Ending All Deception

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Holy Fire Publishing, 2004 - Всего страниц: 160
Ending All Deception will eradicate the enemy of your eternal life, showing you how to live a complete victory in Christ as you terminate all onslaughts of the Devil on friends, family and church! Actual case samples lead to a comprehension of lusts of the flesh and how to mortify them with the mind of Christ! You will read of the proof absolute in identifying all evil spirits that leads to breaking of every yoke of bondage. This writing takes you beyond all false doctrines of fire, inner healing and baptisms to living 'the works greater than' spoken to by our Lord Jesus! Through Ending All Deception you will see clearly how to employ the simplicity of the gospel of Jesus Christ to end needless, confusing, time consuming studies! Ending All Deception highlights the power residing in you now to eliminate all spiritual deceptions. Read it!

Об авторе (2004)

Coming to Jesus in prison the author has since faced deception in North American cults, was tested by fire and killing during the Ambon riots, threatened with death by Muslims of the Southern Philippines, has ministered amid the OPM rebels of West Papua and the remote tribal groups of Papua New Guinea. Kenneth Gran has learned to deal with all forms of spiritual deception through following the Holy Spirit. Ordained to ministry under the Independent Assemblies of God International the author continues missionary outreach to nations of the South Pacific from Canada.

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