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"Are you thirsty ?-your lips are burning,"

[blocks in formation]

I have a joke on Keen-James Keen, the great oculist, the wise, the infallible, and I trust he will swallow his medicine like a little man when he reads this. It happened in this way.

I was sitting under the trees by the Tennis Court with Ysonde, watching the snow-birds fluttering in the meadow grass, and listening to the robin who, boldly balanced on the tip of his spruce tree, was doing his best. The blue-birds were teaching their young to navigate the air, twittering and tittering at the efforts of their youngsters, a truly frivolous family. The drab-coloured cow had also done her best, and the result was a miniature copy of herself, also an expert cud-chewer.

Billy-Ridiculous Billy, the white-whiskered and malicious, was spread in the low forks of an apple tree, a splendid representation of a disreputable door-mat.

Lynda sat at the bay-window in the Rosebud Inn, embroidering something in white and gold. She also succeeded in doing her best in her own line, which was to look more beautiful every day. I saw Blylock's shadow behind her.

When are they to be married, Ysonde?" I asked for the fiftieth time.

"On the twenty-seventh,-oh, Bobby, it's shocking to keep forgetting-and we 're to be best man and bride's maid, too!"

The sun dazzled my left eye, and I closed it for a second. Then a miraculous thing happened, an everlasting joke on Keen, for, although I had closed my sound eye, and, by rights, should have been blind as a bat, I was nothing of the kind.

My right eye-Ysonde-I can see !-Do you understand? I can see!" I stammered.

Oh, it was glorious-glorious as the joyous wonder in Ysonde's eyes !—it was a miracle. I don't care what Keen says about it having happened before, or about it happening once in ten thousand cases, and I don't care a brass farthing for his subsequent observations concerning the optic nerve, and partial paralysis, and retinas, and things, it was and must remain one of God's miracles, and that is enough for Ysonde and for me. "We will go to the glade and repaint my picture which you erased," said I.

She understood and forgave me, for I hardly knew what I was saying.

"Come," she said her eyes were wonderfully sweet, and bluer than the flowering flax around


So, with her hand in mine, we walked up the scented path to the Rosebud Inn, Billy lumbering along behind us, twitching his hoary whiskers.


"Il n'est pas nécessaire qu'il y ait de l'amour dans un livre pour nous charmer, mais il est nécessaire qu'il y ait beaucoup de tendresse."




N the third day toward noon the fire slackened; the smoke from the four batteries


on the bluff across the north fork of the river slowly lifted, drifting to the east. The Texas riflemen kept up a pattering fusilade until one o'clock, then their bugles rang "Cease firing," and the echoes of the last sulky shot died out against the cliffs.

Keenan, crouching behind one of his hot guns, could see the Texas sharpshooters retiring to the bluff, little grey shadows in the scrub-oak thicket gliding, flitting like wild hedge-birds toward the nest of cannon above.

"Don't let 'em get away like that!" shouted Douglas, "give it to them in the name of God!"

And Keenan smiled, and sent the Texans a messenger in the name of God-a messenger

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