Horary Astrology

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Cosimo, Inc., 1 сент. 2006 г. - Всего страниц: 152
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Alan Leo, the father of modern astrology, opened up the secrets of divination by the stars to the general public in the early 20th century with a popular line of astrology manuals that set off a craze for horoscopes that continues to this day. In this compact 1909 volume, he demonstrates how anyone can "obtain an answer to any question of which the mind is earnestly desirous of a true solution." Discover how to find the answers to conundrums involving... . monetary affairs . children and friendships . marriage, partnerships, and lawsuits . long journeys . honor and employment . hopes and wishes . and more. British astrologer WILLIAM FREDERICK ALLAN (1860-1917), a.k.a. Alan Leo, published Astrologer's Magazine as well as a line of astrological materials; he founded the Astrological Lodge of the Theosophical Society in 1915. ALSO FROM COSIMO: Leo's Symbolism and Astrology: An Introduction to Esoteric Astrology and Mars: The War Lord

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Casting the Figure
II The Signification of the Twelve Houses
Twelve Houses General Rules
An Example of Horary Astrology rem the Authors
Some Genera Examples
IfssfKj? ft viii Concerning it Hi ix Vurtnif
The Twelve Houses of Heaven
The Centiloquy of Claudius Ptolemy too Aphorisms
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Стр. 122 - Q, and is said to rule, receive, or govern him. When the dispositor of the planet signifying the thing asked after is himself disposed by the lord of the ascendant, it is a good sign. To dispose by house is the most powerful testimony ; then by exaltation, then triplicity, then term, and lastly, face, which is a very weak reception.
Стр. 119 - If a star be not on the equator, it will, when it rises, form an angle with that part of the equator which is rising at the same time, and this is called its ASCENSIONAL DIFFEBENCE.
Стр. 116 - If comets, whose distance is eleven signs behind the Sun, appear in angles, the king of some kingdom, or one of the princes or chief men of a kingdom, will die. If in a succedent house, the affairs of the kingdom's treasury will prosper, but the governor or ruler will be changed. If in a cadent house, there will be diseases and sudden deaths. And if comets be in motion from the west towards the east, a foreign foe will invade the country: if not in motion, the foe will be provincial, or domestic.
Стр. 102 - Judgment must be regulated by thyself, as well as by the Science. For it is not possible that particular forms of events should be declared by any person, however scientific, since the understanding conceives only a certain general idea of some sensible event, and not its particular form. It is, therefore, necessary for him who practises herein to adopt inference. They only who are inspired by the Deity can predict particulars.
Стр. 106 - Love and hatred are discernible, as well from the concord and discord of the luminaries, as from the ascendants of both nativities : but obeying signs increase good will.
Стр. 102 - Whosoever may be adapted to any particular event or pursuit, will assuredly have the star indicative thereof very potent in his nativity. IV. A mind apt in knowledge will discover truth more readily than one practised in the highest branches of science. V. A skilful person, acquainted with the nature of the stars, is enabled to avert many of their effects, and to prepare himself for those effects before they arrive.
Стр. 129 - Peregrine, a peregrine planet is one posited in a sign where it has no essential dignity of any kind. It is reckoned a debility of 5°.
Стр. 108 - ... he gives eloquence 10. If a malefic in one nativity fall on the place of a benefic in another nativity, he who has the benefic will suffer damage from him who has the malefic. 11. If the ascendant of a servant be the MC of his master, the master will place so much confidence in that servant as to be ruled by him.

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