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This collection of "Readings in Political Science" is designed to accompany the editor's "Introduction to Political Science," and the choice and arrangement of material have been influenced by the plan of that volume. At the same time it may be used to accompany other manuals that cover the general field of political science, or it may be read with profit by all who desire an introduction to the body of literature that deals with the origin, development, organization, and activities of the state.

All teachers realize the necessity of having their students read more than is contained in the textbook, and valuable selections of material to direct such reading have recently appeared for the students of history, economics, sociology, and American government. As yet, however, no book of readings for the general subject of political science has been attempted, and the editor claims the indulgence due to one who ventures into an untried field.

In a number of cases contemporary accounts or official documents have been quoted, but no effort has been made to secure material from obscure or out-of-the-way sources. On the contrary, extracts have been taken, whenever possible, from recognized modern authorities - from books the majority of which will be found in every well-appointed college library. In this way it is hoped that students will be led to read further, using this volume as a framework around which their reading may be organized. Besides, the selections in this book may serve as a basis for classroom discussion, the case system of instruction being particularly applicable to political science.

The editor wishes to acknowledge his indebtedness to the authors whose works have been drawn upon for material in this volume, and to extend his thanks to the various publishers for their gracious permission to reprint this material. Invaluable assistance in the preparation of the manuscript has been given by the editor's wife.




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