Tribalizing America

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AuthorHouse, 2004 - Всего страниц: 288
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This book is a consciousness raising effort to call attention to an imminent crisis in the American identity and reality. It deals on the most important and sensitive socio-political issues of our time - race relations, immigration, multiculturalism, social justice, postmodernism, etc., from common sense and objective point of view. These topics are controversial subjects on which everyone already has opinions and often approached with preconceived notions and passionate sentiments. In view of this pre-existing condition, the author has endeavored to ensure that the content is presented in a manner that readers don''t miss what he has to say; more importantly that readers are not drawn into the familiar modes that have dogged the subjects. His aim is to disable those unproductive modes right from the onset and to shift the examination of the issues from a subjective platform to an objective one. In fairness, he has indeed done so. He has drawn from facts, pragmatism, and idealism to elucidate his position on the issues. By adopting a dialectical approach (i.e. dialogue based on facts and logic) in the presentation of his views, Okoli has successfully presented and established a different but credible perspective on the issues throughout the book. He is a visionary philosopher and a precision processor (an experiential learner); he has drawn from this disposition to render a perceptive and insightful examination of the socio-political character and consciousness of the American society. Okoli has endeavored to keep the focus on the issues, not on people (individuals or groups). Nevertheless, when necessary, he has boldly connected the facts with the people responsible for them, for the purpose of clarity and credibility. This book will challenge your assumptions, the inclinations, and motivations that inspired those assumptions. It will awaken you to the realities of the potential outcomes of the situation established by the issues the author has so passionately, yet soberly presented.

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