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J. R. Smith, 4, Old Compton Street, Soho.


portraits are very curious, and the descriptions of old trees, and other particulars in the park and gardens wiil amuse the gardener; while the architect will be instructed by the engravings of different parts of the house, and of the ancient furniture, more particularly of the fire-places, fire-dogs, chairs, tripods, masks, sconces, &c."-J. C. LOUDON, Gardener's Magazine, Jan. 1840.

ILLUSTRATIONS of KNOLE HOUSE, from drawings by Knight, engraved on Wood by Bonner, Sly, &c. 8vo. 16 plates with descriptions, 5s

POCOCK'S MEMORIALS of the FAMILY of TUFTON, EARLS of THANET, 8vo. three plates, 1800, bds. 3s


FREEMAN'S HISTORY and ANTIQUITIES of Bromley in Kent, 12md. bds. 2s 6d

POLL BOOK for the EASTERN DIVISION of the County of Kent, 1832, 8vo. bds. price, 3s

POLL BOOK for EASTERN KENT, 1837, 8vo. bds. 3s. original price, 6s POLL BOOK for the CITY of CANTERBURY, 1835, 8vo. 2s

LIFE and HISTORY of BETTY BOLAINE, the Caterbury Miser, 8vo. portrait, price 1s

RICHARDSON'S GREENWICH its History, Antiquities and Public Buildings, 12mo. fine wood-cuts by Baxter, cloth, 2s

THE FOLKESTONE FIERY SERPENT, together with the Humours of the DOVER MAYOR; being an ancient Ballad full of Mystery and pleasant conceit, now first collected and printed from the various MS. copies in the possession of the inhabitants of the South-East coast of Kent, with Notes, 12mo. Is

BRIEF ACCOUNT of ANCIENT and MODERN WESTMINSTER, by W. BARDWELL, Architect, 8vo. two Views of the old Gate-house, 1839, 1s MANCUNIENSIS, or an History of the TOWNE of MANCHESTER and what is memorable concerning it, by R. HOLLINGWORTH, Fellow of Christ College, Manchester, 1656, now first printed, 12mo. engraved title page with arms and a map of Manchester and Salford, about 1650, cloth, 1839, 2s

8vo. LARGE PAPER, cloth, 3s 6d

NEWCASTLE CHAP BOOKS, a very curious collection, in 1 vol. 12mo. new half morocco, 5s

Contents-History of the Earl of Derwentwater-History of the Lambton Worm, also the Laidley Worm of Spindleston Heugh-History of James Allan, the celebrated Northumberland Piper-Newcastle Songster, a collection of curious and interesting Local Songs, chiefly in the dialect, 4 parts-History of Sir Robert Bewick and the Laird Graham-Long Pack, a Northumberland Tale 100 years old-History of Tynemouth, its Castle and Priory, &c.-Jemmy and Nancy, with Daft Watty's Ramble to Carlisle-Factor's Garland and Tragedy of Sir James the Rose-Singular Life and Adventures of David Haggart the Murderer, executed at Edinburgh, 1821-History of Stoney Bowes, otherwise A. R. Bowes, a notorious character in the North of England, M.P. for Newcastle, Sheriff of Northumberland, &c.-History of Carlisle, Ancient and Modern, also, Carlisle Yetts, a Poem, and five others equally curious.


Valuable and Interesting Books,

TRIAL of the WITCHES at BURY ST. EDMUNDS, before Sir M. Hale,

1664, with an Appendix by Charles Clark, Esq., of Totham, Essex, 8vo. price 1s

"The most perfect Narrative of anything of this nature hitherto extant.”— Preface. WONDERFUL DISCOVERY of the Witchcrafts of Margaret and Philip Flower, daughters of Joan Flower, near Bever (Belvoir), executed at LINCOLN, for confessing themselves actors in the destruction of Lord Rosse, son of the Earl of Rutland, 1618, Svo. price 1s

One of the most extraordinary cases of Witchcraft on record.

ACCOUNT of the TRIAL, CONFESSION, and Condemnation of Six Witches, at MAIDSTONE, 1652; also the Trial and Execution of three others at Faversham, 1645, 8vo. price ls

LIFE of SIR PHILIP MUSGRAVE, Bart. of Hartley Castle, Governor of Carlisle, now first printed from an original MS. by Rev. G. Burton, Vicar of Edenhall, 1669-1683, 8vo. 2s

The Life of this celebrated royalist is replete with interest, not only to the inhabitants of Cumberland and Westmoreland, with which counties he was more immediately connected, but to all who value the history of bye-gone ages and the Biography of those illustrious persons who have shed glory on the Annals of our country.

A SERMON at the FUNERAL of ANNE, COUNTESS of PEMBROKE, DORSET, and MONTGOMERY, at Appleby, April 14, 1675, by EDWARD RAINBOW, Lord Bishop of Carlisle. To which are now added, Memoirs of the above celebrated COUNTESS of PEMBROKE and BISHOP RAINBOW, post Svo. 2s

"A very interesting addition to our local literature."-Carlisle Patriot. TRIAL and LIFE of THOMAS CAPPOCH (the Rebel Bishop of Carlisle) 8vo. Carlisle, 1839, 1s

NARRATIVE of the SIEGE of CARLISLE in 1644 and 1645, by ISAAC TULLIE, now first printed from a MS. in the British Museum, with notes by JEFFERSON, port. 8vo. Carlisle, 1840, 2s

The GENUINE ACCOUNT of the LIFE and TRIAL of EUGENE ÅRAM, Schoolmaster of Knaresborough, who was convicted at York, 1759, for the Murder of Daniel Clark, to which are added Mr. ARAM's Plan of a Celtic Lexicon, and other Literary Remains, 12mo. 1s

This tract (a reprint of the edition of 1759) contains the original account of one of the most extraordinary trials in our criminal calendar. The culprit was a man of no common talents and attainments, and his defence is admitted to be a masterpiece of ingenious reasoning.

LIFE of WILLIAM VISCOUNT BARRINGTON, compiled from Original Papers by his brother, SHUTE, Bp. of Durham, royal 4to. privately printed, bds. 1814, 4s 6d

MEDALLIC HISTORY of NAPOLEON BUONAPARTE, translated by MISS SCARGILL, from the original MS. intended to have been published by the late Government of France, 8vo. bds. 1820, 2s

J. R. Smith, 4, Old Compton Street, Soho.



RECUEIL D'OPUSCULES et de FRAGMENS en VERS PATOIS, extraits d'ouvrages devenus fort rares (par GUSTAVE BRUNET) square 12mo. Paris, 1839, only 120 copies printed, 2s 6d

DISCIPLINA CLERICALIS, auctore PETRO ALPHONSO, Ex-Judæo Hispano, 1100. (avec une traduction en regard)-Le Chastoiement d'un père a son fils, traduction, en vers Francais de l'ouvrage de Pierre Alphonse, avec un Glossaire par LABOUDERIE, 2 vols. in 1, 12mo. only a very few copies printed, thick paper, scarce, Par. 1824, 15s

NOTICES et EXTRAITS de QUELQUES OUVRAGES écrits en PATOIS DU MIDI DE LA FRANCE, avec Variètès Bibliographiques par G. BRUNET, 12mo. Paris, 1840, only 100 printed, 3s

MONUMENTS et OUVRAGES D'ART ANTIQUES, restitués d'apres les descriptions des Ecrivains Grecs et Latins et accompagnes de Dissertations Archæologiques, par M. QUATREMÈRE DE QUINCY, 2 vols. royal 4to. fine plates, some coloured, sewed, Par. 1829, 17 5s (pub. at 27 10s)

CHRONIQUES de JEAN d'AUTON publiées pour la première fois entier d'apres les manuscrits la Bibliotheque du Roi, avec notes par P. L. JACOB, Bibliophile, 4 vols. 8vo. only 300 copies printed, fine thick paper, sewed, Par. 1834, 15s

RAPPORTS à M. le MINISTRE de l'Instruction Publique sur les Anciens Monuments, de l'Histoire et de la Littérature de la France, qui se trouvent dans les Bibliotheques de l'Angleterre et de l'Ecosse, par FRANCISQUE MICHEL, 4to. pp. 280, Paris, Imprimerie Royale, 1838, sewed, 8s

Of this interesting volume, only 200 copies were printed, at the expense of the French government.

HISTOIRE de FOULQUES FITZ WARIN (an Anglo-Norman Baron of the reign of King John) publiée d'apres un Manuscrit du Musee Britannique par FRANCISQUE MICHEL, royal 8vo. only 200 copies printed, Par. 1840, 8s

An interesting volume to the lover of early English History, and the collector for Shropshire and Derbyshire.


Une publication d'un immense interet pour la litterature Espagnole—Comme cette publication sera faite aux frais de l'editeur (M. FRANCISQUE MICHEL) et d'un savant Bordelais, elle ne saurait etre un objet de speculation: aussi, le tirage devant etre restreint au nombre des souscripteurs, on invite les personnes qui voudraient encourager ce travail a se faire inscrire en cette qualite chez J. R. SMITH, 4, OLD COMPTON STREET. Le Cancionero de Baena formera quatre volumes petit in 8vo. 24 francs en papier ordinaire, et de 48 francs en grand papier. A prospectus may be had on application.

JERUSALEM a TREATISE on ECCLESIASTICAL AUTHORITY and JUDAISM by MOSES MENDELSSOHN, translated from the German by M. SAMUELS, 2 vols. 8vo. bds. 1838, 4s 6d (pub. at 20s)


Valuable Books, J. R. Smith, 4, Old Compton Street, Soho. HISTORICAL and STATISTICAL ACCOUNT of NEW SOUTH

WALES, both as a Penal Settlement and as a British Colony, by Dr. J. D. LANG. Second edition with numerous additions, bringing down the History of the Colony to the close of 1836, 2 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 8s 6d (pub. at 21s)

CRAWFURD'S Embassy to the Courts of SIAM and COCHIN CHINA, 2 vols. 8vo. plates, cloth, 12s (pub. at 17 12s)

CRAWFURD'S Embassy to the Count of Ava, 2 vols. 8vo. plates, cloth, 12s (pub. at 1l 12s)

POINSETT'S (J. R.) Notes on MEXICO, 8vo. large map, bds. 3s (pub. at 12s)


Published on the First of every Month, in 8vo. Price One Shilling, The Archæologist,




Contents of No. I. for September.-Address-D'Israeli's Amenities of Lite- Cambridge Antiquarian Society-Woodham's Heraldry Douce's Library in the Bodleian Henshaw's Meditations - Ashmolean SocietyFaeries-Stradlingi Epigrammatum - Christmas Carols-Old Ballads - Dr. Simon Forman's Diary-Shaksperiana-Isaac Walton-Varieties, &c. &c.

Contents of No. II. for October.-Reviews of Pugin's Principles of Christian Architecture-Leatham's Poems, and D'Israeli's Amenities of Literature-Loss of the " Marye Rose" at Spithead, 1545-"Joky will prove a Gentillman"Græco-Egyptian Mummy-Origin of I. H. S.-Description of Raskelf Church -Fountains Abbey in the Olden Time (with a plate)-Nismes-She Would and She Would Not-Roman Inscriptions in France and Africa-Percy SocietyChalmers's Library, &c. &c.

All Communications and Books for Review to be addressed to the EDITOR OF THE ARCHEOLOGIST, to the care of the Publisher, J. R. Smith, 4, Old Compton Street, Soho Square, London.

J. R. S. begs to call the attention of Book buyers to his " OLD BOOK CIRCULAR," which is published every few weeks, offering a constant variety of valuable and cheap Books. Postage free, in Great Britain, the Colonies, France, and America, to those gentlemen who will favour the publisher with their addresses.

G. Norman, Printer, Maiden Lane, Covent Garden.


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