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Meteorologische Beobachtungen Aufgezeichnet auf Christiania Observatorium ..

3 vols. Beretning om en Botanisk Reise af H. L. Lorensen. 6 Index Scholarum in Universitate Christiania

18 Sundries. (Norwegian Pamphlets.) Sitzungsberichte der Mathematisch Naturwissenschaftliche

Classe der Akademie der Wissenschaften..........280 Sitzungsberichte der K. B. Akademie der Wissenschaften 78 Mittheilungen der Naturforschenden Gesellschaft in Bern 11 Monatsberichte der K. P. Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin ..

80 Annalen für Meteorologie und Erdmagnetismus

6 Beobachtungen Meteorologische an der Wiener Sternwarte ..

22 Verhandlungen der Allgemeinen Schweizerischen Gesellschaft der Naturwissenschaften...

16 Zeitschrift der Osterreichischen Gesellschaft für Meteorologie

...130 Reise der Osterreichischen Frigatte Novara, Magnetische Beobachtungen

3 Magnetische Beobachtungen in Wien

4 Tageblatt der 32 Versammlung der N. W. A. in Wien, 1856

9 Jahrbucher der K.-K. Central Anstalt für Meteorologie und

Erdmagnetismus in Wien. 1856-1859, 1 of each,
1866–1869, 2 of each

10 nos. Det Kongelige Norske Universitets Aarberetunger, 1856 to 1858

8 vols. Travaux de la Commission pour fixer les mesures et les poids de l'Empire de Russie

3 Abhandlungen der Math-Physikal Classe der K. B. Aka

demie der Wissenschaften ..
Bulletin der Akademie der Wissenschaften der München. 47
Sundries. (German Pamphlets.)
Annacs do Observatorio do Irfante D. Luiz...

46 Trabalhos

5 Mémoires de Académie Reale de Sciences de Lisboa Annaes da Academia das Sciencias Lisboa

12 Coimbra, Observacoes Meteorologicas

21 Sundries. (Portuguese Pamphlets.) Russian Nautical Magazine

63 Harmonia Mensuram. Ædes Hartwellianæ

1 vol. Speculum Hartwellianum

1 Diverse Machine (Ramelli)

1 Memorie dell' I. R. Istituto Lombardo.

5 vols. Memorie della Società Italiana delle Scienze

5 Memorie dell'Osservatorio del Collegio Romano .

10 Memorie del Reale Istituto Lombardo ..

41 Atti dell'Accademia Pontificia de' Nuovi Lincei..

90 Atti del Reale Istituto Lombardo


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Atti della Reale Accademia delle Scienze di Napoli...... 7 vols.
Bulletino Meteorologico dell'Osservatorio del Collegio
Romano ..

9 Giornale dell' I. R. Istituto Lombardo.

44 Rendiconti del Reale Istituto Lombardo

.112 Sundries. (Italian Pamphlets.)

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Iuventory of Apparatus and Instruments at present in the Kew

Observatory, with the names of Owners or Funds by which

they were purchased. May 1871. [Abbreviations adopted in col. 2:—Brit. Assoc. for British Association ; Don. Fund for

Donation Fund; Gov. Grant for Government Grant Fund; Met. Com, for Meteoro-
logical Committee; Par. Ex. Fund for Paris Exhibition Fund; Roy. Ast. Soc. for
Royal Astronomical Society; Royal Soc. for Royal Society.)
Entrance Hall.

Property of, or

Purchased by,
Bird's Mercurial Thermometer

Royal Soo.
Captain Kater's Hygrometer, by Robinson
Dr. Lind's Portable Wind Gauge
Huygens's Aerial Telescope (twelve parts).
Huygens's Object-glass
Huygens's Object-glass, with two Eye - glasses by

Scarlet ..
Flamsteed's Object-glass (Venetian)
Dollond's 42-inch Transit, with a cast-iron stand ..
Short's 36-inch Reflecting Telescopo, with an Object-

glass Micrometer by Dollond (nine parts).... Kater's Convertible Pendulum, with the Agate Planes Captain Sabine’s Cylindrical Pendulum, vibrating on

Planes; with the Knife-edges..
Apparatus, with Leaden Balls, by Paull of Geneva

(ten parts)
Nairne and Blunt's 12-inch Dipping Needle (two

A 12-inch Variation Needle..
Dr. Godwin Knight's Battery of Magnets
Air-Pump, with Double Barrel
Nairne's Air Condenser (three parts)
Ramsden's Great Theodolite, with other Instruments

and Apparatus employed by Major-General Roy in
the Trigonometrical Survey (sixty-six parts, in four
cases), incomplete

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Cary's Large Levelling Instrument(twenty-one parts) Royal Soc.
Troughton and Simms's Large Levelling Instrument

(twenty parts)...
Adams's 5-inch Theodolite (two parts)
Bowles's Trigonometer (four parts)
Troughton's Repeating Circle, of 1 foot diameter
Ramsden's 10-inch Protractor, with Vernier to 1'..
Bird's 12-inch Astronomical Quadrant (fifteen parts)
Fordyce's Hydrometer......
Cole's Orrery, explanatory of Eclipses.
Two Miner's Compasses
Armed Loadstone...
Le Cerf's Brass Instrument.
Curious Steel Callipers for very accurate measure- 1

ment, by Paull of Geneva: 1777 ..
Rowning's Universal Constructor of Equations
Chronometer Stove, for ascertaining the Influence of

Temperature on the Rate of Chronometers (six

Wedgewood's Pyrometer; or Thermometer for mea-

suring high degrees of heat (sixty-six parts)..
Two strong Brass Pulleys
Bird's 4-feet Refracting Telescope
Dicas's Hydrometer..
Hadley's Metal for a Newtonian Reflector, with

several wooden Eyepieces, but without Tube or

Troughton and Simms's 6-inch Circular Protractor..
Baily's Pendulum, No. 2 ..

Roy. Ast. Soc. Standard Wrought-iron bar used in Mallet's Expe- Brit. Assoc.

riments, 1838–1842..., Observing Telescope used by Schlagintweit. Experimental Tubes employed in the construction of

Gov. Grant. Welsh's Standard Barometers Six 39-inch Glass Slabs. Sixty Lamp Chimneys..

Brit. Assoc. Eight 14-inch Magnets. Sundry Lamps, Plate Boxes, Daguerotypes and Ap

paratus employed with Ronalds's Self-recording Donat. Fund.

Barograph and Magnetograph....
Sundry Chemical Apparatus used with Addams's Car-

Gov. Grant. bonic acid Gas Generators Three large Magnetometers with Marble Slabs, Pil

lars, Reading Telescopes, &c. Two Thermometer Testing-jars (damaged)...... Brit. Assoc. Two 6-inch Bull's-eye Lenses. Sir W. Thomson's Portable Atmospheric Electro- | Prof. Sir W.

. meter

Thomson. Sir W. Thomson's Recording Atmospheric Electro

meter Various pieces of Electrical Apparatus

SirF.Ronalds. Sundry Lenses.


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} Googr. Soc.


Galton's Dial Anemometer, with Battery, &c. Met. Com. Artificial Horizon...

Sir E. Sabine. Heliostats and Reflectors used in Mr. Galton's Sex

tant Testing Apparatus Apparatus for Trisecting an Arc. Saussure's Hygrometer

Seven-inch Protractor, by Jones.
Marine Barometer.
Two Patent Compensated Barometers, by Harris.
One 30-inch Steel Bar.
Two Kriel's Self-recording Barometers, with Spare Brit. Assoc.

Tube of Ronalds's Photo-barograph

Gov. Grant.
Glass Receiver (damaged).
Model of Sheerness Tide-gauge

Royal Soc. Mallet's Model of the Descent of Glaciers. Several Models, not named. Appold's Automatic Hygrometer.

Royal Soc. Appold's Automatic Temperature Regulator Lindley's Patent Central Thermometer. Lindley's Model of Fire Escape. Perspective Instrument

SirF.Ronalds. Barrow's Dip Circle, No.

Sir E. Sabine. Robinson's 6-inch Circle Two Unifilars and a Declinometer, by Gibson. Seven Tripods .. Balance of Torsion. A Watchman's Clock. Oertling's Balance

Gov. Grant. Two Aspirators Wooden Wind-pressure Gauge... Altazimuth, by Cary

Sir E. Sabine. Ronalds's Atmospheric Electrical Apparatus

Gov. Grant. Model of Mr. De La Rue's Tower for supporting Huyghen's Aerial Telescope-lenses

Par. Ex.Fund. Model of a design for Photoheliograph Mounting Brit. Assoc. Legden Jars ....

Mr. Gassiot. Testing Room.


Six frames exhibiting Kew and Lisbon Magnetic } Brit. Assoc.

Two Welsh's Standard Barometers

Gov. Grant.
Receiver for testing Barometers, with Air-Pump, &c.
Apparatus for testing Thermometers
Newman's Standard Barometer, No. 34
Brass Mural Quadrant..

Observatory. Spare Tubes for Standard Barometer construction .. Gov. Grant. Thomson's Galvanometer and Apparatus employed by

Dr. Stewart in Rotating Disk experiments..
Siemens's Air-Pump
Sprengel's Air Pump

Gov. Grant.

Parts of Ronalds's Magnetographs
Air-Thermometer (incomplote)
MSS., Books, Papers, Documents, and Correspondence

referring to Meteorological work.

Brit. Assoc.

Met. Com,

Gov. Grant.
Royal Soc.

Sir E. Sabine.

Transit Room.
Thermometer-waxing Apparatus
Photographic Paper Waxing Apparatus ..
Thomson's Atmospheric Recording Electrometer
Chronometer, Arnold
Invariable Pendulum
Pendulum, No.8.:
Dip Circle, by Jordan
Declinometer, by Robinson and Barrow
Five Daniell's Hygrometers.
Four Declinometers (various makers).
Artificial Horizon
Four Thermometers..
Three Herschel's Actinometers
10-inch Azimuth Compass
Vertical Force Magnetometer
Standard Yard ..
Three Dip Circles and one Fox's Circle
Several old Observing Telescopes and incomplete

Magnetic Apparatus..
Photographic Paper, waxed and unwaxed
Sundry Bottles, Chemicals, and Apparatus employed

in the ordinary work of the Observatory

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Computing Room.
Dividing Engine by Perreaux, and Apparatus em-

ployed in the construction of Standard Thermo- Gov. Grant.

meters Standard Thermometers, divided and undivided.. Brit. Assoc. Evaporation Gauge (exhibited at Paris)

Par.Ex.Fund. Portable Barometer, by Newman

Sir E. Sabine. Gay-Lussac Barometer, by Bunter. Troughton and Simms's Mercurial Standard Ther

Royal Soc. mometer Newman's Spirit Thermometer for very low Tempe

ratures ...
Jones's Hygrometer..
Set of Bar Magnets (six).
Pair of Levelling Staves, by Jones
Sundry old Thermometers.
Thermometer, by Greiner

Sir E. Sabino.
Dry and Wet Thermometer, from Hobarton.
Thermometer, No. 2, from Greenwich Observatory.

Rev. C. HodgActinometer Tube


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