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SPIRITUALISM is based on the cardinal fact of spirit communion and influx; it is the
effort to discover all truth relating to man's spiritual nature, capacities, relations, duties,
welfare, and destiny; and its application to a regenerate life. It recognises a continuous
Divise inspiration in Man; it aims through a careful reverent study of facts, at a knowledge of
the laws and principles which govern the occult forces of the universe; of the relations of spirit
to matter, and of man to God and the spiritual world. It is thus catholic and progressive,
leading to true religion as at one with the highest philosophy.

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EARTH Plane and Spirit Plane of

Elegant Extracts

Elizabeth Fry


End and Aim of Spiritual Intercourse 2

Evening Music of the Angels 227

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Dr. Forbes Winslow on Spiritualism. 277

Duchess of St. Albans a Spiritualist.. 205

MAITLAND (Rev. Dr.) on Spiritualism 22

Manifestations among Respectable



Manifestations in France


Manifold Phases of Spiritualism (The) 49

Modern Sadducism, by W. Howitt... 11

Moral Consequences of Spiritualism 403
432 Song of the Survivor (The) 10 Soul (The)

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NARRATIVE from John Wesley's Journal 188 Notices of New Books:

At Home and Abroad, by B. Taylor 95 Footfalls on the Boundary of another World

48, 335 Foregleams of Immortality 91 Is 1867 the Year of the Crisis? 240 Spirit Dialogues ...

527 Spiritualism, by Mrs. Crowe... 47 Spirit-Rapping and Spirit Manifestations

571 Spiritualism, Swedenborg, and the New Church

526 Stranger than Fiction-- Cornhill Magazine

416 Weldon's Register of Facts... 425 Whatever is, is Right, by A. B. Child





SINGULAR Displacement of Coffins 549 Singular Instances of Presentiment... 323 Sir Benjamin Brodie on Spiritualism Slowness of Belief in a Spiritual World

432 Song of the Survivor (The).

10 Soul (The)

139 Spiritual Apparitions

352 Spiritual Manifestations in the Wesley Family

254 in Cleveland 432

in Sweden 302 Spiritualism in the Church of the United Brethren

5 among the Shakers 69

Mormons 129 and John Wesley

177 and Mr. Punch

311 and Miracles

345 and the Leaders of the Reformation ...

467 at the Tuileries

140 in California

565 in Sweden, in 1842 544 in the Churches of America 359

in the Church of England 210 Spirituo-Magnetic Attraction

174 THACKERAY and Dickens on Spiritualism

385 The Captain saves his Ship by a Dream 551 The “Dispatch” and “Leader” on Spiritualism

558 The Press-Mr. S. C. Hall's Story 367 Threefold Development of Spiritualism (The)

195 To our Subscribers and Non-Subscribers ...

336 Two Evenings with Mr. Home 266



17 Old Booty

414 On the True Philosophy of the Human Mind ..

486 Orphan Child's Wish (The)

285 Our Public Teachers and the Study of Spiritual Laws

66 Penitent Forgiven (The)

192 Penny-a-liner's Trash

172 Persecutions of Reichenbach for his

Discovery of Odyle Foree............ 529 Philosophy and Spiritualism...

24 Poetry :

Evening Music of the Angels ... 227
Guardian Angels
Lines on Macaulay

221 Orphan Child's Wish (The) 285 Penitent Forgiven (The)

192 Slowness of Belief in a Spirit World

139 Press (The)

481 Professor Agazziz' Experience 56 Punch's Cartoon of the Spirit-hand... 241 Punch again and Mr. Dickens 384 REJECTED Suitor (The)

. 305




Vision of a Lady just deceased 127 What are we to understand by the

Teachings of Spiritualism ? 315, 394 What is the true Elixir of Life? ... 110 What was it?


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In presenting this, the first Number of the Spiritual Magazine to our Readers, we wish briefly to state that our object is to establish, if possible, a Periodical which shall be in every way worthy of the respectful consideration of the Public at large, and of the sacred and important cause it is intended to advocate.

Ours is peculiarly a labour of love. We do not expect nor desire to make the Magazine a remunerative speculation; on the contrary, we are prepared to sustain it by sacrifices both pecuniary and personal; and whilst inviting contributors from all parts of the world to help us in our task, we must be permitted to exercise our humble judgment in rejecting all matter which we may deem unsuited to the object we have in view.

Believing that “Spiritualism” inculcates no Sectarian prejudices, but that its facts and its teachings are needed by every denomination of religionists, and by all classes of philosophers, we especially deprecate and will endeavour to avoid all dogmatism.

We are aware that the subject may be viewed, even by those who accept its reality, from many points, and therefore we shall deem it a duty to give prominence to all communications of sufficiently literary merit, whether their tendency be to advance the spread of Spiritualism or not, feeling assured, that "if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it."


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