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(translation of Professor Blackie); February 18, the "Cyclops" of Euripides (translation of Shelley); February 23, the "Electra" of Sophocles (translation of Sir George Young).


(At the University Hospital, Saturday mornings.)

January 15-Dr. E. L. Walker, Associate Professor of Tropical Medicine, of the Hooper Foundation for Medical Research, "The Scope of the Literature on Tropical Medicine.”

January 22-Dr. E. L. Walker, Associate Professor of Tropical Medicine, of the Hooper Foundation for Medical Research, "Entamoebiasis, ," with clinical discussion by Dr. H. C. Moffitt, Professor of Medicine and Dean of the University of California Medical School.

January 29-Dr. E. L. Walker, "Leishmanioses," with clinical discussion by Dean H. C. Moffitt.

February 5-Dr. K. F. Meyer, "Trypanosomiases."'

February 19-Dean H. C. Moffitt, "Clinical Aspects of Malaria in California."

February 26-Dr. K. F. Meyer, "Spirochaetiases.''


During the spring lectures on various topics in mining engineering and metallurgy are being delivered by visiting experts. Among those who have spoken are:

Professor L. E. Young of the University of Illinois, formerly Director of the Rolla School of Mines: January 11, "The Economics of Shoveling;" January 12, "Mining Bonds;" January 13, "Some Principles of Economics Applied to Mining;" January 13, "Profit Sharing in Mining."

T. A. Rickard, Editor of the "Mining and Scientific Press," "" 'General Review, the Growth of the Economic Idea, Recent Theories of Enrichment, the Creation of a Gold Vein;" February 1, "Fortuitous Discoveries, the Aid of Mineralogy, Elementary Inferences and the Application of them in Colorado, Nova Scotia, and Australia;" February 2, "The Structural Geology of Leadville, the use of Geologic Maps, the Ore Deposits of Rico, Contacts and Verticals, Replacement Deposits of the Black Hills;" February 3, "Frost as a Geologic Agent, the Discovery of the Klondike, Mining in the Yukon, the Geology of Bonanza Creek, Steam Thawing, Coal Mining in Spitzbergen;" February 4, "The Golden Sands of Nome, the Raised Beaches, the Romance of Mining, Conclusion.''

February 21-F. H. Probert, consulting engineer and mining geologist, "Outcrops and the Zone of Oxidation, General Presentation of the Problems Involved, Anatomy of the Earth's Crust, Physical Forces at Work."


A series of fifteen lectures and demonstrations were arranged by the Department of Physical Education for the half-year beginning in January, 1916. Among the speakers were:

February 1-W. S. Wollner, San Francisco Scout Commissioner, "A Brief Outline and History of the National Organization of the Boy Scouts of America;" F. L. Kleeberger, Assistant Professor of Physical Culture, "The Local Organization and its Relation to the City of Berkeley and the University of California;' B. M. Cherrington, Secretary of the University Y. M. C. A., "The Benefits of such Work with Boys;" H. R. Wilson, Boy Scout Executive for Berkeley, "The Tenderfoot Test."

February 8-H. R. Wilson, Examination of Scout Masters in the Tenderfoot Test;" Dr. A. M. Meads, "First Aid to the Injured: the First Principles. 22

February 15-A. H. Singleton, U. S. N., Naval Training Station, San Francisco, "Setting-Up Drills; Marching; Signalling; General Scoutcraft.'

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February 22-Albert H. Allen, of the Sierra Club, Manager of the University Press; "How to Hike: Distance, Equipment, Clothes, Shoes, Food, Water, Games, Discipline, Scoutpace;" Dr. A. M. Meads, "First Aid Lecture: Demonstration, Practice."



(In the Greek Theatre on Sunday Afternoons.)

December 5-Miss Effie Stewart, soprano, accompanied by Ashley Pettis.


December 4-Annual Glee Club Concert, in the Harmon Gymna

December 10-Miss Maude Powell, violinist, and Arthur Loesser, pianist (before the Berkeley Musical Association).

February 1-Ossip Gabrilowitsch, the pianist (before the Berkeley Musical Association).

February 15-San Francisco Quintet Club, composed of Louis W. Ford, violin; Emile Rossett, violin; Clarence B. Evans, viola; Victor De Gomez, violoncello; Gyula Ormay, piano; and Elias M. Hecht, flute; presenting the Schumann quartette in A major (op. 41); the Mozart quartet in C Major, and the Dohnanyi quintet (op. 1), under the auspices of the Department of Music and the Berkeley Musical Association.

February 17-Miss Katherine Heyman, pianist, in a "University Recital' of music by Balfour Gardiner, Moussorgsky, Schoenberg, Rhené-Baton, Grovlez, Scriabine, and Debussy.

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