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Xulon Press, 2008 - Всего страниц: 448
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Synopsis for Magnus by Matthew Dickens What do the following things have in common Christ's parable about the Mustard Tree. Samson's riddle to the Philistines. NicoloPaganini's 13th Caprice. Mary Shelleys novel Frankenstein. The The Luciferian symbols in Napoleon's tomb. The Massorah Magna of the Hebrew Bible. The first edition mustard-colored jacket cover for Bram Stoker's novel Dracula. The Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906. The resurrection of Judas Iscariot. And the Apostle Paul's prophetic writings about the Mystery of Iniquity. Only one man can decipher this ancient enigma. A man nearly two thousand years old. He is not Longinus or the Wandering Jew. He is something else, a living foreshadow of the returning Christ. Born in the Bethlehem in 23 A.D. to parents of great power, Magnus the Lehohn soon discovers his life has been marked by a parabolic shadow that will take him across the centuries. Though born a prince in the Tribe of Judah, his Gentile mother prepares him for the life of a warrior after his father and brother are murdered by a Cappadocian assassin. But his earthly training in the elite cavalry units of the Roman Army is just the beginning. On the eve of Jerusalems fall, Magnus is crowned by the Archangel Michael as the next champion in the Shekinah Legacy. Gifted with the preternatural abilities of Old Testament champions, and a secret power which no demon or angel can stand against, Magnus begins his journey through time to discover the truth. And when he does, the Word of God will shake Heaven and Earth like never before. Biography: Matthew Dickens has been a writer and Biblical researcher for nearly fifteen years. He is represented by Peter Rubie, CEO of theNew York based agency Fine Print Literary Management.

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