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tions by the Rev. Peter Whalley, of St. John's College, Oxford; who likewise inserted, for the first time, his comedy entitled, The Case is Altered.'

There is reason to believe, that he had a design to write an epic poem, in couplets (as he detested all other rhyme) under the name Heroologia, or the Worthies of the Country.' It is said, indeed, that he actually drew up a Discourse on Poetry, both against Campion and Daniel, especially the latter, in which he proved couplets to be the best sort of verses.

From these accounts (observes Chalmers) it may surely be inferred, that Jonson in his life-time occupied a high station in the literary world. So many memorials of character, and so many eulogiums on talents, have not fallen to the lot of many writers of that age. His failings, however, appear to have been so conspicuous, as to obscure his virtues. Addicted to intemperance, with the unequal temper which habitual intemperance creates, and disappointed in the hopes of wealth and independence, which his high opinion of his talents led him to form; degene rating even to the resources of a libeller, who extorts from fear what is denied to genius, he became arrogant, and careless of pleasing even those with whom he associated. Of the coarseness of his manners there can be no doubt; but it appears, at the same time, that his talents were such, as made his temper be tolerated for the sake of his conversation, As to his high opinion of himself, he did not, probably differ from his contemporaries, who hailed

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* Two works, at least, already exist under this title, and both somewhat scarce: Robert Hall's 'Hpwoλoyix Anglorum, or an Helpe to English History, 12mo.; and a thin folio by Holland, containing numerous heads with short Latin Memoirs appended.

him the reformer of the stage, and the most learned of critics;' and it is no great diminution of his merit, that an age of more refinement cannot find enough to justify the superior light, in which he was contemplated. It is sufficient, that he did what had not been done before; that he displayed a judgement, to which the stage had been a stranger, and furnished it with examples of regular comedy which have not been surpassed.

C. Baldwin, Printer, New Bridge-street, London.


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