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AAS, Fire-ball observed in the District of, 375
Abel (Sir Frederick, F.R.S.): Explosions in Coal-Mines, 108,
138; Coal-Dust and Explosions, 417
Abercromby (Hon. Ralph): Meteoric Dust, 16; Clouds and
Upper Wind-Currents over the Atlantic Doldrums, 294;
Upper Wind-Currents in the South Indian Ocean and over
the N.W. Monsoon, 460; Sunrise Shadow of Adam's Peak,
Ceylon, 532; Protective Influence of Black Colour from
Light and Heat, 559

Aberdeen, Conference of Delegates of Corresponding Societies
of the British Association held at, Francis Galton, F. R.S.,

Abney (Capt. W. de W., F.R.S.), Photographing the Corona,

Aborigines of Formosa, G. Taylor, 612
Absorption-Spectrum of Oxygen, 89

Acclimatisation of Europeans in the Tropics, the Question of,

Acoustics :
: a New Musical Instrument, Prof. Guthrie, 335
Adam's Peak, Ceylon, Sunrise Shadow of, Hon. Ralph Aber-
cromby, 532

Adamson (Prof. R.), Text-Book of Political Economy, Francis
A. Walker, 457

Aerolite in Naples, Supposed Fall of an, Dr. H. J. Johnston-
Lavis, 153; Fall of Huge, in Pennsylvania, 183
Aeronautics: a Stray Balloon, 99; the Navigable Balloon, M.
Renard, 421; Aërial Navigation, Dr. William Pole, F. R. S.,
444; Les Aérostats dirigeables, B. de Grilleau, 460. See
also Balloons

Affinity and Solution, Chemical, W. Durham, 615

Afghan Boundary Commission, Natural History and the, 88
Africa: Statistics of African Travel, 280; Lieut. Wissmann's
Exploration of the Congo District, 377; Objects Collected by
Romolo Gessi in East Central, 468; Major Serpa Pinto's Ex-
pedition, 521; Capello and Ivens's Explorations, 593; German
African Society, 593

After-Glows in Scandinavia, 137

After-Images, 270

Agardh (J. G.), Till Algernes Systematik, 458

Agaricus, Dr. Cooke's Illustrations of, 464

Agassiz (Louis), his Life and Correspondence, Arch. Geikie,
F.R.S., 289

Agassiz (Prof.), Harvard College Museum Report, 462

Agassiz and Whitman, the Pelagic Stages of Young Fishes,

Agriculture: Journal of the Royal Agricultural Society, 218;
Third Annual Report of the New York Agricultural Experi-
ment Station for the Year 1884, Prof. John Wrightson, 243;
Origin of Agriculture, 599

Air: the Coefficient of the Viscosity of, Herbert Tomlinson,
403; Law of the Resistance of the, to the Motion of Pro-
jectiles, Rev. F. Bashforth, 604

Air-Columns, Experiments on Sounding, Prof. Neesen, 95
Air-Cure, the, in China, 465

Airy (Sir G. B., F.R.S.), Integer Numbers of the First Cen-
tenary, satisfying the Equation A2 = B2 + C2, 532
Aitchison (Surgeon), Return of, 88

Aitken (Mr.), on Dew, 256

Alabama Weather Service Papers, 160

Alaska: Exploration by Lieut. Allen of, 91; Notes on the
"Muir Glacier" of, G. W. Lamplugh, 299; Lieut. Chauncey
Thomas, 441; Glacier Bay in, G. W. Lamplugh, 461
Algæ, Till Algernes Systematik, J. G. Agardh, 458
Algebra, Elementary, Chas. Smith, 413

Algebraical Forms, Prof. J. J. Sylvester's Lecture on, 88
Algeria: Earthquake in, 137, 161, 184, 327; Lions, Tigers,
&c., killed in, 303

Allen (Lieut.), Exploration of Alaska by, 91

Allen (Grant), Charles Darwin, Geo. J. Romanes, F. R.S.,


Alnwick, Artesian Wells near, 349

Alphabet, Roman, the Use of the, in Japan, 136
Alpine Climbing, Observations on the Physiological Effects of,
M. Vernet, 18

Alpine Lakes: Depths of, Dr. F. A. Forel, Dr. G. F.
Wollaston, 195; Temperature of Germany, 375
Alps, the Ice Age and the Northern Alpine Slopes, 348
Alps, Tourist's Guide to the Flora of the, Prof. K. W. v.
Dalla-Torre, 557

Altayans (Ural), M. Yadrintzeff on Civilisation among the,

Amateurs, Observatories for, Hints on the Construction and
Equipment of, G. F. Chambers, 56

Amazon Expedition, Proposed Scientific, by M. Eugène
Aubert, 64

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