The works of Charles Dickens. Household ed. [22 vols. Orig. issued in monthly parts].

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Стр. 330 - Oh for a good spirit who would take the house-tops off, with a more potent and benignant hand than the lame demon in the tale, and show a Christian people what dark shapes issue from amidst their homes, to swell the retinue of the Destroying Angel as he moves forth among them...
Стр. 2 - Those three words conveyed the one idea of Mr. Dombey's life. The earth was made for Dombey and Son to trade in, and the sun and moon were made to give them light. Rivers and seas were formed to float their ships ; rainbows gave them promise of fair weather ; winds blew for or against their enterprises ; stars and planets circled in their orbits, to preserve inviolate a system of which they were the centre. Common abbreviations took new meanings in his eyes, and had sole reference to them : AD had...
Стр. 113 - Where the old rotten summer-houses once had stood, palaces now reared their heads, and granite columns of gigantic girth opened a vista to the railway world beyond. The miserable waste ground, where the refuse-matter had been heaped of yore, was swallowed up and gone ; and in its frowsy stead were tiers of warehouses, crammed with rich goods and costly merchandise.
Стр. 115 - When the sunbeams struck into his room through the rustling blinds, and quivered on the opposite wall like golden water, he knew that evening was coming on, and that the sky was red and beautiful. As the reflection died away, and a gloom went creeping up the wall, he watched it deepen, deepen, deepen into night.
Стр. 1 - DOMBEY sat in the corner of the darkened room in the great arm-chair by the bedside, and Son lay tucked up warm in a little basket bedstead, carefully disposed on a low settee immediately in front of the fire and close to it, as if his constitution were analogous to that of a muffin, and it was essential to toast him brown while he was very new.
Стр. 115 - ... childish hands — or choke its way with sand — and when he saw it coming on, resistless, he cried out. But a word from Florence, who was always at his side, restored him to himself ; and leaning his poor head upon her breast, he told Floy of his dream, and smiled. When...
Стр. 115 - "Where, dearest?" " There ! at the bottom of the bed." " There's nothing there, except papa ! " The figure lifted up its head, and rose, and coming to the bedside, said : "My own boy ! Don't you know me?
Стр. 113 - ... shops, and railway journals in the windows of its newsmen. There were railway hotels, coffee-houses, lodging-houses, boarding-houses ; railway plans, maps, views, wrappers, bottles, sandwich-boxes, and time-tables ; railway hackney-coach and cab-stands ; railway omnibuses, railway streets and buildings, railway hangers-on and parasites, and flatterers out of all calculation. There was even railway time observed in clocks, as if the sun itself had given in.
Стр. 52 - Pipchin ; but his relict still wore black bombazine, of such a lustreless, deep, dead, sombre shade, that gas itself couldn't light her up after dark, and her presence was a quencher to any number of candles. She was generally spoken of as

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