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THIS work, which is merely a compilation of facts taken from ancient records, charters, the Cae Cyriog, and Harleian MSS., the Bruts, and other ancient authorities, lays claim to no originality, but contains matter literally transcribed and translated from the original docu


Such a work as this purports to be, must naturally be very dry and uninteresting to the general public; and, as the area of the district is so small, I fear that its annals will not interest many persons who live beyond. the limits of Powys Fadog, more than the annals of an English county would interest the inhabitants of the Hebrides.

I much regret that the ancient Welsh poems and elegies remain untranslated, but I am sorry to say that I am not a sufficiently good Welsh scholar to attempt to do it myself.

I have tried, however, to make this history as generally interesting as my very scanty information would allow me to do, and, therefore, I hope that the courteous reader may be induced to pardon and overlook its many deficiencies.

"Goreu arf, arf Dysg."

CLOCHFAEN, May 8th, 1881.

Maredudd ab Cynan ab Owain Gwynedd goes to Prince Gwen-

Wars of Llywelyn ab Iorwerth in South Wales
Croes Oswallt (Oswestry) burnt and destroyed
The Devil causes war in Gwynedd

Llywelyn ab Gruffydd takes Meirionydd and Tegeingl
Llywelyn ab Maredudd receives a Pension from the King
Einion ab Seisyllt takes refuge with Owain Cyfeiliawg

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