8vo. cloth extra, 78, 6d. THE INNOCENTS ABROAD; or, The New Pilgrim's Progress. With 234 Illustrations.

Crown 8vo. cloth extra, 7s.61. THE PRINCE AND THE PAUPER. With 190 Illustrations. Crown 8vo. cloth

extra, 7s. 60. MISSISSIPPI SKETCHES. With 300 Original Illustrations. Crown 85o. cloth extra, 79, 60,

[In preparation. CHATTO & WINDUS, Piccadilly, W.

Demy 8ro, cloth extra, price 78. 6d.



OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. • The work is well deserving of careful study, especially by the astronomer, too apt to forget the teachings o! other sciences than his own.'--FRASER'S MAGAZINE.

• It is characterised throughout by a carefulness of thought and an originality that command respect, wie it is based upon observed facts and not upon mere fanciful theory.'—ENGINEERINO.

· Mr. Williams's interesting and valuable work called " The Fuel of the Sun." POPULAR SCIENCE REVIEW. • A most remarkable and carefully reasoned essay.'- ALL THE YEAR ROUND. In 1870 Mr. Williams published his very ingenious work entitled "The Fuel of the Sun."!



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THE LIFE OF EDWARD, LORD HAWKE, Admiral of the Fleet, Vice-Admiral

of Great Britain, and First Lord of the Admiralty from 1781 to 1771, With Dissertations on the Origin
of the English Wars in the Reign of George the Second, and on the State of the British Navy at that
period. By MONTAGUE BERROws, Capt. R.N. and Chichele Professor of Modern History in the University
of Oxford. 8vo. with Portrait, 215,

[In a few days. THE JESUITS: a Complete History of their Open and Secret Proceedings from the

Foundation of the Order to the Present Time. Told to the German People. By THEODOR GRIESINGER,
Translated by A. J. SCOTT, J.D. 2 vols. 8vo. illustrated, 248.

[This day. COREA, THE HERMIT NATION. I.--Ancient and Mediæral History. II.

Political and Social Corea. III.- Modern and Recent History. By W. E. Griffis, Author of · The Mikadá
Empire.' 850, with numerous Maps and Plans, 18s.

• The hiermit nation,' Corea, has always been a country of erceptional interest to travellers, and to the thinking persons who love to real by their firesiiles of the adventures of wanderers eager in parsuit of information and of extending Christian and civilising intinences to remote and almost unkanwn lands. The result of Mr. Griffs' experience is given in this remarkable book which is by far the best yet published on the subject.'

THE IRISH QUESTION. By David Bennetr King, Professor in Lafayette College,

Pennsylvania. Crown 8vo. 78. 6d.

- WELLESLEY. Vol. I.-LORD CLIVE. By Colonel G. B. MALLESON, C.S.I., Author of History of
the French in India.' 850. with Portrait and 4 Plans, 204.

* Colonel Malleson has once more found a work worthy of his gifts ... How this splendid edifice of empire
was built up, with bloul and iron" for the crment, formy a story which Englislamen should never tire of reading.
Nor will many minds weary, we answer for it, over the graphic pages, full of life and fire and vivid local colour.
ing, in which the ablest of recent Indian historians tells the wondrous tale.' --Globe.
WANDERINGS IN BALOCHISTAN. By Major-General Sir C. M. MacGregor,

K.C.B., C.S.I., C.I.E., Bengal Staff Corpo, Quartermaster-General in India, Author of "Narrative of a
Journey throngh the Province of Khoras an.' 8vo. with large Map and numerous Illustrations, 185,1
*Yo better criterion could be desired of Sir Charles MacGregor's capacity to write than this book.'-ATHENÆUM.

* Few living travellers have a truer eye for the salient physical featnres, the ethnical relations, and political
sitizations of the less-known Asiatic regions than the distinguished author of this pleasantly written rolume.
The Fork is full of instructive scenes.' --ACADEMY.
FLOTSAM AND JETSAM; a Yachtsman's Experiences at Sea and Ashore. By

THOMAS GIBSON BOWLES, Master Mariner. Crown 8vo. 7s.6d.

"Now and then a work of this kind may actually be what its writer thought it would be, amusing and read.
able ; and amongst successful books of this order must be classed the book which Mr. Bowles has recently offered
to the world.'-SATURDAY,REVIEW.
THE EUPHRATES ROUTE TO INDIA, in connection with the Central

Asian and Egyptian Questions. By Sir WILLIAM ANDREW, C.I.E., Author of India and her Neighbours.'
Second Edition. 8vo. with Maps, 55.

' Is a storehouse of clearly stated information on this subject, which will be increasingly important as years roll on.'--STATIST.

A more lucid survey of the whole question could not be desired.'-LAND AND WATER.

TO 1880. By PERCY M. THORNTON. Vol. III., completing the work. 8vo. with 5 Portraits, 18s.
“Throngbout this remarkable work the author is careful of his facts, and writes in a clear and graceful style,
with considerable fairness and freedom from political prejudice.'-Nonnina Post.

Reprinted by permission from the Saturday Rrrier. Crown 8vo. 55.

* Worth preservation in a permanent form, and deserve the attention of people who take a practical interest in qnestions of army organisation and military reform.'-ScorsMAS. SCRAPS FROM MY SABRETASCHE: being Personal Adventures while in

the 14th (King's Ligbt) Dragoons. By GEORGE CARTER STENT. M.R.A.S., of the Chinese Imperial Maritime Custoins Service ; Author of 'Entombed Alive,' . Tlie Jade Chaplet,' &c. Crown 8vo. 6s. • A most readable book.'-UNITED SERVICE GAZETTE.

* A chatty narrative pleasantly written.'--OBSERVER. EARNEST MADEMENT: A Tale of Wiltshire. By Major R. D. Gibney, late

Adjutant of the Ist Wilts Rifle Volunteers. (Dedicated, by permission, to Major-General Sir Garnet Wolseley,

G.O.B.) Crown 8vo. 6s.

· A clever story of military life.'--VOLUNTEER SERVICE GAZETTE. DIPLOMATIC STUDY ON THE CRIMEAN WAR, 1852 to 1856.

(Russian Official Publication.) 2 vols. 8vo. 218.

• This work can scarcely be too much valued as a stvrehouse of diplomatic facts, and as an exposition of the diplomatic history of the various European States since 1815.–ST. JAMES'S GAZETTE. FRANZ LISZT, ARTIST AND MAN, 1811-1840. By L. RAMANN. Trans

lated from the German by Miss E. COWDERY. 2 vols, crown 870. 215.
ON DUTY UNDER A TROPICAL SUN: being some Practical Suggestions

tor the Maintenance of Health and Bodily Comfort, and the treatment of Simple Diseases; with Remarks
on Clothing and Equipment for the Guidance of Travellers in Tropical Countries. By Major S. LEIGH
Hest, Madras Army, and ALEXANDER S. KENNY, M.R.C.S.E., A.K.C., Senior Demonstrator of Anatomy at
King's College, London ; Author of 'The Tissues and their Structure.' Crown 8vo. 4s.
Invaluable to all who go to the Tropics,'-SATURDAY Review.

London: WM. H. ALLEN & CO., 13 Waterloo Place, S.W.

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