Memoirs of the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum of Polynesian Ethnology and Natural History

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Bishop Museum Press, 1901
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Стр. 313 - ... and I believe that my two specimens were brought from the same island. This bird may be described as having the general plumage sootyblack ; tail brown, all but the two middle feathers largely tipped with white ; the two central feathers somewhat narrower than the others, and gradually diminishing in the apical third of their length into fine hair-like or filamentous upturned points ; axillae or under surface of the shoulder white ; flanks and under tail-coverts bright yellow ; bill and legs...
Стр. 273 - Nostrils situated near the base of the maxilla: feathers on lateral base of bill extending farther forward than those on the forehead. Adult male: Head dull greenish black, the occiput with a long pointed crest of narrow...
Стр. 279 - ... feathers of the rump; head more uniform brown with a ruddy tinge; sides of...
Стр. 304 - Chlorodrefiain-s virens, page 46. abdomen; lower tail coverts pale yellow; wing coverts with distinct whitish marks of considerable size. Female: Very unlike the male above described; streak over the eye and under parts yellowish white; sides of breast and flanks washed with olive grey; above, olive; the greater wing coverts with large greenish white tips. Young: Quite young birds and nestlings are much like the females, but are browner above and of a mottled appearance. Length 4.50-5.00, wing 2.60-2.81,...
Стр. 311 - Adult female : Differs from the male in being much greener and duller in color, only the forehead being yellow ; the crown similarly colored to the back ; under parts dull yellowish green. Palmer obtained a small series in the district of Kona at the same place where R.
Стр. 280 - General color above and below slaty grey; under tail coverts black, the lateral ones white with the inner half of the feather black; outer secondaries broadly tipped with white, one specimen with under parts suffused with whitish, and flank stripes wanting in all the specimens in the collection; quills blackish brown; back browner. Length 16.25...
Стр. 278 - Rallincc;) middle toe and claw exceeding the length of the tarsus; secondaries practically equal to the primaries in length, or falling short of them by less than the length of the hind toe and claw. b. Tail feathers very soft and entirely hidden at the ends by the coverts (Hawaii) ................ (Page 23.) Pen'mila. bb.
Стр. 305 - If. ochra'cea ROTHS. CC. Body, red foxy; lores blackish; wings and tail olive brown; wing coverts, quills and tail red-edged; inner edge of quills and under wing coverts white; bill short, triangular, conic; tip straight, acute, whitish; feet brown; tarsus nine lines (Grey's description). Gould says "that the whole of the plumage is rich rusty red deepening into brownish red on the back Length 4 inches, bill ^V?
Стр. 284 - Feathers of the thighs terminating in long bristle-like points; quills with whitish or rufous on the inner edge ; a central longitudinal pale band down the crown, with the sides of the crown blackish brown forming a broad band down the sides of the latter; auxilliaries pale cinnamon barred with wide stripes of dark brown ; upper parts sooty brown and buff; tail coverts uniform cinnamon buff; lower parts dull buff; cheeks, neck and breast streaked with brown. Female similar. Length about 17.00, wing...
Стр. 317 - XXVII., 6615, 9922, 9923. 119. P. obscu'ra (GMEL.). Omau. aa. Upper parts olive brown, extremities of the feathers much lighter color; tail and wings brown; bill bristled at the base; length 7.50 (Bloxham). Nothing farther is known of this evidently extinct species than is given above, and which is taken from Bloxhani's account of the birds secured on the voyage of the Blonde, where it is given as "Turdus sandvicensis (var.), from Oahti.

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