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to the "Gazette Extraordinary" contains a proclamation, calling parliament together on the third of December.

Consecration of the City Cemetery.-The Bishop of London this day consecrated the new City of London Cemetery, situate at Little Ilford, a few miles eastward of Stratford-le-Bow, in the presence of the Lord Mayor and a large number of civic officials. On arriving at the chapel, prayers were read, and afterwards the Bishop, accompanied by Dr. Shepherd, acting as chancellor, and several aldermen and clergymen, proceeded to the ground, which the Bishop consecrated according to the ordinary used in the diocese of London. The musical portions of the service were performed by the gentlemen of the choir of St. Paul's Cathedral.

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used for divine service until the remainder of the church has been rebuilt and restored; after which all the damage done to the chancel will be made good. With reference to the rebuilding, a meeting of the parishioners has been held, at which Mr. James Harrison, of Chester, architect, reported as to the state of the church. He estimated the expense of rebuilding the pillars and arches in the nave, and restoring the windows in the west end, the roof of the nave and aisles, the floor, seats, doors, and the pillars, arches, and floor to the tower, re-glazing the windows, and completing all damage, at an outlay of £3,025. He also estimated the restoration of the roofs, stalls, &c., in the chancel, at £413. A plan for raising funds, by rate and subscription, was agreed to, and a subscription-list at once opened, when £500 each were subscribed by Sir S. R. Glynne, Mr. Gladstone, M.P., and the Rev. R. Glynne, the rector; and £100 each by the Bishop of St. Asaph, the Hon. Mrs. Talbot, and others: various smaller sums were also subscribed.



Oct. 27. Benjamin Travers, esq., to be one of Her Majesty's Serjeant Surgeons.

The Bishop of London to be Dean of the Chapels Royal.

Oct. 31. Lord Eversley to be Governor-General of the Isle of Wight.

Charles Fisher, esq., to be Attorney-General, and Sam. L. Tilley, esq., to be Secretary, of New Brunswick.

Joseph Shervington, esq., to be Treasurer of Antigua.

Nov. 4. Earl Ducie to be Lord-Lieutenant of Gloucestershire.

Rev. John D. Glennie and Rev. Robt. Temple to be Assistant-Inspectors of Schools.

Nov. 5. H. W. Acland, M.D., to be Regius Professor of Physic, Oxford.

Nov. 11. Cæsar Henry Hawkins, esq., F.R.S., to be Surgeon Extraordinary to Her Majesty.

Sir John Laird Mair Lawrence, K.C.B., to be G.C.B., and Major-General Havelock, C.B., to be K.C.B.

Colonel Archdale Wilson, Colonel H. C. Van Cortlandt, and Lieutenant-Colonel N. B. Chamberlain, to be C.B.

Nov. 14. Colonel Archdale Wilson, C.B., to be further advanced to the dignity of K.C.B.

The "Gazette" of this date also contains the following:-Memorandum.-Colonel James Geo. Neill, of the Madras Fusiliers, and LieutenantColonel John Nicholson, of the 27th Regiment of Bengal Native Infantry, would have been recommended for the dignity of Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath, had they survived.

Captain Lord Clarence E. Paget to be a Naval Lord of the Admiralty.

Dr. James Ogston to be Professor of Medical Jurisprudence, Marischal College, Aberdeen.

The Rev. H. Press Wright to be Chaplain to His Royal Highness the Commander-in-Chief. Henry R. West, esq., to be Recorder of Scarborough.

The Rev. S. J. Rigaud, D.D., Head Master of the Ipswich Grammar-School, to be Bishop of Antigua.

The Rev. F. Temple, formerly Principal of Kneller-hall, to be Head Master of Rugby School. "This appointment," the Literary Gazette remarks, "is one from which the best results may be expected. Mr. Temple, in his recent position as Principal of Kneller-hall, and subsequently as one of her Majesty's Inspectors of Schools, has had opportunity of becoming accurately acquainted with the most advanced acquirements of modern training, while his own classical accomplishments are of the highest order. At Oxford, in 1842, he gained first classes in Classics and Mathematics, and was afterwards Fellow of his college, Balliol. Mr. Temple is the third Balliol scholar in succession who has filled the head-mastership of Rugby,-Dr. Tait and Dr. Goulburn being also Balliol men. The Bishop of London, the Deans of Hereford and Wells, the Masters of Balliol and Pembroke Colleges, Dr. Vaughan, of Harrow, the Rev. Canon Stanley, Arnold's biographer, and many other distinguished scholars, having given testimonials to Mr. Temple in his candidateship, is evidence of the estimation in which he is generally held. As the proposer of the new scheme of middleclass examinations in connexion with the Universities, Mr. Temple's name will be associated with one of the most important movements in the history of education in this country." Member returned to serve in Parliament. Oldham-William Johnson Fox.




Sept. 29. At Bombay, the wife of Commodore G. G. Wellesley, Commander-in-Chief, Indian Navy, a dau.

Oct. 7. At Haslegrove-house, Castle Cary, the wife of the Rev. Arundell St. John Mildmay, of Lapworth Rectory, a dau.

Oct. 13. At the Dell of Killiehuntly, the Hon. Mrs. Arthur Evans, a son.

At the Vicarage, Kenilworth, the wife of the Rev. W. F. Blackmore, a son.

Oct. 21. At Vernon-sq., Ryde, the wife of Major Pocock, a dau.

At Campsea-Ashe, Suffolk, Mrs. Jermyn Pratt, a dau.

At the Vicarage, Monkleigh, the wife of the Rev. Charles Saltren Willett, a son.

Oct. 22. At Betley-hall, Staffordshire, Mrs. S. P. Hope, a son.

At Walton-hall, near Liverpool, the wife of John Naylor, esq., a dau.

Oct. 23. At Ardgowan, the Lady Octavia Shaw Stuart, a dau.

At Hoddesdon, Herts, the wife of the Rev. E. T. Graves, a son.

Auchintoul-house, Banffshire, N.B., the wife of Andrew Nicol, esq., of Ceylon, a dau.

Oct. 24. At Gloucester-sq., Hyde-park, the wife of William Compton Dom ville, esq., a son. At Lowndes-sq., London, Viscountess Maldon,

a son.

In Warwick-st., Eccleston-sq., the wife of Major Holden, a son.

At Bishop's Caundle, Sherborne, the wife of the Rev. C. R. Dampier, a dau.

At Hilton-park, Wolverhampton, Mrs. George Vernon, a dau.

Oct. 25. At Campden-hill, Kensington, Mrs. Thomas G. Philpot, twin sons.

At All Saints' Parsonage, near Axminster, the wife of the Rev. James G. Brine, a son.

At Gibraltar, the wife of Col. Savage, commanding Royal Engineers, a dau.

At West-lodge, Clapham-com., the wife of C. Sumner, esq., a son.

At Johnston-lodge, Anstruther, Mrs. Darsie, twins-son and dau.

Oct. 26. At Glossop-hall, Derbyshire, Lady Edward Howard, a dau.

At Whitington-hall, Cheshire, the wife of the Hon. Carnegie R. J. Jervis, a dau.

At South-hall, Guildford, Mrs. Chs. F. Smyrk, a dau.

At Corby Vicarage, Lincolnshire, the wife of the Rev. Chas. Farebrother, a son.

At Bath, the Marquise Taliacarne, a dau.
At York-town, Sandhurst, the wife of Major R.
Carey, a son.

At Manchester-st., Manchester-sq., the wife of
Major Robertson, 6th Royal Regt., a son.

At Starcross, Devon, the wife of the Rev. E. Chatterton Orpen, M.A., a son.

Oct. 27. At Gloucester-ter., Hyde-park-gardens, the wife of Edward Bloxam, esq., a dau.

At Lansdowne-ter., Kensington, the wife of Dr. J. E. Protheroe, twins.

At Douglas, Isle of Man, the wife of D. Duncan Lewin, esq., a son.

Oct. 28. At Llanwarne Rectory, Herefordshire, the wife of the Rev. Walter BaskervilleMaynors, a son.

At Abbey-house, Abbey-rd., St. John's-wood, the wife of George Pollexfen, esq., a son.

Oct. 29. At Hyde-park-gardens, London, the wife of Arthur Mills, esq., M.P. for Taunton, a


At Jersey, the wife of Major James Rose, 2nd or Queen's Royal Regt., a dau.

At Raith, N.B., prematurely, the wife of John Ferguson Davie, esq., eldest son of Sir H. Ferguson Davie, bart., M.P., a dau.

Oct. 31. At Ilminster, the wife of the Rev. L Drake Palmer, a son.

Nov. 1. At Thirsk, the Lady Cecilia Tartan, a son and heir.

At Waterloo, near Liverpool, the wife of Major-General Arthur J. Lawrence, a son.

Nov. 2. At Mansfield-st., Cavendish-q.... for wife of W. Seymour V. Fitzgerald, esq., M.P.1 dau.

At Foelallt-house, Lee, the wife of Col. J.L Smith, Madras Engineers, a dau.

At Stratton Strawless, Norfolk, the wit Lieut.-Col. H. Fitz-Roy, a dau.

At Bromley College, Kent, the wife of the Rev. H. C. Adams, a son.

At Sudbury Priory, Harrow, the wife of Sun T. Baker, esq., a son.

The wife of Capt. Freer, Birkland-house, Lemington, a dau.

Nov. 3. At Park-st., Grosvenor-sq., Londa. the Countess of Durham, a son.

At Upper Eccleston-place, Eccleston-sq., tr wife of G. W. L. Plumpire Carter, esq., a so At Kensington-gate, the wife of Capt. Ke (late Royal Dragoons), a dau.

At Edinburgh, the wife of Charles S. Let jun., esq., of Balquhain, Aberdeenshire, a son At Sunlaws, Roxburgshire, Mrs. Scott K, dau.

Νου. 4. At Montague-st., Portman-sq-, tr Hon. Mrs. Spencer Ponsonby, a dau.

At Myddelton-house, Enfield, the wife of H
C. B. Bowles, esq., a son.

At Sunderlandwick, East Yorkshire, the
of Edward Horner Reynard, esq., a son.
Nov. 5. At Emral, Flintshire, the wid
Robert Peel Ethelston, esq., a son.

At Cleggan-tower, Connemara, Mrs. Freden
Twining, a dau.

At the Newarke, Leicester, the wife of Mylles C. B. Cave, bart., a son and heir.

At Mount-st.-crescent, Dublin, the wife of th late Col. W. Heathcote, Tottenham, 12th R Lancers, a dau.

Nov. 7. At Portland-pl., the Lady Isabel Bugi

a dau.

At Harley-house, Bath, the wife of W Hudleston, esq., Madras Civil Service, a son Nov. 8. At Chester-st., the Lady Franch Baillie, a dau.

Nov. 9. At Swainston, Isle of Wight, the wit of Sir John Simeon, bart., a son.

At Bournemouth, the wife of G. H. Bengough
esq., of the Ridge, Glocestershire, a dau.
Nov. 10. At Saltmarshe, the wife of Ph
Saltmarshe, esq., a son.

Nov. 11. At the Limes, Horsham, the Hat
Mrs. Robert Henley, a dau.

Nov. 12. At Farnham, Surrey, the wi Lieut-Col. Stewart Wood, C. B., a son.

At Sherrenden-house, Horsmonden, the w

of Capt. Robert Ladbroke Day, a dau.
At Bryanston-sq., the Hon. Mrs. Parnel, a dat

Lady Roper, a dau.

Frederica, wido

At Eccleston-st., Chester-sq., of Capt. Henry John Guise, H.E I.C.S., a Nov. 13. At Crowcombe-court, Somersetshire the wife of G. H. W. Carew, esq., a dau At Fareham, Hants, the wife of Lieut.-Cal.P D. Lumley, a son.

At Tiverton, the wife of Col. H. J. Marti

Royal Artillery, a son.

Nov. 14. At Shotover-house, Oxfordshire, the wife of George Gammie, esq., a dau.

Nov. 15.

At Grosvenor-sq., Lady Charl

Watson Taylor, a son.

At Tickhill-castle, the Countess of Scarborough,

a son.

Clement Milward, esq., a dau.

At Kensington-palace-gardens, the wil

At Holkham Vicarage, Norfolk, the wife of the Rev. Alexander Napier, a dau.

Nov. 17. The wife of Sir Charles Pigott, bart., a dau.

At the residence of her father-in-law, Mr. Serjeant Clarke, Upper Bedford-pl., the wife of F. F. Clarke, esq., a son.

At Shelford, near Cambridge, the wife of Lieut.-Col. R. G. Wale, a dau.

Nov. 18. At Acton Burnell-hall, Salop, the Hon. Lady Smythe, a son and heir.

At Charlton, Blackheath, the wife of Lieut.Col. Adys, C.B., Royal Artillery, a son.

At the Carrs, Kirkham, Lancashire, the wife of the Rev. S. E. Wentworth, M.A., a son.

Nov. 19. At Albion-pl., Hyde-park-sq., London, the wife of John Morgen, esq., a dau.

At Castle-hill, Southmolton, Viscountess Ebrington, a son.

At Warbleton Rectory, Sussex, the wife of the Rev. G. E. Haviland, a son.

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Aug. 11. At Melbourne, Charles J. P., eldest son of Capt. Lydfard, R.N., of Shalford, Surrey, to Charlotte Louisa, second dau. of the Rev. C. J. de Belin.

Aug. 26. At Rangoon, Lieut. and Adjt. Thomas Spence Hawks, 37th Madras Grenadiers, to Julia Harriet, youngest dau. of the late Capt. W. Bate, of H. M.'s 57th Foot.

Aug. 27. At Sarawak, the Rev. Walter Chambers, to Susan Elizabeth, dau. of George Woolley, esq., M.D.

Sept. 12. At Kurrachee, Capt. Walter Rathbone Lambert, 1st Grenadiers, Bombay N.I., to Elizabeth Jane, second dau. of the late R. Giles, esq., of Blackford, Somersetshire.

Sept. 16. At Barbados, Major William Bellairs, of the 49th Regt., K.L.H., Deputy-AssistantQuartermaster-General, to Emily Craven, eldest dau. of William Barton Gibbons, esq., of Barbados.

Sept. 17. At Port Sarnea, Canada West, Froome Talfourd, esq., Visiting Superintendent of Indian Affairs, to Jane, second dau. of Allan Thornton, esq., of Whitby.

Sept. 29. At Alexandria, Egypt, Maxwell Anketell, esq., fourth surviving son of the late William Anketell, esq., of Anketell-grove, co. Monaghan, Ireland, to Julia Elizabeth, only surviving child of the late Gustavus Whitaker, esq., of St. Petersburgh, Russia.

Oct. 6. At Wantage, the Rev. Thomas Vincent, to Dora, dau. of the late William Watking, esq. Oct. 15. At Milverton, Henry Symonds, esq., of Birmingham, son of John Symonds, esq., of Symondsbury, Dorsetshire, to Mary Eliza, eldest dau. of George Leckey, esq., of Milverton.

At Clapham, the Rev. T. J. Torr, curate of Exmoor, son of the late Thomas Torr, esq., of Gainsborough, to Eliza Sophia, dau. of the late Fred. Stainforth, esq., of the Bengal Civil Service, and grand-dau. of John Thornton, esq., of Clapham.

At Whitwell, near Worksop, Marriott, second son of John Hall, esq., of East Bank, Sheffield, to Elizabeth, eldest dau. of G. Glossopp, esq., Manor-house, Whitwell, Derbyshire.

Oct. 17. At Highfield, Southampton, George H. K. Bower, esq., R.N., K.L.H., commanding H.M's. steam-yacht Osborne, to Mrs. Cruikshank, widow of the late William Cruikshank, esq., of Langley-park, Montrose, N.B.

At Marylebone, Sir William Henry Don, bart., to Emily, eldest dau. of John Saunders, esq., of London.

Oct. 20. At Shermanbury, Sussex, De Castro Fisher Lyne, esq., of the Middle Temple, to Penelope Wheler, youngest dau. of John Cotton, esq., of Westbourne-ter., London.

At St. Andrew's, Holborn-hill, the Rev. Chas. J. Waterhouse, M.A., Assistant-Chaplain H.E.I.C.S. to Frances Ann, youngest dau. of George Fred. Furnival, esq., of Egham.

Oct. 21. At the Roman Catholic Chapel, Warwick-st., and afterwards at St. George's Church, Hanover-sq., London, Capt. Edmond de Feyl, of the Austrian Service, to Augusta Clementina, dau. GENT. MAG. VOL. CCIII.

of Sir Bellingham Graham, bart., of Norton Conyers, Yorkshire.

At the Abtey Church, Beauchieff, the Rev. Charles Audley Assheton Craven, to Elizabeth Mary, eldest dau. of the late Rev. William Smith, of Dunstone-hall, Derbyshire.

At Wicklow, James Stuart Tighe, esq., of the Madras Light Cavalry, second son of Daniel Tighe, esq., of Rossana, co. Wicklow, to Charlotte, youngest dau. of the Very Rev. the late Dean of Cloyne and Lady Anna de Burgh, of Oldtown, co. Kildare.

At Bristol, George Morison, esq., of Glasgow, to Sarah Matilda, younger dau. of the late C. J. Aldridge, esq., and niece of Capt. Aldridge, R.N., Axminster, Devon.

At Lilleshall, Joseph Banks Sladen, esq., Lieut. 6th Royal Lancashire Militia, son of Dr. Ramsey Sladen, late Physician-General in the Madras Presidency, to Elizabeth, only dau. of the late William Boycott, esq., of Donington, near Newport, Shropshire.

At Craighall, near Blairgowrie, N.B., the Rev. Alex. H. Burn Murdock, to Elizabeth, eldest dau. of the late Robert Clerk Rattray, esq., of Craighall and Bonington.

At Tinsley, Chas. H. Morris, esq., M.D., of Normanby, Cleveland, third son of the late Rev. W. Morris, Incumbent of Wye, Kent, to Jane, fourth dau. of the Rev. John Richardson, Vicar of Tinsley, Yorkshire.

At Wanstead, the Rev. Thomas Sellwood Stephens, M.A., to Eliza Sharpe, second dau. of Her ry Treacher, esq., of Oak-wall, Wanstead.

At St. Alphage, Greenwich, John Hall, esq., of Blackheath, to Dymphna Elizabeth, fifth dau. of the late Mathew Fitz-Patrick, esq., formerly of H.M.'s 39th Regt., Queen's County, Ireland, and cousin of the late Earl of Upper Ossory.

Oct. 22. At Ringwood, the Hon. Henry Cur zon, fourth son of Earl Howe, to Eleanor, fourth dau. of Col. Swinburne.

At Winterbourne, Edward Crossman, of Whites-hill, second son of Thomas Crossman, esq., late of Friezewood-house, Gloucestershire, to Veronice Mathilda, eldest dau. of Capt. Marsh, of the Rock, near Newport, Monmouthshire.

At Lowestoft, Henry Yelverton Beale, Capt. Bombay Army, son of the late Thomas Beale, esq., of Heath-house, Shropshire, to Agnes Jane, dau. of Edward Leathes, esq., of Normanstone.

At Otterhampton, John Jeffery Guy, youngest son of R. Guy Evered, esq., of Hill-house, Somerset, to Mary, only dau. of the Rev. John Jeffery, D.D.

At Walton Breck, near Liverpool, the Very Rev. the Dean of Battle, to Harriette, relict of Robert Duff, esq., late of Douglas, Isle of Man.

Oct. 23. At St. James's, Westminster, the Rev. Gerard A. Perryn, of Trafford-hall, Chester, Incumbent of Guilden Sutton, to Elizabeth Massey, eldest dau. of Vier-m. Pravo W. P. Wallis, of Funtington-house

Oct. 24. At Br te, my Walter Nu gent, esq., Carp



Ireland, and nephew of the late Sir Robert Hodson, Bart., Hollybrook-house, county Wicklow, Ireland, to Jane, widow of John Henry Sykes, esq., Repton, Derbyshire.

At St. Anne's, Shandon, Cork, Walter Need, esq., Commander R N., Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts., to Emily McMahon, dau. of Col. Lionel Westropp, late 58th Reg., Adelaide-place, Cork.

At Newton, Cambridgeshire, the Rev. Robert Edgar Hughes, M.A., ate of Magdalene College, eldest son of the Rev. Collingwood Hughes, to Frances Eleanor, eldest dau of Christopher Robert Pemberton, esq., of Newton.

At St. Pancras, Euston-sq., Mr. William Dearden, of Foxiey-house, Balby, near Doncaster, to Mary Anne, eldest dau. of Mr. George Wilkinson, formerly of Broom-hall, near Sheffield.

Oct. 26. At Guernsey, Robert Thomas Dundas, esq., second son of the late Capt. Dundas, 39th Reg., to Georgiana Alice, only dau. of Geo. Daniel Plomer, esq., of Canterbury.

Oct. 27. At Folkestone, Charles Robinson, esq., of Lec-road, Blackheath, to Louisa Sophia, dau. of William Beasley, esq., of Surfleet, Lincolnshire, and Folkestone.

At Cork, Rupert B. Deerinz, esq., Capt. of her Majesty's 99th Regt., to Helena, eldest dau. of Richard Lavitt Perry, esq., Trafalgar, Cork.

At Marylebone, Henry Proctor, esq., 22nd Regt., to Lucy Christie, only child of the late Matthew Smith, esq., R.N., grand-dau. of Thomas Smith, gent., of Corley, Warwickshire, and cousin of the late Sir Archibald Christie, Deputy Governor of Stirling-castle.

At Boldre, in the New Forest, John Dester, esq., of Swansea, to Emily, eldest dau. of the late William Norton Parker, esq., of Edgbaston, Warwickshire.

At St. John's, Notting-hill, William L. Horley, esq., of Hoddesdon, Herts to Wilhelmina Susan, only dau. of Lieut.-Col. Hadden, Royal Engi


Oct. 28. At Brighton, Thomas Castley, esq., only son of the Rev. Thomas Castley, M.A., Rector of Cavendish, to Ann Lawson, youngest dau. of the late J. W. Rowley, esq., of Edmonton and Stanford-grove, West Clapton, Middlesex.

At Branston, Henry Wright, esq., second son of Francis Wright, esq., of Osmaston-manor, Derbyshire, to Lucy Sophia, fourth dau. of the Hon. A. Leslie Melville, of Branston-hall, Lincolnshire.

At the Reformed Presbyterian Manse, Loanhead, the Rev. Robert Thomson Martin, of Wishaw, to Agnes Murray, eldest dau. of the Rev. Wm. Anderson.

At Bawtry, Edward Robinson, esq., of Sheepridge, near Huddersfield, to Maria Elizabeth, only dau, of the late Thomas Rhodes, esq., of Bawtry.

Oct. 29. At Sampford Courtenay, the Rev. Charles Theobald, Vicar of Grays Thurrock, Essex, to Caroline Maria, second dau. of the Rev. George P. Richards, Rector of Sampford Courtenay, Devon, and late Fellow of King's College, Cambridge.

At Christchurch, Ealing the Rev. Warrick R. Wroth, Incumbent of St. Philip's. Clerkenwell, to Sophia, second lau. of Thomas Brooks, esq., of Ealing, Middlesex.

At Brighton, Lieut.-Col. Simon Fraser Mackenzie, late of the 2nd Madras Cavalry, to Sarah Annie, eldest dau. of the late David Stewart Moncrieffe, Rector of Loxton, Somerset.

St. George's, Hanover-sq., Edward Wheeler, of the Rocks, Kilkenny, esq., to Josephine, youngest dau. of Dr. Helsham, Park-place, London.

At St. Mary's, Bryanston-sq., the Rev. W. Holland, Rector of Cold Norton, Essex, to Matilda, fourth surviving dau. of the late Rev. J. Bullock, Rector of Radwinter, in the same county.

At Walcot, Bath, the Rev. John Hall James Morison, Curate of Tormarton and Acton Turville, to Katherine Isabella, youngest dau. of the late

Rev. J. P. H. Chesshyre, Rector of Little Easton and Tiltey, Essex.

Oct. 31. At Saxmundham, Suffolk, Lieut.. Gen. John Aitchison, Col. 72nd Regt. (or Duae of Albany's Own Highlanders), to Ellen Ezbeth, youngest dau. of Thomas Mayhew, esq. Fairfield-house, Saxmundham.

At Upper Tooting, Charles Edward, eldest sar viving son of Edward Luckie, esq., of Baalhill, Surrey, to Catherine Amelia, second da of the late Charles Ring, esq., of Upper Tooting Surrey.

At St. George's, Hanover-sq., Charles Edward, eldest son of John Belfour Plowman, esq., Just of the Peace, Wells, Somersetshire, to Mary Liz abeth, eldest dau. of Phillip Holland, esq., grave-road, London.

Lately, at Paris, before the British Consu', and afterwards by the Rev. Joseph Wilson, the Right Hon. John Rogerson, 10th Lord Roilo, to Aies Bruce, eldest dau of Capt. and the Hon. Mrs. Trotter.

Nov. 3. At Richmond, Surrey, Richard Hassa, esq., M.D., to Alicia, fourth dau. of Charies Goo dard, D.D., late Archdeacon and Sub-dean d Lincoln.

At Guernsey, Major Augustus Lennox, Ber! Artillery, eluest son of Lord and Lady Gree Lennox, to Amy, dau. of Joshua Pritulx, of Candie, and widow of Thomas Hutchess, esq.

At Inchinan, Renfrew, the Hon. Hercas Langford Boyle Rowley, to Louisa Jane, dau. of Arch. Campbell, esq., of Blytuss county of Renfrew, Scotland.

At St. George's, Hanover-sq., Herbert L esq., Capt. in the 21st Regt. M.I., youngest s of J. W. Lloyd, esq., of Danyrallt, Carmarte shire, to Mary Hill, second dau. of the Richard Hill Miers, of Ynys-pen-y-Uwch, k morganshire, esq.

At Medmenham, William Blunt, jun., Bengal Civil Service, to Henrietta G2..34 Josephine, second dau. of the Rev. R. G. Je Rector of Avon Dassett, Warwickshire.

Nov. 4. At St. Bartholomew Hyde, Wincheste Francis Gordon Degge Watson, esq., late Le of H.M.'s 68th Light Infantry, only son of the Major-Gen. Sir Henry Watson, C.B., K.C.IS, to Georgina Phillippa, four th dau. of James The> bald, esq., of Hyde-abbey, Winchester.

At Wiesbaden, Charles Uhde, esq., of Ha schusheim, Baden, to Olimpia, second dan. of A. Cockburn Campbell, bart., and granddau á the late Major-Gen. Sir John Malcolm, G C

At Wroughton, Thomas, youngest son of Jett Impey, esq., of Oak ham, Surrey, to Rose, you dau. of Edward Hayward Budd, esq., o. Lic house, Wilts.

At Brighton, John Whitfield Breton, esq., Ma of Pevensey, to Emma, dau. of Wm. Cooper, At Edge-hill, Liverpool, Richard Tench, esc Ludlow, Shropshire, to Elizabeth Alice, dau. of the late Capt. John Hargraves, of Lave pool.

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At Marylebone, the Rev. Harry Lambert, th son of Rear-Adm. Sir George Lambert, KUE of Norb ton-pl., Surrey, to Harriet Fa youngest dau. of Gen. Sir John Lambert, G.. of Weston-house, Thames Ditton.

At Guldford, the Rev. Thomas Norris WTliams, Rector of Aber, Carnarvonshire, to G *** giana, fourth dau. of the late Rev. Gro. Bebién Vice-Provost of Eton College.

At Wadenhoe, the Rev. William Charles F of Frampton-Cotterell, Gloucestershire, to £? Frances, second dau. of the late George Hurt Buckhurst, Berks, and Wadenhoe-house, Nur amptonshire.

By special licence, at Kingstown, John L Taaffe, esq., J.P., of Ardmulchen-h us, Meath, to Catalina Aliaga, third dau, oʻ Kelly, esq., late one of II M.'s Consuls in A America, and niece to the Marquis of This Condes de Lurigancho.

Nov. 5. At Papplewick, Notts., Phillip Ainslie Walker, esq., third son of Joshua Walker, esq., of Upper Harley-st., to Constance Anne, fourth dau. of the late J. Ashton Case, esq., of Papplewick-hall.

At Emmanuel Church, Forest-gate, Hippolyte Louis Antonio Darbour, of Caen Calvados, to Esther Marianne, eldest dau. of Foster Reynolds, esq.

Nov. 7. At Trinity church, Cloudesley-sq., William Stevenson Owen, of the Inner Temple, barrister-at-law, to Mary Ledger, youngest dau. of the late George Ray, esq., of Milton-nextSittingbourne, Kent.

Nov 9. At Bradgate-park, the seat of the Earl of Stamford and Warrington, George, seventh Viscount Strangford, to Margaret, eldest dau. of John Kincaid Kennox, esq., of Lennox-castle, N.B.

Nov. 11. At Clyst St. Mary, near Exeter, the Rev. Reginald Porter, third son of Henry Porter, esq., of Winslade, near Exeter, to Constance, eldest dau. of the Rev. Edmond Strong, Rector of Clyst St. Mary.

At Hastings, Major John Biggs, Madras Native Infantry, eldest son of the late Gen. Biggs, H.E.I.C.S., to Sarah Brett, eldest dau. of the late J. C. Williamson, esq.



WE are sorry to be called upon to announce the premature death of this lamented princess, whose accouchement took place at Claremont, Oct. 28. Her Royal Highness had gone on favourably for some days, and the attack under which the princess sank on Tuesday was as sudden as it was unexpected. The Duke de Nemours and the whole of the members of the exiled royal family are plunged in the deepest grief by the visitation. Intelligence of the sad event was forwarded by express to Windsor Castle at an early hour on Tuesday afternoon, and the Prince Consort immediately proceeded to Claremont to pay a visit of condolence. The melancholy news caused great affliction to her Majesty and the Prince, who had visited the Duchess at Claremont on Saturday last, when apparently convalescent: and orders were given for postponing the statereception of the Siamese ambassadors, fixed for Thursday; and all invitations to Windsor Castle have been postponed for the present.

The Duchess de Nemours was a daughter of the Grand Duke Ferdinand of SaxeCoburg and Gotha, and was consequently cousin of her Majesty and Prince-Consort. Her Royal Highness was born in 1822, and married, in 1840, the Duke de Nemours, by whom she has had four children-the Count d'Eu, the Duc d'Alençon, the Princess Marguerite, and, after an interval of eleven years, the infant whose birth has preceded by only a few days the untimely decease of its illustrious mother.


Oct 25. At No. 3. Bryanstone-st., Portman-sq., London, aged 69, the Right Rev. Dr. Daniel Gateward Davis, Lord Bishop of Antigua. The good Bishop's decease was sudden, it having been occasioned by a disease of the heart.

He was born in the island of St. Christopher, in the West Indies, in the year 1788, the son of the Rev. W. Davis. He was placed under the care of the Rev. Dr. Valpy of Reading a short time before going to Oxford, where he entered at Pembroke College. From that college he took his de

gree of Bachelor of Arts in 1814. Having been ordained Deacon and Priest by the Bishop of London, Dr. Wm. Howley, he proceeded to the West Indies, and not long after his arrival there was instituted to the Rectory of St. Paul's, Nevis, an island near St. Christopher's. At Nevis he faithfully discharged his pastoral duties for eleven years.

It was during his ministry in that parish that Mr. Davis stepped boldly forward to claim for the poor degraded slave the right of marriage. This was a most important movement, dictated by justice and true benevolence. Up to that time, slaves had never been permitted to contract marriage, but had been herded together, with a view to the profit of their owners, who treated them in this respect just as farmers would treat cattle. In the words of the clergyman, the subject of this memoir,-"About the latter end of the year 1816, after having obtained the sanetion of his owner, I published for the first time the banns of marriage between a slave and a free woman. The banns were published in my parish church of St. Paul's, Charleston, Nevis. A considerable ferment was immediately excited in the community; and I received a requisition through a member of Council from the then President, directing that the marriage should not be solemnized until the matter had been submitted to the Ordinary. I was soon afterwards informed that the opinion of the first law-officer in the government had been taken, and that he had declared that such a marriage would be nugatory, and therefore highly improper.'Under the authority of this opinion I refrained from solemnizing the marriage; but feeling that if such a maxim could be maintained, every effort to improve the morality of the slave population would prove abortive, I submitted the circumstances of the case to the Bishop of London, who laid them before his Majesty's government." Mr. Davis also wrote strongly to Mr. Wilberforce, who was then exerting his great talents and persuasive powers of eloquence towards obtaining freedom for the slave. The result was, that Mr. Davis, after having met with much local opposition, obtained in 1822, under a letter from Mr. H. R. Brand

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