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Copyrighted 1882.

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The Blind Cave Fishes and their Allies .....

S. A. Forbes...

A Singular Parasitic Isopod Crustacean and some of its Develop-

mental Stages....

Carl F. Gissler.

The Heterogony of Oxalis violacea..

William Trelease.

Forests-Their Influence upon Climate and Rainfall.

7. M. Anders .

Glacial Marks in Labrador..

d. S. Packard, yr..


The Siphonophores. (IV. - Anatomy and Development of


3. Walter Fewkes.

& ।

Remarks on the Cretaceous and Tertiary Flora of the Western


Leo Lesquereux ..

Structure and Ovarian Incubation of Gambusia patruelis, a Top-


John A. Ryder..

Note on a few of the Useful Plants of Northern Japan. . D. P. Penhallow.

Habits of Butterflies ...

11. H. Edward's .

The Tertiary Formations of the Central Region of the United

E. D. Cope..


A Pathogenic Schizophyte of the Hog.

H., Detmers.

195, 293

On Certain Aboriginal Implements from Napa county, California Robert E. C. Stearns

.F. V. Endlich .

Courtship and Marriage among the Choctaws of Mississippi . .H.C. Halbert.

Edwin A. Barber.
On the Flowers of Solanum rostratum and Cassia chamacrista. 2. E. Todd


1- Limulus an Arachnid?...

1. S. Packard, 7r.


lexican Caves with Human Remains .

Edward Palmer..


The Acorn-storing Habit of the California Woodpecker.

Robert E. ( Stearns..

Observations on some American forms of Chara coronata

T. F. Allen.

R'. Ellstorth Col!.

Ichthyological Papers by George Powers Dunbar, with a sketch

Jacob 1. lortman


7. E. Kingsley..
Transformations of Planurbis at Steinheim, with Remarks on the
Effects of Gravity upon the forms of Shells and Animals... Alpheus Hlyait..

E. 1). copii.
Charles Vlorris

470, 549, 650

II. N. Leckington.


On Some Entomostraca of Lake Michigan and Adjacent Waters. S. A. Forbes.

537, 640)

Notes on the Habits of sonie Western Snakes.

.H.A. Brous.


The Limit of the Innuit Tribes on the Alaska coast

. k'ın Petroff


Binjamin tl'ord.


Jary H. Hinckley.


Meth 3ds of Microscopical Research in the Zoological Station in

C 0. Whitman..

Notes on the Habits of the "Savannah Cricket Frog."

.697, 772

Charles S. Abbott .

The Evolution of Forms from the Clinton to the Niagara Group. Eugene N. S. Ringueberg .


D. 1. Prentiss.

Sketch of the Progress of North American Ichthyology in the

11. N. Lockington.


di S. Packard, fr..


Charles C. Abbott .


1.0. Ayres.

Samuel Lockwood. .854, 937

The Crustacean Nebalia and its Fossil Allies, representing the

S Packard Ir...


Iuliam ll. Pall. 874.9:

order Phyllocarida...

American Work on Recent Mollusca in 1881. .



Progress of Invertebrate Palæontology in the United States for

the year 1881

C. A. White ....

The Number of Bones at present known in the Pectoral and Pel-

vic Limbs of Birds, .

.R. W. Shufeldt


A Pilgrimage to Teotihuacan.

R. E. Hills


The Palæozoic Allies of Nebalia.

. A. S. Packard, Jr.


The Organic Compounds in their Relations to Life

. Lester F. Ward.


The Reptiles of the American Eocene .

.E. D. Cope..

• 979


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Consciousness, 224; Effort and Use in Evolution, 311; Charles R. Darwin, 487: Sexual Selec-
tion in Man, 490; Tax on Books coming through the Foreign Mails, 576; The Philadelphia
Academy of Natural Sciences, 663; Projects for commemorating men of science, 803; Guiteau's
Brain, 895 ; Arctic Exploration, 896; The British Association in 1884,836; The Gardener's
Monthly, 896; The Calaveras Skull, 836: Women in Universities, 996; Governmeni of Unversi-
ties, 995: The Calaveras Skull, 897, 995; Admission of Women to our Universities, 994: Ad-

ministration of Universities, 995.

Recent LiteraTURE,

Mivart's The Cat, 35: Thomas' Fifth Report on the Injurious Insects of Illinois, 39: Walcott

on the Organization of Trilobites, 40; Recent Books and Pamphlets, 41 ; Murphy's Habit and

Intelligence, 125: Southall's Pliocene Man in America, 128 ; Miss Ormerod's Manual of Inju-

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Botany.-Mimicry in Fungi, 42; Simblum rubescens Gerard, in Iowa, 42; The Asparagus

Stem for Laboratory Study, 43; The Abundance of Fresh-water Algæ, 43; The Systematic Ar-
rangeinent of the Thalloplaytes, 43 : Electric Light and Plant Growth, 46; Botanical Notes, 47:
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Zoology.—Observations on the species of Planarians parasitic on Limulus, 48; The Circulation

of Seasile-eyed Cristacea, 51; Viviparous Chirodota, 51; A marine Planarian and its Habitation,

52; Eye of Planarians, 53; The Structure and Affinities of the Hippopotamus, 53 ; Verrillia

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The Sparrow pest in Australia, 140; Occurrence of the Opossum in Central New York, 141; The

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of Apus, 142 ; Additional note on the egg cases of Planarians ectoparasitic on Limulus, 142 ;

Notes on some fresh-water Crustacea togсther with descriptions of two new species, 143: Revival

of Tardigrades after Desiccation, 146; Variation in Æquoria forskalea, 147; Development of the

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Cristarea, 244; Hairs of the anterior Antennæ of Crustacea, 244; Bythinia tentaculata, 244 ;

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Maps, 587 : Professor E. A. Birge on the first 2 yea stage of Pinnotheres ostreum, 58), Bypyroides

latesticola, a new species of Isopod Crustacean parasitic on a gull.weed Shrimp, 591; Zoologi.


! Nistes, 194 ; The Distribution of M. margaritifera, 675; Nomenclature of external parts of

Arb up wia, 676; Zoological Notes, 677: The Occurrence of Mephitis interrupta Rafinesque.

in North Carolina, 736; Note on Gadinia excentrica Tiberi, 737 ; Molluscan Notes, 737 ; Habits

of the Wodcork, 737: Feline Development, 738; Development of the Sturgeon and the Ho-

n! ging of the Vertebrate Brain, 739 : Recent Progress in the Study of Worms, 739 ; Nervous

System in Tape-worms, 740; Simroth's Nervous System and Locomotion of Germau land and

frexi -water Mollusks, 740; Zoology in France, 741; Development of the paired Fins in Sharks

anti Skates, 741; Mr. Stearns on Variation in American Planorbes, 741; Researches on the Com-

Barative Structure of the Cortex Cerebri, 742; Concluding Observations on the Locomotor Sys.

tem of Medusa, 743 : Ova of Echidna hystrix, 744 ; 2 vological Notes, 771; Habits of Fresh.

water Crustacea, 813; On the Habits of Cryptobranchus, 816: Mammals of New Guinea, 817;

Resaies of the Voyage of the Magenta, 819; The Ink-bag of the Cephalopoda, 820); Zoological
Nites, 8»t ; The Bite of the Gila Monster i Heloderma suspectum) 907; A land Shell new to the
L'nited states, oog: Gavarret on Astigmatism, 99; W. Leche upon the Milk Dentiti on and Ho-
m» gies of the Teeth of Cheiroptera, 910; Early Stages of the Clam, 911; Anatomy of the Ophi-
hit, bu, 311; Zoological Nores, 912; A new genus and species of the crustacean family Lynco.
Caplnica, 106; Food of the Nestlings of Turdus migratorius, 1007; More Complaint about
L'asser domesticus, 1008; A Prolific Garter Snake, 1008: The Spotted Spreading Adder Vivipa-
***8, 16:8; Habits of the English Sparrow, 1009: The Black-footed Ferret, (Putorius nigripes) in
Texas, 100; The Occurrence of Demodex phylloides (sokor, in American Swine, 10x9: How
brid Weather affects the Birds, 10ta; Protective Change of Color in a Spider, 1010; The Seru.
tuire and Development of the Skull in Sturgeons, 1011; The Amylolytic and Proteolytic activity

I Pancreatic Extracts, 100; The Birds of leligoland, 1012; Zoological Notes, 1012.

Entomology – In some cur ous methods of Chalcid Piipation. 60 ; On the Oviposition of Pro-

doxus der ipiens, óz : Clover Insects, 63: Horn's Classification of the Carabidæ, 63: The But-
terfly Trees of Bloaterey again, 64; Interest felt in cconomic entomology in California, 65; Obi

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