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by more detailed sections under the various subheads of municipal law. A section on International Law is contained in pages 130–136. This is followed by sections on Colonial Law and Canon Law. A glossary of Spanish legal terms with their English equivalents, which appears at the end of the volume preceding the index, will be found useful to many American students and lawyers.

To those who are interested in Spanish-American law, the announcement in the preface by Mr. Borchard that the present guide "is intended to constitute the foundation for a Guide to the Law and Legal Literature of Latin America, which is now in course of preparation," will be received with great satisfaction and warm approval. The appearance of such a guide will be most useful in aiding the increase of knowledge and understanding of Latin Americans by their Anglo-Saxon neighbors and thus contribute materially to the movement now so earnestly fostered and encouraged by the leaders of opinion in the two halves of the Western Hemisphere for the creation and maintenance of closer bonds of unity and sympathy.



[For table of abbreviations, see page 963]

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