The Golden Fleece Found!

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Trafford Publishing, 2005 - Всего страниц: 372

Most people are pursuing an assumed correct philosophy, right marriage, right religious persuasion, right relationship etc.

The pursuit of the identity of Jason revealed these gems:

The names of the first-born males from Noah to Abraham reveal the most profound prophetic message. The fact that history affirms such is even more remarkable.

The tri-dimensional nature of Solomon's Temple reveals keys to the highest known degrees of wisdom for the first time (above 33°). This book does not merely reveal the codes, it teaches us how to use them to overcome recurring obstacles; how to sidestep negative people, places and things. Lastly, it reveals an ancient blueprint: our purpose on this planet--according to a very wise, tested and proven "covenant" that Abraham received and what the world has been pursuing secretly and killing for. First Sentence: Are explorers past and present driven by a common motivating factor? Edition Notes and Affirmation: LOST LIBRARIES' TEMPLATE! The World's Most Ancient Wisdom Centers (now called Universities, Museums and Libraries) educated the Pyramid Builders:

A. The Grand Lodge of Luxor.

B. The Grand Lodge of Thebes.C. Grand Lodge of Waat.

Why were they destroyed and why have we pretended away their existence? For the first time, knowledge of major importance, believed to have been destroyed in The Library of Alexandria has been found, retrieved and published in The-Golden-Fleece-Found-Basil -Hill/dp/1412043190

BOOK DESCRIPTION: The ultimate code-breaking book! Book of Highest Wisdom! From Solomon's Temple: Wisdom above 33°. Read on:

A prophetic template showing how religion and history have been bastardized. A Meta code that points to answers for just about any vexing social or spiritual question. Inter-related codes in the Hebrew texts of the Torah. A readable reconstruction of missing history. The World's Biggest Unsolved Mysteries Revealed! "Parallel prophecies deciphering the riddle of Solomon's Temple: all reveal the greatest compact wisdom guide ever." This book is highly recommended for people interested in

1. The identity of the final Antichrist according to prophecy!

2. Solving the riddle of Solomon's Temple. 3. Understanding and eliminating roots of nightmares.4. Divorce-proofing your Marriage.5. Discover Hidden or Allegedly-Lost Church History .6. Secrets Behind the Holocaust and the Atlantic Slave Trade.7. Learn misunderstanding of Hebrew texts caused different religious expressions to be formed.8. Understanding Origin and complete Behavior of all categories of Evil Spirits .9. Spiritual Roots of Prolonged Poverty and How to Overcome them!10. Spiritual Roots of Many Prolonged Illnesses and How to Overcome them!11. Discover why different religious expressions exist (all according to prior prophecies' template) and check their teachings against the major META-CODE EMBEDDED IN SOLOMON'S TEMPLE.12. India's Ancient Flying Machines, Vimanas.

13. Location of Lost Tribes of Israel.

14. A one stop Answers' Manual. 15. Discover how DNA, history and prophecies connect the world's different races.

These timely revelations offer a first-in-a-lifetime comparison between the pure Torah-affirmed teachings of Jeshua and his disciples to the ever-changing and sometimes conflicting teachings of the gentile branches of Christianity.

The Golden Fleece Found allows doctrines held sacrosanct to be vetted against a true "spirit level." The most often asked, yet unanswered questions from over 100 countries are addressed in meticulous details. Veeeeerrrry interesting!!!!! Definitely a must read!

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