Ancient English Christmas Carols MCCCC to MDCC

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Chatto & Windus, 1914 - Всего страниц: 317
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Стр. 268 - but newly born, In fiery heats I fry ; Yet none approach to warm their hearts Or feel My fire but I. My faultless breast the furnace is, The fuel, wounding thorns, Love is the fire, and sighs the smoke, The ashes, shame and scorns.
Стр. 105 - GOD rest you, merry gentlemen, Let nothing you dismay, For Jesus Christ, our Saviour, Was born upon this day, To save us all from Satan's power When we were gone astray. O tidings of comfort and joy! For Jesus Christ, our Saviour, Was born on Christmas Day.
Стр. 88 - JOSEPH was an old man, And an old man was he, When he wedded Mary In the land of Galilee.
Стр. 273 - A better lodging than a rack or grave. THE shepherds sing, and shall I silent be ? My God, no hymn for thee ? My soul's a shepherd too ; a flock it feeds Of thoughts, and words, and deeds. The pasture is thy word ; the streams thy grace, Enriching all the place. Shepherd and flock shall sing, and all my powers Out-sing the daylight hours.
Стр. 292 - Enough for him whom cherubim worship night and day, a breastful of milk and a mangerful of hay; enough for him whom angels fall down before, the ox and ass and camel which adore. Angels and archangels may have gathered there, cherubim and seraphim thronged the air; but only his mother in her maiden bliss worshipped the Beloved with a kiss.
Стр. 279 - SWEET baby, sleep ; what ails my dear ? What ails my darling thus to cry ? Be still, my child, and lend thine ear To hear me sing thy lullaby. My pretty lamb, forbear to weep ; Be still, my dear ; sweet baby, sleep.
Стр. 231 - We see Him come, and know Him ours, Who, with His sunshine and His showers, Turns all the patient ground to flowers.
Стр. 90 - This night shall be born Our heavenly king. ' He neither shall be born In housen nor in hall, Nor in the place of Paradise, But in an ox's stall. ' He neither shall be clothed In purple nor in pall, But all in fair linen, As were babies all. ' He neither shall be rocked In silver nor in gold, But in a wooden cradle That rocks on the mould. ' He neither shall be christened In white wine nor red, But with fair spring water, With which we were christened.
Стр. 230 - Because they will be merry. Then wherefore in these merry days, Should we, I pray, be duller ? No, let us sing some roundelays To make our mirth the fuller. And, whilst thus inspired, we sing, Let all the streets with echoes ring, Woods, and hills, and everything Bear witness we are merry.
Стр. 270 - God, the eternal King, That did us all salvation bring, And freed the soul from danger ; He whom the whole world could not take, The Word which heaven and earth did make, Was now laid in a manger.

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