Cell Surface Proteases

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Elsevier, 3 мая 2003 г. - Всего страниц: 452
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Cell Surface Proteases provides a comprehensive overview of these important enzymes that catalyze the hydrolysis of a protein as it degrades to a simpler substance. In the 1990s, an explosion of new discoveries shed light on the role of cell surface proteases and extended it beyond degradation of extracellular matrix components to include its influence on growth factors, cell signaling, and other cellular events. This volume unites the scientific literature from across disciplines and teases out unified themes of interactions between cell surface proteases and interconnecting cell surface-related systems -- including integrins and other adhesion molecules. Scientists and students involved in developmental biology, cell biology and disease processes will find this an indispensable resource.

* Provides an overview of the entire field of cell surface proteases in a single volume
* Presents major issues and astonishing discoveries at the forefront of modern developmental biology and developmental medicine
* A thematic volume in the longest-running forum for contemporary issues in developmental biology with over 30 years of coverage

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Chapter 2 Surface Association of Secreted Matrix Metalloproteinases
Chapter 3 Biochemical Properties and Functions of MembraneAnchored MetalloproteaseDisintegrin Proteins ADAMs
Chapter 4 Shedding of Plasma Membrane Proteins
Chapter 5 Expression of Meprins in Health and Disease
Chapter 6 Type II Transmembrane Serine Proteases
Chapter 7 DPPIV Seprase and Related Serine Peptidases in Multiple Cellular Functions
Chapter 8 The Secretases of Alzheimers Disease
Chapter 9 Plasminogen Activation at the Cell Surface
Understanding Its Functional Significance
Chapter 11 ProteaseActivated Receptors
Chapter 12 Emmprin CD147 a Cell Surface Regulator of Matrix Metalloproteinase Production and Function
Implications for Developmental Adaptive Inflammatory and Neoplastic Processes
Chapter 14 Shed Membrane Vesicles and Clustering of MembraneBound Proteolytic Enzymes
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