Scrutinizing Feminist Epistemology: An Examination of Gender in Science

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Cassandra L. Pinnick, Noretta Koertge, Robert F. Almeder
Rutgers University Press, 2003 - Всего страниц: 275
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This volume presents the first systematic evaluation of a feminist epistemology of sciences' power to transform both the practice of science and our society. Unlike existing critiques, this book questions the fundamental feminist suggestion that purging science of alleged male biases will advance the cause of both science and by extension, social justice.

The book is divided into four sections: the strange status of feminist epistemology, testing feminist claims about scientific practice, philosophical and political critiques of feminist epistemology, and future prospects of feminist epistemology. Each of the essays3/4most of which are original to this text3/4 directly confronts the very idea that there could be a feminist epistemology or philosophy of science. Rather than attempting to deal in detail with all of the philosophical views that fall under the general rubric of feminist epistemology, the contributors focus on positions that provide the most influential perspectives on science. Not all of the authors agree amongst themselves, of course, but each submits feminist theories to careful scrutiny. Scrutinizing Feminist Epistemology provides a timely, well-rounded, and much needed examination of the role of gender in scientific research.

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of an Old Feminist
the Philosophy of Science
Testing Feminist Claims about Scientific Practice
Philosophical and Political Critiques
Sandra Hardings Feminist Epistemology
Equity Feminism and Academic Feminism
Future Prospects of Feminist Epistemology
of Groping for Truth
Dorothy L Sayerss Feminism
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Cassandra L. Pinnick is an associate professor of philosophy at Western Kentucky University.

Noretta Koertge is a professor of philosophy and history of science at Indiana University and editor-in-chief of Philosophy of Science.

Robert F. Almeder is a professor of philosophy at Georgia State University and editor-in-chief of American Philosophical Quarterly.

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