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April 5 in the Julian year, equivalent to April 3 in the Tropical or
natural-Correction of the civil year by Cæsar-Erroneous as-
sumption of the length of the natural year-Erroneous determina-
tion of the cardinal points in the Julian year, by Sosigenes-Per-
petuation of his error in the modern Julian year-Correction of
the calendar by pope Gregory, and its object-Vernal Equinox, at
the time of the council of Nice-Eclipses above quoted, calculated
in dates of the Gregorian year-Adaptation of these dates to the
corresponding dates in the natural-Calculation of the eclipse
before the Nativity, by Mr. Jenkyns-April 3, B. C. 4, the
date of the Nativity, as well as of the Vernal Equinox, B. C.


Date of the first of the Levitical passovers, and place in the days of

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First of Zachariah-Interregnum of twelve years in the kingdom

Canon of Ptolemy-First of Evil-merodach-Evil-merodach the

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Ezekiel iv. 5, 6—Various readings of the numbers in those texts-
End of the numbers, and beginning answerable to it-B. C. 1018,
the year of the numbering in the reign of David-2 Sam. xxiv.
13, and 1 Chron. xxi. 12—B. C. 1017, a sabbatic year...527-530


Chronology of the latter half of the reign of David-Age of Solo-
mon, when he came to the throne-Death of Amon-Return of
Absalom-2 Samuel xv. 7, 8-Death of Absalom-Three years'

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