The Heath Readers: Primer, [First-sixth reader]

Передняя обложка
D.C. Heath, 1903
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Стр. 72 - Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are! Up above the world so high, Like a diamond in the sky.
Стр. 94 - LITTLE drops of water, Little grains of sand, Make the mighty ocean And the pleasant land.
Стр. 72 - In the dark blue sky you keep, And often through my curtains peep, For you never shut your eye Till the sun is in the sky. As your bright and tiny spark Lights the traveller in the dark, Though I know not what you are. Twinkle, twinkle, little star.
Стр. 42 - Pussy Cat Pussy cat, pussy cat, where have you been? I have been to London to see the queen. Pussy cat, pussy cat, what did you there? I frightened a little mouse under her chair.
Стр. 94 - To do to others as I would That they should do to me, Will make me honest, kind, and good, As children ought to be.
Стр. 54 - The goldenrod is yellow, The corn is turning brown, The trees in apple orchards With fruit are bending down ; The gentian's bluest fringes Are curling in the sun; In dusty pods the milkweed Its hidden silk has spun ; The sedges flaunt their harvest In every meadow nook, And asters by the brookside Make asters in the brook; From dewy lanes at morning The grapes...
Стр. 83 - Indian," so draw a line under Indian. (b) Spring is the time for planting seeds. They grow fastest in summer. Autumn is the harvest time. "When are seeds put into the ground? Spring' Summer Autumn Winter The answer to this exercise is "spring.
Стр. 125 - ... We would do it gladly," said the birds, " but you cannot fly ; how can it be done ?" " Very easily," said the frog. " Get a stout stick, and one of you take hold of one end, and the other of you take hold of the other end, and I'll take hold of the middle.
Стр. 127 - The North Wind once said to the Sun, ' I am stronger than you. "I can make that man take off his coat." He blew as hard as he could, but the man only drew his coat closer. " Now let me try,
Стр. 41 - A CARPENTER BUILDS SHELTER FOR SOME ANIMALS ONCE a horse, a cow, a sheep, a dog, a cat, and a hen met on the same road and traveled along together. Soon the days grew cold, and they could not find enough to eat. " I wish I had a warm barn,

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