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Accounts of the procession to the temple-Bethphage, why specified
before Bethany-High road to Jericho over Olivet-Meeting of
our Saviour, by the Jews from Jerusalem-Boughs, why carried on
this occasion-Meaning of the act of strewing clothes in the
way-Mission of Peter and John for the ass's colt-Reconci-
liation of the several accounts-The colt alone used by our Lord
-Ephippia or garments of the disciples, on which he rode-Pre-
sence of the dam along with the colt-Hosannas or acclamations
of our Lord's attendants-Karáßaois of mount Olivet-Remon-

Cleansing of the temple, whether now performed--Cleansing of the
temple, according to St. Matthew, either twice performed, or re-
lated out of its place the day before—Incident of the children in
the temple-Probability of the latter alternative, rather than the
former-Circumstances of the cleansing in St. Matthew, similar
to those in St. Mark-Arrival at the temple the evening before,

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Question of the Sadducees-Proposed a real case-Admits a resur-
rection to come, in order to reduce it ad absurdum-False first

Unction at Bethany-Altogether different from the unction in St.
Luke-Unction in St. John, the same with that in St. Matthew
and St. Mark-Unction in St. John, recorded in its proper place;
yet the unction in St. Matthew and St. Mark, not properly recorded
out of it-Distinction between a transposition, and an historical
recapitulation-Connection of the account of the unction with the
treachery of Judas-History of this treachery, divisible into three
stages-First conception of the design, due to what passed at the
unction on the Saturday-Compact with the sanhedrim, concluded
on the Wednesday-No objection, that Judas must have harboured

Argument first-Passover of our Lord, whatever it was, celebrated
on Thursday-Message of our Lord, preparatory to its celebration,

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