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II. The (so called) historic books, with their appendages, Chronicles and the book of Ruth, contain the

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Σειρὰ ἑνὸς πεντήκοντα υπομνηματιστῶν εἰς τὴν ̓Οκτάτευχον καὶ τῶν Βασιλειῶν ἤδη πρῶτον τύποις ἐκδοθεῖσα ἐπιμελείᾳ Νικηφόρου; Leipz. 1772, 2 vols. fol. Catena Græcorum P. P. in beatum Job. Collectore Niceta ed. et Lat. Vers. Op. et St. Patricii Junii; Lond. 1637, fol. Expositio Patrum Græcorum in Psalmos a Balth. Corderio ex Codd. concinnata, Latinitate donata; Antwerp, 1643-1646, fol. 3 vols. Eusebii, Polychronii, Psellii in Cant. Cant. Expositt. Græce Jo. Meursius publicavit; Lug. Bat. 1617, 4to. Hieronymi Comment. in Prophetas, Eccles. Quæst. Hebr. in Genes. Epist. critt. xviii. Opp. ed. Martianay; Par. 1693-1706, 5 vols. fol.; — ed. Vallarsi; Veron. 1734-1742, 11 vols. fol.; ed. 2, 1766-1772, 11 vols. 4to. Augustini Liber de Genesi ad Litteram imperf.; de Genesi ad Litteram LL. xii.; Quæst. in Heptateuchum LL. vii.; Enarrat. in Psalm.; Annotatt. in Job. L. I. Opp. ed. Bened.; Par. 1679-1701, 11 vols. fol. ;-ed. 2, Cur. Clerici; Antwerp, 1700-1703, 12 vols. fol.


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subsequent history of the theocracy, its struggle and downfall.

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III. The books of Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther, treat of the history of the people of Israel after the exile, that is, of the second temple.

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§ 136, a


1727-1760, 7 vols. fol. (reprinted 1809, 1821.) Henry's Exposition, 5 vols.
fol. Gill's Exposition of the Old and New Testament; 1748-1763, 9 vols.
fol. Other works, more or less valuable, have been prepared by Purver,
Wesley, Benson, Cruden, Dodd, Goadby, Scott, Wilson, Yonge, Bulkley,
Priestley, Trimmer, Burder, Hewlett, D'Oyly and Mant, and Adam Clarke.]

which belong to an age destitute of the theocratic spirit; that is, in the historical books of the Hagiographa.

[The application of the term mythology to certain narratives and opinions in the Bible need excite no surprise. The Jews had their mythology, as well as the Hindoos, the Goths, and the Greeks. Symbols and myths are necessarily used, by a rude people, to clothe abstract truths. It is evident the ancient Hebrews made use of them as the drapery of religious truth. This appears from the temple ceremonies, the visions and symbolic actions of the prophets; from the figurative expressions relating to the Deity, and the perpetual recurrence of anthropo-morphitic views of him. It is often difficult to determine where the myth begins, and the plain statement ends. But the Hebrew Scriptures have this difficulty in common with all very ancient, and especially Oriental writings. Symbolical language is sometimes used consciously, as properly symbolical, and sometimes unconsciously, when the writer himself had no clear conception of the subject, but confounded figure and fact.

"A dogma is a creation of the Understanding; a symbol, of the Feelings; and a myth, of Fancy. The first expresses itself in ideas; the second, in æsthetic images; the third, in history. The first is an object of faith; the second, of devout reverence; but the third is, originally, neither the one nor the other; it is a free play of fiction."]"

"We apply the term mythology to historical narratives, some of which relate to the supersensuous, and others date back to an ideal antiquity, and both rise above the ordinary laws of historical causality. Such narratives usually originate in legends, whence the name. See De Wette, Bib. Dogmatik. § 55. [Bauer, Heb. Mythologie, 1802, § 1-7.] Georgi, Mythus and Saga; Berlin, 1837. Tuch, Genesis, p. 1, sqq. A myth is an idea clothed in facts: a saga contains facts penetrated and transformed by ideas.

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