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Presence of Herod at Jerusalem, at the last Passover-Quarrel of

Omission of this account by St. Luke-Omissions in St. Matthew,
supplied by St. Mark-Resulting conclusion of the final end of
St. Mark's account-Reconciliation of the accounts on this prin-
ciple, together


Ancient mode of reconciling these difficulties, the true-Two mi-

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racles performed, and at distinct times: the second related by

St. Mark, the first by St. Luke, and both by St. Matthew 46

Arrival of our Saviour, not necessarily on the sabbath-Course of
our Saviour, from the morning of the passage through Jericho, to
the time of stopping with Zacchaeus-Jesus in Peræa, on the
morning in question-Jordan crossed at Bethabara-Distance of
Jericho from Jerusalem-Rate of an ordinary day's journey Au-
lon of Jordan, and breadth, on both sides of the river-Site of Abila
on the verge of the Aulon-Distance of Abila from Bethany—
House of Zacchæus, between Jerusalem and Jericho-Final end of

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