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The mystery was all compassed then,
And the hearts of sea-sick, weary men,

The rebel guns waked a fearful note
From our rifled cannon's open throat,

And our shells flew fast and steady.
The battle is over-the strife is done-
The Stars and Bars from the forts have run-
The blow is struck, and victory won-
Beaufort is ours already!

Cheered up, the prospect viewing;
There is that grit in the human mind,
However gentle, or good, or kind,
That is always to double its fist inclined,
When near where a fight is brewing.

And then we sailed to the beautiful town,
Where we tore the emblem of treason down,
And planted the starry banner;

And the breezes of heaven seemed to play
With its folds in a tender and loving way,
As though they were proud to welcome the day,
And the old familiar manner.

A thrill pervaded the loyal land,
When the gladdening tidings came to hand;
Each heart felt joy's emotion!
The clouds of gloom and doubt dispersed,
The sun of hope through the darkness burst,
And the zeal the patriot's heart had nursed,
Burned with a warmer devotion.

-Boston Sat. Gazette, Nov. 16.



O Keeper of the Sacred Key,
And the Great Seal of Destiny,
Whose eye is the blue canopy,

Look down upon the warring world, and tell us what
the end will be.

"Lo, through the wintry atmosphere,
On the white bosom of the sphere,
A cluster of five lakes appear,,

And all the land looks like a couch, or warrior's
shield, or sheeted bier.

"And on that vast and hollow field,

With both lips closed, and both eyes sealed,
A mighty figure is revealed-

Stretched at full length, and stiff and stark as in the
hollow of a shield.

"The winds have tied the drifted snow
Around the face and chin, and lo!

The sceptred giants come and go,

And shake their shadowy crowns, and say, 'We always feared it would be so.'

"She came of an heroic race;

A giant's strength, a maiden's grace,
Like two in one seem to embrace,

But brave Dupont and Sherman knew
Where the bolt should light, and each gallant crew And match, and blend, and thorough-blend, in her

colossal form and face.

Was ready to heed their orders.
Port Royal, Ho!-and a bright warm day,
We made the land many miles away,
And sullenly there before us lay

Fierce Carolina's borders.

"Where can her dazzling falchion be?
One hand is fallen in the sea;

The gulf stream drifts it far and free,

And in that hand her shining brand gleams from the depths resplendently.

[blocks in formation]

"And on her brow a softened light, As of a star concealed from sight By some thin veil of fleecy white,

Or of the rising moon behind the rainy vapors of the night.

"The sisterhood that was so sweetThe Starry System sphered complete, Which the mazed Orient used to greetThe Four-and-Thirty fallen stars glimmer and glitter at her feet.

"And lo! the children which she bred, And more than all else cherished,

To make them strong in heart and head, Stand face to face as mortal foes, with their swords

crossed above the dead!


BY "S. W."

Last spring, when Frank had fed the ploughed and harrowed ground with seed,

A fearful cry tore by us with the South wind's wingéd speed;

"Each hath a mighty stroke and stride,

And one is Mother-true and tried,

But we hoped it was a nightmare, till the news was brought from town,

The other dark and evil-eyed;

And by the hand of one of them his own dear Mother That the horde of Charleston traitor-knaves had shot

surely died!

"A stealthy step-a gleam of hell

It is the simple truth to tell

"And then the battle-trumpet blew,

And the true Brother sprang, and drew
His blade to smite the traitor through;
And so they clashed above the bier, and the Night

sweated bloody dew!

The Son stabbed, and the Mother fell; And so she lies-all mute, and pale, and pure, and Till, as lightnings cease when breaks the dark cloud's heart upon the land,


I wept when, on my thin gray locks, I felt Frank's manly hand,

[blocks in formation]

And straightway from out of the midst of them all,
A man walked forth with a face like the dead,
While these words appeared above on the wall:

"He betrayed the country that gave him bread!" And he that lay on his couch that night,

And read the clear and stern gray eye that chid the quivering lip;

Read that the eye would smile no more until it saw the foe,

"L Now, whichsoever stand or fall, As God is great and man is small, The Truth shall triumph over allForever and forevermore the Truth shall triumph So I scaled them with a kiss, dried up my tears, and

Whilst the lips were loth to shape the words, "Dear mother, I must go."

filled his sack,

over all ! "

And his body was racked with pain,
While his heart beat fast when his memory sought
To bring back old times again.

Gazed trembling forward into the space,
While his heart stood still with a sudden fright,
As the criminal turned-he saw his own face!

[blocks in formation]

our banner down.

In my bitter grief and anguish keen, I felt the an-
cient ire
Of Bunker Hill and Lexington course through my
veins like fire,

And saw my grandsire's musket gleam within his clenchéd grip,

And, at dawn, upon his home my only darling turned his back.

As he kissed my cheek at parting, he whispered in

[blocks in formation]

oned half a year.

Yesterday I heard our boys had crossed the broad
Potomac's flow;

Ruth was reading of the streams where Babel's weeping willows grow,

When a dove perched on the line through which flash before our gate

Words of sorrow or of gladness for the people and

the State.

[blocks in formation]

THE WIDE-AWAKE MAN. Dedicated to the Stay-at-Home Black-Capes. Now, while our soldiers are fighting our battles, Each at his post to do all that he can, Down among rebels and contraband chattels, What are you doing, my wide-awake man?

All the brave boys under canvas are sleeping,

All of them pressing to march with the van, Far from the home where their sweethearts are weep


What are you waiting for, wide-awake man?

You, with the terrible warlike moustaches, Fit for a colonel or chief of a clan,

You, with the waist made for sword-belts and sashes, Where are your shoulder straps, wide-awake man?

Bring him the bottomless garment of woman!
Cover his face lest it freckle and tan;
Muster the apron-string guards on the Common,
That is the corps for the wide-awake man.

Give him for escort a file of young misses,

Each of them armed with a deadly ratan; They shall defend him from laughter and hisses, Aimed by low boys at the wide-awake man.

O, but the black-cape guards are the fellows! Drilling each day since our troubles began"Handle your walking-stick!" "Shoulder umbrel


That is the style for the wide-awake man. Catch me confiding my person with strangers! Think how the cowardly Bull Runners ran! In the brigade of the stay-at-home black-capes Marches my corps, says the wide-awake man.

Such was the stuff of the Malakoff takers,

Such were the soldiers that scaled the Redan; Truculent housemaids and blood-thirsty Quakers Brave not the wrath of the wide-awake man.

When the brown soldiers come back from the borders,

How will they look while his features they scan? How will he feel when he gets marching orders, Signed by his lady-love, wide-awake man?

[blocks in formation]
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