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Actinometer Tube

Royal Soc. Two Actinometers

Rev. C. HodgThree Actinometers .

Royal Soc. Ten Hydrometers. Spirit-level used in Pendulum experiments

Gov. Grant. Small Boiling-point Apparatus

Par. Ex.Fund. Two Mountain Thermometers. One Regnault's Hygrometer

Gov. Grant. One Daniell's Hygrometer. Several Declinometers, by various makers

Sir E. Sabine. Several Unifilars, by various makers Several Dip Circles, by various makers Tyo Altazimuth Instruments.

Admiralty. Repeating Circle, by Dollond

Sir E. Sabine, Vertical Force Magnetometer Sundry Magnets, Dip Needles, Magnet Fittings, In

ertia Bars, Rings, &c., belonging to various instru

ments Magnets and Needles in use at the Observatory. Standard Yard ...,

Gov. Grant. Standard Weights.. Jars and Standard Solutions used in Hydrometertesting ....

Brit. Assoc. Chemicals and Chemical Apparatus used in the Ob

servatory ... Apparatus employed by Prof. Clerk Maxwell. Telescope support, by Goloz..

Royal Soc. Several Tripods Surveying Rods 6-inch Globe Model of Hydraulic Anemometer

Mr. Galton. Several Rules and Scales in use

Brit. Assoc. Box of Ozonometer Papers. Magnetograph Curves :

Brit. Assoc. Magnetic Observation-books MS. Papers of Magnetic Reductions MS. Papers on various subjects Surplus copies of Publications issued by Observatory { Brit. Assoc.


. . Wood Engravings of Magnetograph Drawings Brit. Assoc.

South Hall. Cooke's Sextant Testing Apparatus.

Gov. Grant. Shelton's Astronomical Regulator, with Gridiron Pen

dulum Gas Governors and Regulators

Don. Fund. Magnetograph Room. Magnetographs

Gov. Grant. Earthenware Stove

Brit. Assoc.

Royal Soc.

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Deflecting Apparatus

Brit. Assoc. Barograph

Met. Com. Rigid Spectroscope

Mr. Gassiot. Pendulum Room. Vacuum Chamber and Vibrating Apparatus

Admiralty. Observing Telescope Shelton's Astronomical Regulator

Royal Soc. Transit House, Portable Transit Instrument

Sir E. Sabine. Apparatus for determining Scale value of Levels.. Mr. Adie.

Lower Photographic Room. Baths, Dishes, Bottles, and Chemical Apparatus.... Gov. Grant. Chemicals and Paper

Brit. Assoc. Printing Frames

Meteorological Room. Globe

Brit. Assoc. Barograph, Thermograph, and Anemograph Curves.. Met. Com. Ditto (duplicates).

Brit. Assoc.
Tabulations of ditto (duplicates).
Scales, Rules, &c., employed in tabulating Curves.. Met. Com.
Post Cases, MSS. and Documents in connexion with

the Meteorological Committee's work..
Working Drawings of Instruments.
Observatory Correspondence.
Furniture and Fittings

Met. Com.

Sun Room. Sun Pictures (Negatives)..

Gov, Grant Sun Pictures (Prints) Thirty-seven Vols. Schwabe's Observations (MSS.).: Roy."Ast. Soc. Sundry Papers connected with Solar Research. Sundry Volumes of Kew Electrical and Meteoro

logical Observations (MSS.). Surplus Lithographed and Engraved copies of Kew

Gov. Grant.
Magnetic Curves
Photo-galvanographed Plates of Curves, by Paul

Pretsch ...
Spare Magnets for Magnetographs

Mr. Adie.
One Magnetic Tabulator

Brit. Assoc.

Brit. Assoc., Two Magnetic Tabulators

Lofts. Old Observing Clock. Parts of old Electrical and Meteorological Apparatus Brit. Assoc. Parts of old Royal Society Apparatus. .

Royal Soc. Solar Photographic Room. Anemograph with Blank sheets

Met. Com. Baths, Dishes, Printing-frames, Bottles, Paper, Che

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micals, Glass, &c., used in connexion with the Photoheliograph...

Gov. Grant.

Dome. Photoheliograph

Don, Fund. Robinson's Registering Anemometer (dismounted) Brit. Assoc.

Old Pressure Anemometer (incomplete).

Brit. Assoc. Old Rain-gauge (incomplete)

Magnetic Observatory. Declinometer

Sir E. Sabine. Dip Circles Sundry Apparatus employed in Magnetic Determina

tions ... Stone Pillars

Workshop (No. 1). Whitworth Lathe

Don. Fund. Planing Machines Holtzapffel Lathe

SirF.Ronalds. Forge

Don. Fund. Forge

Brit. Assoc. Surfaces and Straight Edges

Gov. Grant. Grindstone

Brit. Assoc. Vices Castings and Tools

Workshop (No. 2). Electro-magnet and Battery

Sir E. Sabine. Carbonic-acid Gas Generators .

Gov. Grant. Ronalds's Barograph (incomplete) Gas-holder

Mr. Atkinson, Glass-blowing Table

Gov. Grant. Still .... Sundry Packing-cases.

Enclosure. Self-recording Rain-gauge

Met. Com. Rain-gauge (ordinary)..

Brit. Assoc. Two Dial Anemometers

Met. Com. Mowing Machine and sundry other Garden Tools .. Brit. Assoc.

Verification House. Stone Pillars for erecting Self-recording Magneto-) Don. Fund.

graphs Self-recording Barograph, Thermograph, and Ano

Met. Com. mograph (undergoing examination).

In the Custody of B. Loewy, Esq., 11 Leverton Street, N.W. Mr. De La Rue's Micrometer for measuring Astronomical Photo

graphs (in use for measuring the photographs obtained with the heliograph).

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Accounts of the Kew Committee of the British Association from September 15, 1870, to August 2, 1871. RECEIPTS. f


d. Received from the General Treasurer

To B. Stewart, Oct. 1st, 1870, to Aug. 1st, 1871 166 13 4

Ditto, allowance for superintending work
From the Meteorological Office......... 54 4 0

connected with the Meteorological Com- 166 13 4
From Opticians and others

mittee, Oct. 1st, 1870, to Aug. 1st, 1271
125 16 9

Ditto, allowance for petty travelling expenses... 10 00
For the verification of Magnetical Instruments

G. Whipple, Oct. I, 1870, to Aug. 1, 1871...... 104 3 4
For the construction of Standard Thermometers

11 10 0
T. Baker, do.


83 6 8
From the Meteorological Office :-


66 13 4
Allowance for 10 months as one of the

A. Rigby, do.


58 6 8
Observatories of the Meteorological

R. Beckley, Aug. 15, 1870, to Aug. 1, 1871 125 0 0
Committee, at £250 per annum... 208 6 8

J. Foster, Oct. 1, 1870, to Aug. 1, 1871

41 13 4 Extra allowance to Kew as Central

A. Hill, Aug. 1, 1870, to Aug. 1, 1871.

30 16 0 Observatory, ten months, 'at £400

853 6 0
per annum

333 6 8
· Apparatus, Materials, Tools, &c.

52 7 1
For ruling Fiducial lines on curves...... 68 3 6

Ironmonger, Carpenter, Mason, &c..

9 15 3 For services of Assistant

12 10 0 Printing, Stationery, Books, Postage, &c.

35 5 5 622 6 10 Gas and Coals

61 8 9 Balance of grant received from the Royal Society by Professor

House Expenses, Chandlery, &c.......

66 14 7 Balfour Stewart, available for and applied to Magnetic

Porterage and petty expenses

30 14 8 reductions 96 6 1 Meteorological work done at extra hours..

44: 7 0
Profit from sundry commissions
12 1 1 Magnetical tabulations done at extra hours and by supernu-

349. 83

merary assistants
Rent of Land attached to Observatory..

11 0 0 £1514 7 0

£1514 7 0

8. d.


F. Page,

600 0 0 Salaries, &c. :For the verification of Meteorological Instru.

71 12 9

5 10 0

40 16 3



Balance due to Prof. Balfour Stewart

40.16 3
Examined with the vouchers and found correct, the balance due to Prof. Balfour Stewart being forty pounds sixteen shillings and threepence.
14th July 1871.


£ $.

Outstanding Liabilities, July 18, 1871.
Balance as above
Due on open Accounts
Accruing Salaries ...................

40 16 3
71 18 10
75 0 0


£197 15 1


MEETING IN August 1871.

[When Committees are appointed, the Member first named is regarded as the Secretary,

except there is a specific nomination.]

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That in future the division of the Section of Biology into the three Departments of Anatomy and Physiology, Anthropology, and Zoology and Botany shall be recognized in the

programme of the Association Meetings, and that the President, two Vice-Presidents, and at least three Secretaries shall be nominated, and that the Vice-Presidents and Secretaries who shall take charge of the organization of the several Departments shall be designated respectively before the publication of such programme.

Dr. R. King's motion, “ that a Subsection for Ethnology be formed," was rejected.

That the Apparatus, Instruments, &c. mentioned in Appendix III. of the Report of the Kew Committee for the past year be transferred to the charge of the Royal Society.

That the Electrical Apparatus belonging to the British Association, now in possession of the Committee of Electrical Standards, be placed in the Physical Laboratory of Cambridge, in charge of the Professor of Experimental Physics, the apparatus remaining the property of the Association and at the disposal of the Committee. [For Regulations relating to Organizing Sectional Proceedings, vide p. xix.]

Recommendations Involving Grants of Money. That the sum of £300 be placed at the disposal of the Council for maintaining the establishment of the Kew Observatory,

That Professor Cayley, Professor H. J. S. Smith, Professor Stokes, Sir W. Thomson, and Mr. J. W. L. Glaisher be a Committee for the purpose of reporting on Mathematical Tables, which it may be desirable to compute or reprint; that Mr. J. W. L. Glaisher be the Secretary, and that the sum of £50 be placed at their disposal for the purpose.

That Mr. Edward Crossley, Rev. T. W. Webb, and Rev. R. Harley be a Committee for discussing Observations of Lunar Objects suspected of change; that Mr. Crossley be the Secretary, and that the sum of £20 be placed at their disposal for the purpose.

That Professor Tait, Professor Tyndall, and Dr. Balfour Stewart be a Committee for the purpose of investigating the Thermal Conductivity of Metals ; that Professor Tait be the Secretary, and that the sum of £25 be placed at their disposal for the purpose.

That the Committee on Tides, consisting of Sir W. Thomson, Professor J. C. Adams, Professor J. W. M. Rankine, Mr. J. Oldham, Rear-Admiral Richards, and Mr. W. Parkes, be reappointed; that Colonel Walker, F.R.S., Superintendent of the Trigonometrical Survey of India, be added to the Committee; and that the sum of £200 be placed at their disposal to defray the expenses of calculation during the ensuing year.

That the Committee for reporting on the Rainfall of the British Isles be reappointed, and that this Committee consist of Mr. Charles Brooke, Mr. Glaisher, Professor Phillips, Mr. G. J. Symons, Mr. J. F. Bateman, Mr. R. W. Mylne, Mr. T. Hawksley, Professor J. C. Adams, Mr. C. Tomlinson, 1871.


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