A Memoir of the Life and Philosophy of Spurzheim

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Marsh, Capen & Lyon, 1833 - Всего страниц: 96
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Стр. 10 - The Physiognomical System of Drs Gall and Spurzheim, founded on an Anatomical and Physiological Examination of the Nervous System in general, and of the Brain in particular ; and indicating the Dispositions and Manifestations of the Mind.
Стр. 12 - The writings of Drs. Gall and Spurzheim have not added one fact to the stock of our knowledge, respecting either the structure or functions of man ; but consist of such a mixture of gross errors, extravagant absurdities, downright misstatements, and unmeaning quotations from Scripture, as can leave no doubt, we apprehend, in the minds of honest and intelligent men, as to the real ignorance, the real hypocrisy, and the real empiricism...
Стр. 78 - THE LAND. It is the intention of God that the produce of the earth be applied to the use of man: this intention cannot be fulfilled without establishing property: it is consistent therefore with his will that property be established. The land cannot be divided into separate property, without leaving it to the law of the country to regulate that division: it is consistent therefore with the same will, that the law should regulate the division; and. consequently, " consistent with the will of God,"...
Стр. 81 - GENIUS, a good or evil spirit or tomon, who the ancients supposed was set over each person to direct his birth, accompany him in his life, and to be his guard. Genius signifies that aptitude which a man naturally possesses to perform well and easily that which others can do but indifferently, and with a great deal of pain. GENTILE, in matters of religion, a Pagan, or worshipper of false g°"sThe origin of this word is deduced from the Jews, who called all those who were not of their name D"1J g°jim>...
Стр. 82 - ... in which alone they are capable of success. If they quit their sphere, they fall even below mediocrity in their profession. Art and industry add much to natural endowments, but cannot supply them where they are wanting. Every thing depends on genius. A painter often...
Стр. 46 - ... constant demand. Added to these continued engagements, our peculiarly changeable climate had an unfavourable influence on his constitution. Sudden change exposed him to cold, and an incautious transition from a warm lecture-room to the evening air was attended with debilitating effects. Regarding his illness of less consequence than the delivery of his lectures, he exerted himself for several days, when prudence required an entire cessation from labour. This was the fatal step ; cold produced...
Стр. 29 - ... prejudice and envy ; but in ascending, he has looked down upon and dispelled them. His reputation has become brighter and brighter as men have gazed upon and scrutinized his doctrines and his life. No violence and no anguish tarnish the laurels that flourish on his brow. The...

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