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Instructors: Frank J. Smiley, Botany (also Assistant Curator in the Herbarium); Lloyd Nash Robinson, Electrical Engineering.

Secretary of the Bureau of Visual Instruction of the University Extension Division, Wallace Hatch, from December 1, 1915.


Assistant Curator of Mammals in the California Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, Joseph Dixon, from November 15, 1915.

Drainage Expert in the Department of Agriculture, Waiter W.

Assistant in Agricultural Extension, to act as agent in Boys' Club work in California, Russell Ray Ingalls, from February 1, 1916.

Assistant in Agricultural Extension, to act as Assistant State Leader of Boys' Clubs, William Robertson Ralston, from February 1, 1916.

Assistants: Ennis Rogers Utter, Astronomy; Lore Weber, Bacteriology; E. A. Brock, Chemistry; H. N. Cooper, Chemistry; G. A. Linhart, Chemistry; Ida May Stevens, Hygiene; Walter C. Alvarez, in the George Williams Hooper Foundation for Medical Research; halph Hinsdale Coon, Physics, from February 8, 1916; F. A. Postnikov, Russian.

Teaching Fellows: Ferdinand John Neubauer, Astronomy; George Cleveland Kyte, Geography.

Instructor in Carpentry in the Wilmerding School, Gerhard T. Wendering, from February 1, 1916.

Helper in Physiology, N. T. Daniells, from November 11, 1915.


(Unless otherwise specified, the following promotions and changes in title are from January 1, 1916.)

To be Dean of the Faculties as well as Professor of Accounting (on the Flood Foundation) and Secretary of the College of Commerce, Henry Rand Hatfield, from December 20, 1915.

To be Professor of Logic, Charles H. Rieber (Professor Rieber having resigned, as of date February 29, 1916, the Deanship of the Summer Session.)

To be Dean of the Summer Session as well as Associate Professor of English Philology, Walter Morris Hart, from March 1, 1916.

To be Secretary to the President, Newton Bishop Drury, from December 1, 1915, to June 30, 1916.


(Unless otherwise specified, the following leaves of absence are from January 1 to June 30, 1916.)

David P. Barrows, Professor of Political Science and Dean of the Academic Faculties.

William Watt Kerr, Clinical Professor of Medicine.

Willis Linn Jepson, Associate Professor of Dendrology.

Clare Morse Torrey, Secretary to the President, from December 1, 1915, to June 30, 1916.

Newton Bishop Drury, as Instructor in Public Speaking, from December 1, 1915, to June 30, 1916.

Dr. Dudley Tait, Assistant in Surgery, from February 1 to April 30, 1916.


(Unless otherwise indicated the following resignations are from December 31, 1915.)

Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, H. F. Fisher.

Instructors: W. F. Meyer, Astronomy (in the Berkeley Astronomical Department); Clyde I. Blanchard, Business Economy (in the University Extension Division).

Assistants: G. Howard Allen, Agricultural Extension; C. P. Clausen, Entomology, from December 1, 1915; Helen Beckwith, Hygiene; R. J. Piersol, Physics, from February 7, 1916; F. N. Marquis, Veterinary Science (in charge of the Hog Serum Laboratory), from December 4, 1915.

Helper in Physiology, Paul E. Brinstad, from November 9, 1915. Teaching Fellow in Geography, Edwin S. Thomas.


December 3-James G. Schaeffer, football and baseball coach, and Farnham P. Griffiths, formerly Secretary to the President.

January 21-George Herbert Palmer, Professor of Philosophy, Emeritus, in Harvard University and Lecturer in Philosophy on the Mills Foundation in the University of California, and Rev. Benwell Hinson, of the Baptist Church.

February 4-Dr. Ray Lyman Wilbur, President of Leland Stanford, Jr., University.

February 18-Paul L. Fussell, '16, who represented the students of the University of California with the Ford Peace Expedition, and Professor Vernon L. Kellogg of Stanford University, of late in charge of the work in Northern France of the American Commission for Relief in Belgium.


December 1-Dr. L. T. Jones, Instructor in Physics, "Electric Discharges through Gases."

December 3-E. P. Lewis, Professor of Physics, "Phosphorescence and Electrical Conductivity at the Temperature of Liquid Helium.''

December 6-F. E. Scotford, formerly Manager of the Pacific Railway Advertising Company, "The Theory and Practice of Advertising."

December 8-Dr. L. T. Jones, Instructor in Physics, "The Cathode Ray."

December 9-Dr. Thomas Addison, Pacific Coast Manager of the General Electric Company; A. U. Brandt, Engineer of the Electrical Department for Alameda County; F. R. Alder, Teacher of Electrical Construction in the Vocational High School, Oakland; and Mr. Harmon D. Jones of the Western Union Telegraph Company (before the Society for the Promotion of Vocational Education and Occupational Guidance).

December 10-Dr. Jacob Loewenberg, Instructor in Philosophy, "Mysticism and Idealism" (before the Philosophical Union).

January 11-G. W. Fishback, formerly of the United States Diplomatic and Consular Service, "Memorabilia of Expositions: Their Evolution and Development, from that at London in 1851 to the Panama-Pacific International Exposition in 1915."

January 13-Dr. Hans Lisser, Assistant in Medicine, "Syphilis of the Lung," with demonstration of plates by Dr. H. E. Ruggles, Assistant in Surgery; Dr. K. F. Meyer, Associate Professor of Tropical Medicine, "The Bacteriology of Infantile Dysentery;" discussion opened by Dr. W. P. Lucas, Professor of Pediatrics (before the University Hospital Medical Society).

January 19—Dr. B. J. Cady, Veterinary Field Agent of the Bureau of Animal Industry, "Swine Raising and Swine Diseases."

January 25-C. J. Pierson, "The Insect Fauna of the Eucalyptus and the California Pepper Tree in the Bay Regions;" C. W. Woodworth, Professor of Entomology, "The Theory and Use of the Microscope" (before the Entomology Club).

January 30-Memorial Address at the Memorial Services in Agriculture Hall in honor of Eugene Woldemar Hilgard, Professor of Agriculture, Emeritus, by Edward J. Wickson, Professor of Horticulture, Emeritus.

February 3-Dr. W. P. Lucas, Professor of Pediatrics, "The Cerebrospinal Fluid in Meningeal Conditions, with Special Reference to Polioencephalitis" (before the University Hospital Medical Society); F. H. Falconer, Assistant in Medicine, "A Report of some Infections with Bacilli of the Typhoid-Colon Group."

February 9-John McNaught, formerly of the editorial staff of the San Francisco "Call" and the New York "World,” “Journalism and the University."

February 16-John McNaught, "Journalism and the Newspaper."

February 16-J. A. Long, Assistant Professor of Embryology, "Fertilization and Some Associated Phenomena in Mammals, with Especial Reference to the Living Eggs of Rats and Mice" (before Sigma Xi).

February 21-Dr. Kuno Meyer, Professor of Celtic in the University of Berlin, "Old Irish Poetry."

February 23-John McNaught, "The Ethics of Journalism.'' February 23-S. B. Freeborn, Instructor in Entomology, "Progress in Medical Parasitology;" M. C. Richter, '09, "Bee-Keeping in Chile" (before the Entomology Club).

February 24-Paul Fussell, Adventures of a Peace Advocate' (before the Cosmopolitan Club).

February 25-G. M. Stratton, Professor of Psychology on the Mills Foundation, "The Psychology of Mysticism" (before the Philosophical Union).

February 25-Ralph S. Minor, Associate Professor of Physics, "The Spectroscopy of the Extreme Ultra-Violet."

February 25-C. B. Babcock, "The Superiority of Gas Illumina


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More than 500 people, of whom four-fifths are men and the great majority between the ages of 25 and 35, are attending the course of fifteen lectures on "The City Man's Chances in Agriculture" being given by different members of the faculty of the College of Agriculture, through co-operation between the University and the Educational Department of the San Francisco Y. M. C. A., at the Y. M. C. A. Auditorium in San Francisco.

LECTURES AT THE MUSEUM OF ANTHROPOLOGY (At the Museum, on Parnassus Avenue, San Francisco, on Sunday afternoons,)

December 5-J. Marius Scammell, Teaching Fellow in Anthropology, "The Evolution of Modern Military Tactics."'

January 9-Dr. Richard Thürnwald, of the Museum of Ethnology of Berlin, "Life in New Guinea."

January 16-Dr. Richard Thürnwald, "Leben in Neu Guinea.' January 23-E. W. Gifford, Assistant Curator of the Museum of Anthropology, "San Francisco Bay Shellmounds.''

January 30-E. W. Gifford, "The Maidu Indians of the Sacramento Valley."

February 6-E. W. Gifford, "Indians of Central California."' February 13-Dr. Richard Thürnwald, "Reisen auf den SalomoInseln."

February 20-E. W. Gifford, "Indian Cultures of Northwestern California."

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February 27-E. W. Gifford, "Indian Cultures of the Santa Barbara Region of California.'

LECTURES ON LOCAL FAUNISTICS AND BIOLOGY January 17-Albert L. Barrows, Instructor in Zoology, and Wood-Boring Animals on the Pacific Coast."'


January 24-John C. Merriam, Professor of Palaeontology and Historical Geology, "The Ancient Mammalian Fauna of the San Francisco Bay Region."

February 1—Dr. Harold C. Bryant, of the staff of the California State Fish and Game Commission, "Mammals of the San Francisco Bay Region."'

February 7-Dr. Harold C. Bryant, "Reptiles of California." February 14-Dr. Harold C. Bryant, “Amphibia of California.' February 21-Albert L. Barrows, "Parasitism among Animals." February 28-Dr. Harold C. Bryant, "The Economic Relations of California Birds."'


James T. Allen, Associate Professor of Greek, continued his series of public readings from Greek plays as follows: February 2, the "Agamemnon" of Aeschylus (translation of Dr. Walter Headlam); February 9, the "Libation Bearers" of Aeschylus

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