Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution, Часть 1

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The Institution, 1886
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Report for 1915 includes article by Louis Agassiz Fuertes titled "Impressions of the voices of tropical birds," p. 299-323.

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Стр. x - together with six other persons, other than members of Congress, two of whom shall be resident in the city of Washington, and the other four shall be inhabitants of some State, but no two of the same State.
Стр. 346 - SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION. International exchanges, Smithsonian Institution: For expenses of the system of international exchanges between the United States and foreign countries, under the direction of the Smithsonian Institution, including salaries or compensation of all necessary employes, ten thousand dollars.
Стр. 3 - The head of each Department, except the Department of Justice, shall furnish to the Congressional Printer copies of the documents usually accompanying his annual report, on or before the first day of November in each year, and a copy of his annual report on or before the third Monday of November in each year.*
Стр. ix - Clerk. REGENTS OF THE SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION. By the organizing act approved August 10, 1846, (Revised Statutes, title LXXIII, section 5580,) "The business of the Institution shall be conducted at the city of Washington by a Board of Regents, named the Regents of the Smithsonian Institution, to be composed of the VicePresident, the Chief Justice of the United States [and the Governor
Стр. 347 - superintendence of the Secretary of War. SEC. 2. That the sum of two hundred thousand dollars is hereby appropriated, out of any moneys in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the commencement and completion of said building. (Approved March 2, 1885,
Стр. xv - of the Smithsonian Institution respectfully submits the following report in relation to the funds of the Institution, the appropriations by Congress for the National Museum and other purposes, and the receipts and expenditures for the Institution and the Museum since December 31, 1884. At the last meeting of the Board
Стр. 346 - WAR DEPARTMENT. For the transportation of reports and maps to foreign countries: For the transportation of reports and maps to foreign countries, through the Smithsonian Institute, two hundred dollars. (Sundry civil appropriation act. Approved March 3, 1885, chapter
Стр. 546 - Island. Mit Karte. Kjöbenhavn, 1750,1752. 8vo. Natural history of Iceland, interspersed with an account of the island, by Anderson. Translated from the Danish original. With a map. London, 1758. folio. Nouvelle description physique, civile et politique de l'Islande, avec des observations critiques sur l'histoire naturelle de cette
Стр. 20 - Star Line (Peter Wright & Sons, agents), Philadelphia and New York. White Cross Line of Antwerp (Funch, Edye & Co., agents), New York. Wilson & Asmus, New York. The concessions of reduced freight on the part of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company and the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company,
Стр. 566 - The rules are identical with those adopted for the Admiralty charts, and will henceforth be used in all publications of the society. 1. No change will be made in the orthography of foreign names in countries which use

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