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plan was the opposite of this, and consisted in concentrating his troops at certain points, and bringing them into action in large masses. Cavaignac treated the outbreak not as a mere insurrection, but as the commencement of a civil war, and met it in regular order of battle. We do not intend to repeat here the history of those eventful days, or to relate at length how severe the contest and how great the bloodshed had become before the National Assembly passed a resolution declaring Paris in a state of siege, and appointed Cavaignac Dictator, with absolute and unlimited powers. is enough to state that after four days of fighting in the streets of Paris, during which the killed and wounded on both sides amounted to above 8,000, including Generals Brea and Negrier, and M. Affre, the Archbishop of Paris, Cavaignac found himself the absolute disposer of the destinies of Paris and of France. Had he been capable of mere selfish ambition, he might doubtless have secured for himself, for a time at least, the possession of unlimited authority. He was true, however, to his republican principles, and laid down his "Dictatorship," like some ancient Roman, as soon as he had pacified the capital. The National Assembly, however, aware of the importance of his services, appointed him President of the Council, with power to nominate his own ministry. At length, after long and protracted discussions, the Assembly determined that a president should be elected by universal suffrage. Cavaignac was put forward by the middle-class republicans. The result was as follows:-for Louis Napoleon, 5,534,520 votes; for Cavaignac, 1,448,302; for Ledru Rollin, 371,431; for Raspall, 36,964; for Lamartine, 17,914; for Changarnier, 4,687; for sundry other candidates, 12,434, the total number of voters polled being 7,449,471. On laying down his extraordinary powers, Cavaignac received the thanks of the National Assembly and the compliments of his successor. When Louis Napoleon executed his coup d'état, in December, 1851, one of his precautions was to arrest Cavaignac in his bedchamber. The General, however, was released after a brief detention, and has resided unmolested in Paris ever since that time, though he has never acquiesced in either the Dictatorship or the Empire. In July last Cavaignac was returned, after a severe struggle, as one of the ten deputies for Paris, in opposition to the Imperialist party.


Oct. 8. At Cwm Cefela, Llandyssil, Cardiganshire, aged 57, the Rev. D. Jones, M.A., many years Curate of Magor and Redwick.

Oct. 12. In Dublin, the Rev. Archibald R. Hamilton, of Cluntagh, co. Down, and of Cliftonmount, Jamaica.

Oct. 13. At Silton, Dorset, the Rev. J. Crowe, Wesleyan Minister, Sherborne.

Oct. 14. At Alton, the Rev. Henry Tuck, Wesleyan Minister.

Oct. 18. The Rev. Robert Ouseley, 33 years Curate of Kirton-in-Lindsey, and 14 years chaplain of the House of Correction at the same place.

The Rev. Joseph Shooter, Vicar of Bishop Wilton, Yorkshire, and of Attenborough, Notts.

Oct. 23. At Lamas, Norfolk, the Rev. William Jex Jex-Blake, Rector of Banningham and Hautbois Magna.

Oct. 24. At the parish of Hayton, near Pocklington, aged 84, the Rev. C. B. Graham, Vicar of the parish.

At Cardwell Bay, Greenock, N. B., aged 64, the Rev. Robert Kirk, many years Mini-ter of the Groat-market Chapel, Newcastle-on-Tyne.

At Clatworthy, Somerset, aged 70, the Rev. Wm. Bernard.

At St. Quivox Manse, Ayr, the Rev. James Duncan; B.A., Pembroke College, Cambridge, late Curate of the parish church, Bridg water, Somerset, and second surviving son of the late Thomas Duncan, esq., Great King-street, Edinburgh.

Oct. 26. At his residence, Alexander-st., Westbourne-park, London, aged 34, the Rev. Robert Alfred Vaughan, B.A., only son of Rev. Robert Vaughan, D.D., formerly Principal of the Lancashire Independent College, and formerly copastor with the late Rev. William Jay, at Argyle Chapel, Bath. He took high honours in University College and the London University, and he entered on the ministry first (in 1818) as the co-pastor of the Rev. William Jay, of Bath, whence he removed, in 1850, to Steel-house-lane Chapel, Birmingham. His health failing, he resigned his charge in 1855, and devoted himself exclusively to literature. He was the author of many brilliant articles in the "British Quarterly Review," of which his father is the editor; and he published two volumes of great learning and ability, entitled "Hours with the Mystics."

Oct. 30. At Lichfield, aged 69, the Rev. Wm. Gordon, B.A. 1812, M.A. 1815, Trinity College, Cambridge.

Lately. The Rev. Robert Higinbotham, one of the Curates of the Cathedral Church of Derry, Ireland.

Nov. 1. At the Rectory, aged 61, the Rev. John Hooper, B.A. 1823, M. A. 1828, St. John's College, Cambridge, Rector of Albury (1834), Surrey.

In London, aged 64, the Rev. John Price Jones, M.A., of Elm-green, Wilts.

Nov. 2. In London, beloved and universally lamented, the Rev. John Mainwaring, of Oriel House, Swainswick, and Rector of Geldestone, Norfolk.

At Langholm, suddenly, the Rev. George Jardine.

Nov. 4. At Tolesby-hall, Yorkshire, aged 31, the Rev. Hutton Rowe, M.A.

At the Manse of Craignish, the Rev. Alex. McIntosh.

Nov. 7. At the Vicarage-house, Great Clacton, aged 34, the Rev. William Maycock.

Nov. 9. At Roos Rec ory, Yorkshire, aged 83, the Rev. Christopher Sykes, B.A. 1797, St. John's College, Cambridge, Rector of Hilston, (1809), Yorkshire.

Nov. 17. At New College, Oxford, suddenly, the Rev. Charles Alcock, B.A. 1818. M.A. 1822, New College, Oxford, Rector of Adderbury (1836), Oxfordshire.

At the Vicarage, Wood-Dalling. Norfolk, aged 46, the Rev. William Holloway Webb, B.A. 1836, MA. 1839, Magdalene Hall, Öxford, Curate of Wood-Dalling.



June 13. At Cawnpore, aged 24, Charles Battine, Lieut. in the 14th Native Infantry, second son of the late Major-Gen. Battine, C.B.

At Cawnpore, aged 28, Lieut. Richard Murcott Satchwell, Adj. and Quartermaster of the 1st Bengal Native Infantry, second son of the late

Major Satchwell, Assistant-Commissary-General in Bengal.

At Cawnpore, aged 22, Oliver Simpson Bridges, Lieut. late 53rd Bengal Native Infantry, third son of John Wiliam Bridges, esq., of Tavistock-sq., and Birch, neat Colchester.

June 27. At Cawnpore, Major Edw.Vihart, (commanding 2nd Beng Light Cavalry,) youngest son of the late Col. Vibart, of Amberd-ouse, near Taunton, Somersetshire; also, Emily, his wife, dau. of the late Edward Coles, esq., of Paul's-house, Taunton; with four of their chil dren, Emily, John, William, and Louisa Mary.

At the same time, Capt. Athill Turner, 1st B.N.I.; Ellen, his wife, dau. of the late Rev. Rich. Pain, of Aspley Guise, Beds.; and their infant dau.

At Cawnpore, Capt. Fredk. G. Jellicoe, 53rd B.N.I.; also, his wife, Sarah Emily, dau. of the Rev. Rd. Marter, Rector of Brightwaltham, Berks. It is supposed their two young children perished at the same time.

At Cawnpore, Robert William Henderson, Ensign, 72nd B.N.I., and John Wright Henderson, Lieut. 56th B.N.I., the two elder sons of the Rev. Robert Henderson, Stirling.

At Cawnpore, Capt. W. H. Halliday, 56th Regt. N.I., youngest son of the late John Halliday, esq., of Chapel Cleeve, Somersetshire; also, of small-pox and fever, Emma Lætitia, his wife, and Edith Mabel, their third dau., aged 2 years and 3 months.

Dr. W. R. Boyes, of the 1st Bengal Native Cavalry, only surviving son of the late William Boyes, esq., of Raleigh-house, Brixton-hill, Surrey; also, Kate, his wife, youngest dau. of the late Gen. Biggs, H.E.I.C.S.

June.-Killed by the mutineers at Byram-ghat, aged 24. Charles Watkin Cunliffe, esq., Bengal Civil Service, Assistant-Commissioner of Beraitch, Oude, son of Lieut.-Gen. Sir R. H. Cunliffe, bart., C.B.

At Oude, Col. Philip Goldney, of the Bengal Army, Commissioner of Fyzabad, son of the late Thomas Goldney, esq., of Clifton-hill.

At Cawnpore, John Grattan Anderson, esq., C.E., formerly a Lieut. in H.M.'s 37th Regt., fifth and second surviving son of Lieut.-Col. Henry Anderson, Superintendent Invalid Depot, Chatham; and, at the same time and place, his wife, Alice Morgan, only dau. of William Abbot, esq., Doctors' Commons, London.

July 16. At Cawnpore, aged 45, Brevet.-Col. George Acklom Smith, of the 10th Bengal Native Infantry, after 43 years' service in the Indian army; at the same time and place, Mary, his


Lieut. Burnett Ashburner, esq., formerly of Bombay, and grandson of the Dowager Lady Forbes, of Newe.

July 20. Major F. W. Follett, commanding the 25th Regt. Bombay Native Infantry.

July 28. At Monghyr, of cholera, Capt. George Henry Hunt, 78th Highlanders, eldest son of Col. Robert Hunt, late 49th Regt.

July 30. At Arrah, Edwin Steven Sale, Ensign in H.M.'s 37th Regt., youngest son of John S. Sale, esq., of Rugoy.

At Cawnpore, Arthur W. R. Newenham, esq., M.D., late 1st N.I.; Charlotte Newenham, his wife, youngest dau. of Gen. Kennedy, C.B., of fever; also, Arthur and Charlotte, their children.

Killed at Nacca-owlie, near Saugor, India, Lieut.-Col. Thomas Dalyell, 42nd B.N.I., third son of the late John Dalyell, esq., of Lingo.

Aug. 1. In the fort of Agra, Major Geo. Powell Thomas, of the 3rd European Regt.

Aug. 2. Aged 87, Goolab Singh. His son, the Nika Maharaja that was, but Maharajah Runbeer Singh, that is, de facto, now reigns in his stead. The body of the old prince was burnt in the Rambagh, and some of his faithful wives were bent on immolating themselves on the funeral pyre, but, through the intercession of Lieut. H. B. Urmston and others, this was prevented.

Aug. 3. At Shanghai, China, aged 25, James

Jenkinson, seventh son of the late Thomas Green, of Westerham, Kent.

Aug. 4. On his pass ge to Calcutta, (having fallen from the ship), aged 18, Robert Edwards Maxwell, cadet H.E.I.C. Service, fifth son of J. G. Maxwell, esq., of Oaklands.

Aug. 6. Before Delhi, aged 28, Lieut. John Hugh Browne, 33rd Regt. Bengal N.I.

Aug. 8. In the Fort of Agra, aged 29, Lieut. Oliver McCausland Span, of the 62nd Regt. B.N.I.

Aug. 12. At Calcutta, Capt. John Eneas Duncan, M.M.'s 29th Regt., fifth son of Gen. Duncan, of Gattonside-house, Roxburghshire, and brother-in-law of Major Parker, of Clopton-hall. The following record of Capt. Duncan's services is taken from Hart's Army List:-"Captain Duncan served with the 31st Regt. throughout the campaign of 1842 in Affghanistan, including the actions of Mazeena, Tezeen, and Jugdulluck, occupation of Cabool, and different engagements leading to it-(Medal.) He served with the 29th Regt. in the campaign on the Sutlej, and was severely wounded at the battle of Sobraon(Medal)."

Aug. 19. At Sierra Leone, West Africa, aged 24, Lieut. Wm. Kenrick, 1st West India Regt., and Brigadier Adjutant to the Governor.

Aug. 22. Aged 29, Capt. Frank Gore Willock, 6th Regt. of Bengal Light Cavalry, eldest son of Sir Hy. Willock, K.L.S.

Aug. 25. Near Delhi, Lieut. William Henry Lumsden, of the 68th Regt. Bengal Native Infantry, second in command of the 1st Punjaub Infantry, and fifth son of Col. Lumsden, C.B., of Belhelvie-lodge.

In the skirmish near Hattrass, aged 18, Ensign Harry Lewin Marsh, of the 16th Bengal Infantry, son of Col. Hippesley Marsh, late of the 3rd Bengal Cavalry.

Aug. 31. At Umballah, Capt. Robert Hunt, H.M.'s 61st Regt., second son of Col. Robert Hunt, late of the 49th Regt.

Sept. 1. At Ghezeepore, aged 26, Lieut. Edward Dacre Fraser Lewis, of the 17th Bengal Native Infantry, and Adjutant of the 2nd Oude Infantry Corps.

Sept. 2. At Halgalla, Ceylon, aged 31, David Moir, esq., son of late Right Rev. David Moir, Bishop of Brechin.

Sept. 4. At Umballah, siege of Delhi, Lieut. Thomas Beattie Grierson, of her Majesty's 8th (the King's Regt. of Foot).

Sept. 7. At Hongkong, aged 32, Charles E. Bateson, esq., son of James Bateson, esq., of Liverpool.

Sept. 8. Killed before Delhi, aged 22, Charles Bronhead Bannerman, 1st Bombay Grenadiers, Acting Adjutant 1st Belooch Battalion, fourth son of the late Patrick Bannerman, esq., Aberdeen, N.B.

Sept. 9. Of dysentery, on board the P. and O. Co.'s steamer "Bengal," returning to England, Charles Wills, esq., late of Shanghai, China.

Sept. 13. At Mhow, Capt. W. H. Weaver, of her Majesty's 86th Royal Regt., eldest son of W. H. Weaver, esq., late of the Royal Artillery.

Sept. 17. At Jubbulpore, in the Bengal Territory, Ridley Porter, sq., Assist.-Surgeon Madras army, son of the late Thos. Porter, esq., M.D. Sept. 25. At Ramsgate, R. J. L. Coore, esq., late Captain in H.M.'s 40th Foot.

Sept. 28. At Bombay, G. M. S. Seaward, esq.

Oct. 2. At Suez, on her passage from Bombay, Frances, wife of Capt. Alex. Carnegy, H.E.I.C.S., Major of brigade at Hyderabad, Scinde, son of Major General Carnegy, C.B.

Oct. 4. At Chichester, aged 67, G. Lorimer, esq., late Medical Staff, H.E.I.C.S., St. Helena.

Oct. 5. Suddenly, aged 79, Mr. John Smallwood, of Castle Bromw ch, one of the most extensive farmers in the neighbourhood, cultivating his own estate, and being also a considerable holder under the Earl of Bradford.

Oct. 6. At Via Reggia, in Tuscany, aged 72,

Emily, last surviving dau. of the late John Forster, esq., of Bordeaux.

Oct. 9. Aged 58, Charles Hainworth, esq., of Crediton.

At her house, near Naples, Madame Marulli d'Ascoli, widow of the Cavaliere Marulli d'Ascoli, and eldest dau. of the late John Sanford, esq., of Nynehead-court, Somerset.

Oct. 13. At his residence, St. James's-sq., Bristol, aged 52, Mr. James Selkirk, for many years editor of the "Bristol Mercury," and formerly of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Oct. 14. Aged 70, Mr. Alexander Laing, ay.thor of "Wayside Flowers," familiarly known as "the Brechin Poet." "Mr. Laing was a native of Brechin, and in early life served his apprenticeship to the flax-dressing trade, which business he followed for about 20 years. Amongst his numerous lyric effusions we may mention that his 'Archie Allan,' 'Mary, the Maid of Montrose,' and The Braes of Mar,' entitle him to rank high among our Scottish writers."

At St. James's-crescent, Winchester, aged 70, Francis John Lys, esq., late of Wangfield-lodge, Botley.

At Pendwllyn, aged 79, James Kyrke, esq., late of Glascoed, near Wrexham.

At his residence, Holyport-lodge, Bray, Berks, aged 71, George William Newell, esq. He had been a subscriber to the Magazine ever since 1789. Though d af and dumb he had studied very deeply, and was particularly fond of antiquities; he had formed a very extensive collection of Berkshire antiquities, but his death has left the work uncompleted. By his will he has left £500 to the Deaf and Dumb Asylum, Old Kent-road, and £500 to the Royal Berks, Hospital, Reading.

Oct. 17. Suddenly, at the residence of his son, Syon-lodge, Isleworth, aged 63, E. Benham, esq., of Torrington-square, London.

Capt. James Green Skipworth, Royal North Lincoln Militia, son of George Skipworth, esq., Moortown-house.

At Great Torrington, Ellen, second dau. of J. Sloley, esq.

At his residence, Britannia-sq., Worcester, aged 76, Major-General Francis Campbell, late of the Eighth or King's Regiment.

At Southampton, in consequence of a fall from his carriage, Peter Barfoot, esq., of Midlingtonhouse, Dioxford, Hants., a magistrate of that county.

Oct. 18. Aged 18, Anna Jane, eldest dau. of the late Gilbert J. Pasley, Lieut.-Col. H.M.'s 49th Reigment.

At Broadwoodkelly, aged 20, Louisa Sophia, eldest dau. of the Rev. N. T. B. Hole.

At Queen-st., Edinburgh, Christina, relict of Archibald Ainslie, esq., Peatson.

At Wigginton Rectory, near York, aged 36, Isabella Rose, wife of the Rev. James Wortley Corbett.

Oct. 19. At Brighton, aged 67, Bobert Blair, esq., M D., formerly of Great Russell-st., Bloomsbury, London.

At Cotham, Bristol, aged 54, Jacob Player Sturge.

At Canterbury, aged 84, Elizabeth, relict of John Furley, esq.

At North Runcton, aged 2 months, Thomas Hay, infant son of Sir Thomas Troubridge, bart., C.B.

Fountaine Hogge Allen, esq., Capt. in the 2nd Life Guards, only surviving son of the late Col. Fountaine Horge, of Landhurst, Hants.

At Clif on, Gloucestershire, aged 69, Francis Riggall, esq.

Oct. 20. At Baring-pl, Heavitree, aged 52, Edward Priestley Cooper, esq., barrister-at-law, of the Middle Temple.

At Bocking, aged 65, Samuel Howe Tweed, esq. Aged 79, Catherine Louisa, relict of the late Parnell, esq., of Waltham-abbey, Essex.

In Connaught-sq., London, Lieut. John Cas

tellow Grave, R.N., late Commander of the Hudson's Bay Company's ship "Prince Rupert." At Liverpool, aged 65, Charles Cotesworth, esq., Lieut. R.N.

At her residence, Raven's-lodge Dewsbury, aged 54, Harriet, relict of Rich. Crawshaw, esq.

Oct. 21. At Kingston, Surrey, aged 48, William Powell, esq., of East senham, third surviving son of the late Janes Powell, esq., of Lenham.

At Bank-hall, near Stockport, Jane, wife of Francie Aspinall Philips, esq.

At Myddelton-sq., Frances Mary, wife of the Rev. Franc's Mac Carthy, Incumbent of St. Mark's, Myddelton-sq.

At Belle Vue, Clifton, Gloucestershire, Emma Eliza, wife of C. Harris, esq., and dau. of A. L Drewe, esq., of Slough.

At Higham Ferrers, aged 70, Griffith Roberts,


At Kimbolton, Huntingdonshire, aged 22, Mary Agnes, youngest dau. of Benjamin Welstead, esq. Aged 63, Stephen Ashwell, esq., of Waddington, near Lincoln.

At Bedford-pl., Russell-sq., aged 79, Ann, relict of Richard Hodges, esq.

At Oving on-sq., London, aged 33, Wm. Henderson, esq., late of Port Elizabeth, Cape of Good Hope, and formerly of Edinburgh.

Aged 63, Theresa, wife of George Kendall, esq. of Norwood, Surrey.

At Kensington, aged 44, Joseph Martindale, esq. At Fastbourne, aged 36, Charlotte, wife of Robert Colgate, esq.

Oct. 22. At Wallington, Surrey, aged 73, Sir C. H. Rich, bart.

At Berkeley, Gloucestershire, aged 68, Commander Augustus Thomas Hickes. R.N.

At his residence, Park-road, Regent's-park, London, aged 64, Henry Oliver, esq., of Doctor's Commons.

At Grosvenor-sq., aged 62, the Viscountess Maynard.

Maria, wife of Joseph Barker, esq., of Shornes, near Wakefield.

At Wimbledon, Surrey, aged 55, Eliz·beth Henrietta, widow of Lawrence Holme Twentyman, esq., of Walthamstow, Essex.

In the Rue de Montaigne, Paris, aged 67, Anne, wife of Major Andrew Long.

Aged 81, James Gilbert, esq., of Tournay-hall, Lydd, Kent.

Aged 47, Caroline, wife of Thos. Bramley, esq., of South-parade, York.

Oct. 23. At the Royal Medical Benevolent College, Epsom, aged 80, El zabeth Sarah Yonge, widow of James Edward Yonge, M.D., formerly of Bennett-st., St. James', and latterly of Paris. Aged 56, Samuel Brewis, esq., of Langley-house, Prestwich, Manchester.

At his residence, Trafalgar-sq., Brompton, aged 58, George Augustus Coombe, esq., formerly of Arundel.

At Dean-st., Soho, of gradual paralytic decay from so tening of the brain, aged 65, Samuel John Highley, sen., for many years medical publisher in Flect-street.

Of pleurisy, aged 33, Capt. Edward Codd, halfpar, 21st Fusiliers, and late of the 28th and 99th Regiments.

At Euston-sq., Edward Charles Maunsell, esq., seventh son of the late Daniel Maunsell, esq., of Merrion-sq., Dublin.

At Preston, near Brighton, Authur Cuthbertson Edwards, esq.

At the Manor-house, Chenies, Bucks, aged 78, Mr. Thomas Sherley.

Oct. 24. At Newcross, Kent, aged 54, Margaret Ann, widow of the late Lieut R. L. Jones, R.N. (for upwards of 20 years matron of the Royal Naval School.)

At his residence, in East-rd., City-rd, London, aged 91, Thomas Randoll, esq., a native of Avon, near Salisbury.

At Burlescombe, Somerset, suddenly, Mary,

relict of George Hansome Millman, esq., of Charthan Deanery, Canterbury, Kent.

At Montague-pl., Bedford-sq., aged 68, Mrs. Case, widow of the late Rev. George Augustus Case, of Shrewsbury.

At Oakheld-lodge, East Cowes, Isle of Wight, aged 54, George Edward Towry, esq., of Harewood-lodge. Sunning-hill, Berks.

At Westbourne-st., Hyde-park-gardens, aged 77, Charlotta, relict of Thomas Seward Beachcroft, esq.

At Clifton, Caroline Isabella, wife of Capt. Blair, R.N., of Blair, Ayrshire.

Oct. 25. At the Pavilion, on the Parade, at West Coes, after a long and painful illness, aged 63, Fanny, wife of the Right Hon. Sir James Graham, bart. As her ladyship's dissolution had been almost hourly expected for the past month, all her family had assembled round her, Sir James, the Hon. Mrs. Duncombe, and the Misses Graham being with her in her last moments. By her ladyship's particular wish, her body will be deposited in a vault at Whippingham, Isle of Wight.

In London, aged 86, Thomas Mant, M.D., late of Ipswich.

At Westleton, aged 75, Sam. Alex. Woods, esq. At Berlin, M. de Niebuhr, Secretary to the King of Prussia, and Cabinet Councillor.

At the Grange, Guernsey, aged 22, Grace Louise, eldest dau. of Capt. De Lancey.

Oct. 26. At Eynesbury, aged 73, Lieut.-Col. Hubley. This eminent soldier is nighly entitled to be numbered amongst the very foremost of the worthies of this country. He entered the army in 1807, and served with the 95th at the siege of Copenhagen, in 1807, and was present in some skirmishes near that city; and afterwards at the action of Rioge, the surrender of Copenhagen and the whole of the Danish navy. He was present at the battle of Rolcia and Vimiera, the advance from Lisbon into Spain, the subsequent retreat from Salamanca, action at Calcavellas, and battle of Corunna. He served on the Walcheren expedition at the defence of Cadiz and Fort Matagorda; Busaco, Barrosa, Salamanca, and Vittoria, in the last of which engagements he was severely wounded in the left arm; action at Vera, battles of the Pyrenees-wounded near the left eye; crossing the Bidassoa, battles of the Nivelle, Nive, and Orthes-severely wounded in the right thigh; action at Tarbes, and battle of Toulouse, besides numerous minor actions. He bore a very distinguished part in the ever memorable battle of Waterloo, in which he was severely wounded by receiving a musket-ball in each shoulder. The two balls having lodged there, one of them was extracted, and the other still remains under the scapula of the left shoulder. For these brilliant exploits he received the war-medal with thirteen clasps, by which it appears hat there is only one officer in the British army now livi g who has received more clasps than Col. Humbley, viz., Major-Gen. Sir James Schoedde, K.C.B., Col. of the Queen's Royals, who served in the Peninsular war with the 60th Regt., and who wears the war-medal and fourteen clasps.

Suddenly, aged 38, S. Griffith, esq., Ewloegreen, Flintshire.

At Slough, in consequence of an accident, Edward John Francis Kelso, esq., of Kelsoland and Horkesley-park, late Capt. in the 72nd Highlanders.

Eleanor, widow of Andrew Cassels, esq., banker, and fourth dau. of the late William Jackson, esq., of Knutsford.

At his residence, Purstone-lodge, Pontefract, aged 65, Thomas Hall, esq., J.P.

At Green-st., Enfield-highway, aged 53, Sarah, wife of the Rev. Thomas Jones, chaplain of the Chapel-royal, Whi ehall.

At Wellow Vicarage, Emily Frances, wife of the Rev. W. H. Empson.

Oct. 27. At his residence in Wilton-crescent,

aged 48, the Hon. Edmund Phipps. He was the third son of Henry, first Earl of Mulgrave, and a younger brother, consequently, of the present Marquis of Normanby, and of the Hon. Co. C. B. Phipps, Keeper of her Majesty's Privy urse, and Treasurer of the Household to his Royal Highness the Prince Consort. He was born December 7, 1808, and m rried in 1838 Maria Louisa, widow of the Hon. Charles Francis Norton, brother of Lord Grantley, and eldest dau. of the late MajorGen. Sir Colin Campbel, K. C. B., sometime Governor of Nova Scotia and Ceylon.

At Blackburn, aged 81, John Haworth, pensioner, of the Royal Artillery. He was at the taking of Copenhagen, and was present at the funeral of Lord Nelson. He was also with Sir John Moore at Corunna, and attended that General's funeral. He passed through most of the engagements during the Peninsular war.

At Scarbro' aged 68, John Taylor, esq., of the Newarke, Leicester.

At Paris, Francoise Zeluine Zoe, wife of James M. Filder, esq.

At Pentonville, Henry Bishop, esq., eldest son of the late Sir Henry R. Bishop, Mus. Bac., Oxon. Aged 74, George Baker Ballachey, esq., of Edgefield-mount, Norfolk, and of Headington,


At Wiesbaden, Duchy of Nassau, Elizabeth Blacker, wife of the Rev. T. Coombe Williams, and youngest dau. of the late John Nicholson, esq., of Stamore-house, co. Down.

At the Elms, Wigan, Alice, wife of John Woodcock, esq.

Oct. 28. At Streatlam, near Barnard-Castle, aged 70, Charles Kipling, esq., late of London, and formerly of Baldersdale.

At Wanstead, aged 84, Esther, relict of William Foster Reynolds, esq., of Carshalton-house Surrey.

At his residence, Surbiton-hill, aged 63, George Fell, esq., late of Heston-lodge, near Hounslow, and for 40 years a highly respected inhabitant of Piccadilly.

At Eastwell-hall, Leicestershire, the residence of his brother, (the Rev. N. Hubbersty, M A.,) aged 43, Henry Hubbersty, esq., of the firm of Morehouse, Brown, and Hubbersty, of Hull.

At Clevedon, Somerset, aged 67, Mary Ann Hawtrey, wife of the Rev. S. H. Hawtrey, Vicar of Broadchalke, Wilts.

Aged 51, George Stewart Nicholson, esq., of Doctors' Commons, younger son of the late Wm. Nicholson, esq., of St. Margaret's, Rochester. At Coventry, aged 75, Mr. John Southam Evans, of that city.

At Woodland-house, Bathwick-hill, George Moger, esq.

Anne, wife of Henry Lewis, esq., of Greenmeadow, Glamorganshire.

At Sutton, near Frodsham, aged 79, Mary, widow of Robert Okell, esq.

At his residence, Hazlewood, Hertfordshire, aged 73, Mr. Richard Sanderson, for many years the Conservative M.P. for Colchester. The deceased gentleman was well known in the City as a partner in the large commercial house of Messrs. Sanderson, Sandeman, and Co., 83 King Williamst., City, and a large East India proprietor. He was first returned for Colchester, in the Tory interest, in Dec., 1832, in conjunction with Mr. Daniel Whittle Harvey, and was re-elected in 1835-37, on every occasion at the head of the poll, and again in 1841 without opposition. In 1847 he was unsuccessful, his seat being transferred to Mr. J. A. Hardcastle, the present member for Bury St. Edmund's. In 1833 Mr. Sanderson married the Hon. Charlotte Matilda Manners Sutto, only daughter of the wellknown Speaker, the Rt. Hon. Charles Manners Sutton, afterwards first Viscount Canterbury, by his first marriage, with Miss Lucy Maria Charlotte Denison, eldest daughter of the late Mr. John Denison, of Ossington, co. Nottingham, and sister of the present Speaker, the Rt. Hon. John

Evelyn Denison. Mr. Sanderson was much respected by hs Essex constituents, and was presented with a testimonial of their regard on ceasing to represent them in Parlament.

At Chichester, Mr. William Henry Dudden. Mr. Dudden's name has been associated with the city 67 years. He was organist at Baffin's-lane Chapel 40 years; treasurer to the Town Council, having held that office with honour to himself for more than 16 years. As pianist he took a leading part in all the meetings and entertainments of the old Catch-and-Giee-Club when in its palny days.

At Exeter, aged 91, with faculties unimpaired, Mrs. Frances Nutcombe, eldest dau. of the late Chancellor Nutcombe, canon of the Cathedral of that city.

At Roystone-house, aged 90, Capt. White, formerly of the 4th Dragoon Guards, a DeputyLieut. and Magistrate of the co. of Devon.

Mary, wife of George S. Kett, esq., of Brookhouse, Norfolk.

At Mansfield-st., Cavendish-sq., aged 69, Col. Edward Cadogan, H. E. I. C. S.

At Riccarton, R. W. Rickart-Hepburn, esq., of Riccarton.

Oct. 29. Turin has just sustained a severe if not an irreparable loss in the death of Count Giuseppe Siccardi. The late count was a distinguished jurist, and had for many years past held some of the highest offices in the magistracy to the entire satisfaction of all political opinions. The late King of Sardinia, Charles Albert, had so much respect for the judgment of Count Saccardi that it is said he particularly recommended him to his son in his private communications as one whose counsel was most to be depended upon. In 1848 Count Siccardi was intrusted by King Charles Albert with a special diplomatic mission to the pope at Gaeta, which, of course, was not successful, as its object was to establish, or rather re-establish, a friendly feeling between the two governments without Piedmont sacrificing its independence to Rome. Since his retirement from the ministry, which, in consequence of declining health, occurred soon after the passing of the bill for the suppression of the Ecclesiastical Courts, Count Siccardi has held the office of President of the Criminal Department of the Court of Appeal, and, having been created a senator by the king, he has continually given his support to the policy of the Cavour Ministry, both foreign and domestic.

Oct. 30. At London, aged 21, Thomas, son of the late Thomas Fenwick, esq., of South-hill, co. Durham, and younger brother of H. Fenwick, esq., M.P. for Sunderland.

Suddenly, at his mother's residence, the Dowager Marchioness of Ormond, of Marlery, Rathfarnham, aged 37, Lord Charles W. Butler. He was the fourth son of James, Marquis of Ormond, and uncle to the present marquis.

At the residence of her sister, Denham-lodge, Bucks., Miss Harriet Elizabeth De Mendes.

At Tours, in France, aged 81, Augusta Frances Prescott, widow of Michel Wogan Browne, Lieut.-Gen. and Aide-de-Camp to the King of Saxony.

At Mount Radford-house, Joshua R. H. Hartley, esq., of Red-hall, Leeds.

Oct. 31. At Bocking, aged 88, Joseph Balfour, esq.

At the Vicarage, Great Chishall, Essex, Annabella, wife of the Rev. Henry Hepburn Hastie. At Albany-st., Edinburgh, John Jopp, esq.

At Brussels, aged 66, Edward, sixth son of the late Hon. Robert Walpole, H. M.'s. Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary at the Court of Lisbon.

At Ashby-de-la-Zouch, William Webb, esq.

Lately. Lost on the coast of Australia, during his passage from Port Curtis to Sydney, aged 28, Norman Leith Hay, esq., fourth son of Sir Andrew Leith Hay, of Rannes.

A woman named Martha Heath, aged 83, living

at Sandford-st., Cheltenham, was found drowned in the river Chelt, near Barrette's Mill. We understand that, although the deceased went by the name of Heath, her real name was Martha Probert. She was the wife of a man of that name who was, in company of Thurtell and Hunt, engaged in the robbery and murder of Mr. Weare, whose death about 33 years ago caused so much excitement throughout the country. On that occasion Probert saved himself from the gallows by turning king's evidence. His two companions in crime were convicted and hung, and Probert himself was some time afterwards, under very peculiar circumstances, convicted of horse-stealing, and, the crime at that time being a capital offence, he suffered the same fate as his former accomplices. Mrs. Probert then took upon herself the name of Heath, and has since resided with her relatives in Cheltenham.

At Brussels, Sir Clement Wolseley, bart., of Mount Wolseley, co. Carlow.

Nov. 1. At Redland, aged 64, Charles Paul, esq., for many years managing director of Messrs. Stuckey and Co 's Bark, Bristol.

At his residence, Auburn-pl., aged 73, Daniel Millward, esq.

At Eathorp-hall, Warwickshire, aged 52, Daniel Rowbotham, esq, late of Bedworth Mills.

At his residence, Gloster-pl., Brighton, aged 71, Lieut.-Col. Roberts.

At Brixton, late of Ebury-st., Pimlico, aged 89, Samuel Farar, esq.

Aged 39, at the residence of G. S. Hinchliff, esq., Acton, Middlesex, Priscilla, wife of Edward Bescoby, esq., of Canada West, North America.

At M or-green, Moseley, aged 72, Miss Sarah Taylor, last surviving dau. of the late John Taylor, esq., of Moseley-hall.

Nov. 2. At his residence, Woolley-hill, Bradford, Wilts., aged 69, John, third son of the late Thomas Bush, esq., of Bradf rd, Wilts.

Suddenly, aged 57, in the vestry of Argyle Chapel, Bath, Richard Parker Lemon, esq., of the North-parade, Bath.

At Lutton-pl., Edinburgh, aged 71, C. Mackay, esq., late of the Theatres-Royal, Edinburgh, Glasgow, &c. Mr. Mackay's celebrated personification of Bailie Nicol Jarvie obtained the warm approval of Sir Walter Scott The Courant says of him :-"The histrionic talents of Mr. Mackay were unsullied by any unworthy adjuncts. His reputation as an actor was well sustained by his character as a man, and secured for him the affection and esteem of a very extensive circle. He has left two sons, one of whom has adopted his father's profession.

At his residence, Manor-park, Rock-ferry, near Birkenhead, aged 48, John Finch, esq.

At Crabble, near Dover, Emma Letitia, eldest dau of William Law, esq.

At Lymington, aged 85, Mary, relict of Charles St. Barbe, esq.

At Manor-farm, Frindsbury, near Rochester, aged 67, Ambrose Spong, esq.

At Vale-villas, Ramsgate, aged 71, Capt. Kelly Nazer, R.N.

At Cambridge, aged 21, William George Heathcote, second son of J. M. Heathcote, esq., of Connington-castle, Stilton, Hunts.

At Nice, aged 79, Elizabeth, Lady Freemantle, widow of the late Vice-Admiral Sir Thomas F. Freemantle, G.C.B., K.M.T., &c. &c.

Nov. 3. At Edinburgh, John Johnstone, esq.. husband of the late Mrs. Johnstone the authoress. In noticing Mrs. Johnstone's literary career we alluded to her husband's considerable share in many of her labours, as also to his editorship, some thirty years ago, of the Inverness Courier, and to his having superintended editions of several popular volumes. The most remarkable fact, however, in Mr. Johnstone's history, was his hav ing been the original editor, if not the projector, of "The Schoolmaster,' a periodical which possessed many of the best features that have since been developed in the now numerous class of weekly

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