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Doctrine of tutelar angels, as opposed by the bishop, not involved in
this question-Charged by the bishop with consequences to which

Notes of time in the Apology-Persons addressed in the opening

Age of our Lord at his baptism, and when he entered on his ministry,

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Hippolytus Portuensis-Date of the Nativity according to Hippo-
lytus-Latin Chronicon, ascribed to Hippolytus-Placed the Na-


tivity in the spring-Portus Romanus-Siege of Rome by Alaric

-Interval between the Nativity and Passion, according to Hippo-
lytus-Paschal calendar of Hippolytus-Nature of the double Oc-
taëteric cycle-Notices in the calendar-Γένεσις Χριστοῦ and

Πάθος Χριστοῦ-The Nativity and the Passion, and the times of

each-Computus Paschalis of Cyprian-Fragment of Hippolytus

Thebanus, ascribed to Hippolytus Portuensis .. 620-625

Archelaus-Rise of Manichæanism-Date of the Disputatio .625-626

Arnobius-Age of Arnobius..

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