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THE PATENT LEAF-HOLDER. The principle of issuing useful information at the lowest possible price at short intervals, has led to a consideration of the best method of preserving in a regular order the separate copies of the Tracts so published. A common Portfolio will, undoubtedly, secure the numbers of such works as the “ Penny Magazine” from injury; but the proper order is liable to be deranged, and they cannot in this form be read together as in a book. An ingenious mechanic has invented a little instrument to be attached to the back of a Portfolio, by which as few as two or three, or as many as forty or fifty sheets may be held tightly together as if they were bound, the volume thus secured opening with as much ease as a sewed book. The compression can be immediately withdrawn, and a number or numbers added or subtracted without the slightest difficulty. The principle is, of course, equally applicable to music, prints, and

manuscripts. A patent has been taken out for this invention ; and the Portfolios, with leather backs and cloth sides, may now be had of the following sizes, and at the affixed retail prices :

Iron Holder. Brass Holder.
Demy Octavo, for the Mirror, and similar d.

Publications, Pamphlets, &c.
Post QUARTO, for Letters

4 6
Por Folio, for Penny Magazine and Cy-
clopædia, Saturday Magazine, &c.

4 6
Foolscap Folio, for Parliamentary Pa-
pers, Invoices, &c..

5 6
Crown Folio, for Music .
DOUBLE FoolSCAP, for the Maps of the

Society for the Diffusion of Useful Know-
ledge, Prints, &c.

8 0

9 0 London: CHARLES KNIGHT, 22, Ludgate Street, aud 13, Pall Mall East.

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GENTLEMEN troubled with the above, will do well to try MECHI'S MAGIC RAZOR STROP and PASTE, which they can have procured in any part of the kingdom, by giving the order to their stationer, perfumer, or druggist, at the same price as if purchased at Mechi's warehouse, because a liberal profit is allowed by him to the retail shopkeeper. Those at 58., 6s. 6d., 88. 6d., and 12s. are strongly recommended, being very large. The extraordinary properties of this Strop and Paste, and its extended sale, having called into action a host of itinerant impostors desirous of foisting on the public, a spurious article of their own, some under pretence of having worked for Mechi, and others going so far ('tis almost amusing !) to say they have supplied Mechi with his recipe, &c. &c. The public are cautioned to notice the naine, (the only one in this country) and purchase of respectable Shops, and they will thus avoid pain and inconvenience. Shop and Warehouse, 4, Leadenhall Street (four doors from Cornhill), London : Manufactory, 12, Cambridge Road, Mile End. A splendid assortment of razors, penknives, table cuilery, scissors, dressing cases, work boxes, writing desks, tea caddies, billiard and bagatelle tables, draft and chess men, backgammon boards, brushes, combs, perfumery, and every article for the work and dressing table.

MINERAL SUCCEDANEUM FOR FILLING DECAYED TEETH and INCORRODIBLE ARTFICIAL TEETH.--Mons. MALLAN and SONS, Surgeon-Dentists, No. 32, Great Russell-street, Bloomsbury, continue to restore Decayed Teeth with their celebrated MINERAL SUCCEDANEUM, applied without heat or pressure; they also fasten loose Teeth, whether arising from age or from the use of calomel. Artificial and Natural Teeth fixed, from one to a complete set, without wires or other ligatures, warranted for mastication and articulation. Charges as in Paris.


Published every Saturday Morning, printed on a large Sheet of 16 Quarto

Pages, containing 48 closely printed Columns, and comprising a GREAT VARIETY OF NOVEL AND INTERESTING MATTER, THE LONDON LITERARY GAZETTE,

And Journal of Belles Lettres, Arts, Sciences, &c. Pursuing its original course, with unaltered and unalterable purposes, while the modern periodical press has teemed with such a multitude of publications in every shape, from the Six.shilling Monthly to the Penny Weekly, the LITERARY GAZETTE has only been anxious, by redoubled activity and the employ.

ment of such superior talent as it could add to its former arrangements, still more decidedly to merit the high and flattering distinction which has rewarded its exertions and confirmed its widely extended influence. In 1832,

NEARLY A THOUSAND VOLUMES WERE IMPARTIALLY REviewed in its pages; and nothing of interest to SCIENCE, THE ARTS, AND THE LiteRATURE OF THE Time, passed without an early and significant record in its rapidly succeeding Numbers.

Endeavouring to recommend the useful by a fair proportion of the amusing, many

ORIGINAL PAPERS, of a lively character;

POETRY, by popular anthors;

CRITICISMS on Music and the DRAMA;

and other MISCELLANIES, varied the contents each week; and the utmost diligence was given to the complete registry of every Novelty, so that the Year's Volume should enable the reader to acquire a perfect know. ledge of all that the year had produced worthy of the attention of the scholar or well-informed member of society.

The present year is only distinguished by further exertions to merit the conlinned confidence and approbation of the public. An ample Acconnt of the BRITISH AssociATION at CAMBRIDGE was contained in five numbers; Lander's Expedition, and other similar proceedings, have been authentically described ;—some very curious matters connected with our past Literature have been brought to light;- Biographical Sketches, and Sketches of Society, have been more numerous:--- and it is hoped that every Department of the Journal has been improved.

There is also a Stamped Edition, for circulation by Post : the Continent, America, and all the Colonies, are regularly supplied with it; the information is therefore quickly spread, and the influence of the Gazette is felt over every quarter of the earth.

London: W. A. SCRIPPS, 7, Wellington-street, Strand.

On the 1st November, Vol. III. of the NATURALIST'S LIBRARY, 32 Plates Coloured, and Wood Cuts, foolscap 8vo. extra morocco cloth, price 68., being Vol. 28 of the Ornithology, and containing the completion of the Natural History of HUMMING BIRDS, with Memoir and Portrait of Pennant. By Sir WILLIAM JARDINE, Bart. F.R.S.E. &c. &c. &c.

Lately published, Vol. I. of ORNITHOLOGY.-On the NATURAL HISTORY OF HUMMING BIRDS. 36 Plates, coloured.

Also, Vol. I. of MAMMALIA.—On the NATURAL HISTORY of MONKEYS. 32 Plates, Colonred.

The two volumes of Humming Birds, elegantly done up in one, in rich silk binding, and gilt leaves, are in preparation for

Containing 66 Plates Coloured, together with Portraits, and Memoirs of

Linnæus and Pennant. Price 11s.
Edinburgh : W. H. Lizars; Stirling & Kenney. London: Longman & Co.

Dublin : Wm. Curry, Jun, and Co.

2, Catherine Street, Strand, London.

THE ATHENÆUM, London Journal of Literature, Science, and the Fine Arts, (published every

Saturday,) Price FOURPENCE, Contains (in Sixteen large Quarto Pages) Reviews of all important Works, both English and Foreign-Reports ( some exclusively and by authority ) of all that is interesting in the Proceedings of the LEARNED and SCIENTIFIC Societies-AUTHENTIC Accounts of all Scientific VOYAGES and EXPEDITIONS - BIOGRAPHICAL Notices of DistinGUISHED MEN - ORIGINAL PAPERS and Poems-Notices of Works of Art, Exhibitions, New Prints, New Music, the Opera, Theatres, &c.; with Miscellanea, including all that is likely to interest the informed and the intelligent.

EXTRACT FROM THE ADDRESS OF THE PROPRIETORS. It has been the fashion of those who would neither undertake the labour nor hazard the cost of making the reader acquainted with the progressive development of the universal mind, to persuade themselves that Englishmen were like the snail in the Hindù proverb, which, seeing nothing beyond its shell, believed it to be the finest palace in the world--we have ever thought and acted differently. The literary world, in our opinion, is as eager for an interchange of knowledge, as our traders for an interchange of manufactures ; and it is our ambitious hope that ultimately the Athenæum will become the literary mart where all nations must offer tribute of their wisdom-therefore it was, that, in the late dearth of sound English literature, we availed ourselves

of the opportunity to make the reader acquainted with what our Continental neighbours were thinking and doing. One circumstance, however, weighed against us; there was, unfortunately, no point from which we could start—all was unknown. The review of a foreign work, however comprehensive it might be, was but an isolated thing, and not a part of a whole : the English public knew little relating to the author or the work; still less of the author or his work, in relation to the general literature of his country. We have long considered how best to obviate this difficulty; and our plans are now sufficiently matured to justify us in announcing them : we have made arrangements for giving, in extra sheets of the Athenæum, successive series of papers, on the LITERATURE OF THE NINETEENTH CENTURY. Each series will appear consecutively : the first, on German Literature, which will be continued every fortnight until complete ;-then French, Italian, Spanish, and American, all in preparation, will follow. To each series the name of the writer will be prefixed; and it will then appear that no cost has been spared to secure the services of the most distinguished men in Europe. It is intended that each series shall be full and comprehensive-in proof, the articles on German Literature will equal in extent an octavo volume; France but little less ; Spain, Italy, America, each perhaps equal to half a volume; the Northern and Eastern Nations according to their relative importance. The papers on German Literature are to be delivered to us in November; the translation may therefore be completed before Christmas; but the scheme is so extensive, and regularity is dependent on so many separate individuals, as to make us cautious of specific promise, beyond the general intention. In the meantime, that our own Literature might have due honour, a series on the Literature of England Juring the Nineteenth Century; or better, perhaps, A BIOGRAPHICAL and CRITICAL HISTORY of the LITERATURE of the LAST FIFTY YEARS, by Mr. ALLAN CUNNINGHAM, will take precedence, commencing on Saturday, the 26th of October. And now, whether we have wisely calculated on the wants and wishes of the English literary public, time only can determine. The proposed series, with translations, printing, and paper, cannot cost us less than two, and will probably exceed three, thousand pounds; but not one farthing to the subscribersthe whole being a gratuitous addition to the present paper.

The ATHENÆUM may be ordered of all Booksellers. Wholesale Agents :For Scotland, Bell and Bradfute, Edinburgh ; for Ireland, Wakeman, Dublin ; for America, 0. Rich, Red Lion Square, London; and Peabody and Co., New York. Agent for the Continent, M. Baudry, Librairie Européenne, Rue du Coq, No. 9, Paris.

Manning & Co., Printers, London-House Yard, St. Paul's.





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