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Antiquaries, Society of, London. List of Members and Fellows, 1881.

Architects, Royal Institute of British. Proceedings, 1880-81, and

Astor Library, New York. Report, 1880.
Agriculture, Department of, Washington. Report, 1878-79.
Asiatic Society, Royal, London. Journal, vol. xiii.
Anthropological Institute, London. Journal, vol. x.
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Academie Royale de Belgique, Brussels. Annuaire, 1879-81.
Asiatic Society of Bengal, London. Proceedings, No. 9, 1881.
Akademie du Munschen, Sitzungsberichte der Koniglichen
Bayerischen, Philosophisch-philologischen und Historischen
Classe, Heften, 1880-81.-Mathematisch-physikalischen

Classe, Heften, 1880-1881.--Abhandlungen, und Ueber den geologischen Ban der Libyschen Waste. Munich, 1881. Archeological Society, Somersetshire, Taunton. Proceedings vol.


Astronomical and Meteorological Observations of the U.S. Observatory, Washington, vol. xxiii., parts 1 and 2.


Botany, Journal of Linnæan Society, London.
Birds, Catalogue of, part v. British Museum.
Births, Marriages and Deaths, Mass., Report on, 1880.


Chemical Society, List of Fellows.

Copernicus, Vereins fur Wissenschaft u. Kunst, Mitteilungen dur.

Thorn, Heft. iii., 1881.

Cambridge Union. Annual Report, 1881.


Eclipses, Reports on Total Solar, of July 29th, 1878, and January 11th, 1880, Washington.

Education, Council of, Sydney. Report, 1880.

Essex Institute, Salem, Mass. Report, 1880, and Bulletin, vol. xii.
Engineers, Chief of, Washington. Report, 1879.
Engineers, Institution of Civil, London. Proceedings, 1880-81.


Franklin Institute, Philadelphia. Journal, vol. cxii.


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Geologists' Association, London. Proceedings, 1881.

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Geographical Society, American, New York. Bulletin, 1880. Journal, vols. xi. and xii.

Geographischen Gesellschaft, Mittheilungen der, Vienna. Band. xxiii., 1880.

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Harvard University, Annual Report, 1879-80.-Catalogue of Museum of Comparative Zoology, No. 3. "New and little

known Reptiles."-Memoirs, vols. vi. and vii. Annual Report of Curator, 1879-80-81.—" Bibliographical Contributions" of the University.-Bulletin No. 12, vol. vi. "On the Maturation, Fecundation and Segmentation of Limax Campestris."-Publications of the University, 1870-80.

British Museum.

Report, 1880.

Heterocera and Lepidoptera, part v.
Health, Medical Officer of, Liverpool.
Henry, Joseph, Memorial of, Smithsonian Institution, Washington,


Health, Lunacy and Charity, State Board of, Mass. Report, 1880.


India, the Great Trigonometrical Survey of, vol. vi.


Kongliga, Soenska Vetenskaps Akademiens, Stockholm. Handlingar-Band. xv.-xvii., and Atlas.


Literary and Scientific Society, Birkenhead. Report, 1880-81.
Lettres, La Faculté des, Bordeaux. Annales, 1880.

Library, Public, Chicago. Annual Report.

Literary and Philosophical Society, Hull. Report, &c., 1880-81.
Literary and Philosophical Society, Halifax. Report.
Linnæan Society, London. Journal. Botany and Zoology.
Proceedings, 1881, and List of Members, 1881.

Lepidoptera and Heterocera, part v. British Museum.

Literary and Philosophical Society of Leicester. Report, &c., 1880-81.

Literary and Philosophical Society of Manchester. Proceedings, vols. xvi.-xix.-Memoirs, vol. vi.

Library, Free Public, Liverpool. Catalogue, part ii., 1871-80.
Literature, Royal Society of, London, vols. xi. and xii.

Limax Campestris, The Maturation, Fecundation and Segmentation of, Harvard University.

Literary and Philosophical Society, Whitby. 59th Report.


Meteorological Observers, Hints to.

Museums, Sydney, Report on, 1880.

Mining Department, Sydney. Report, 1878-79.

Microscopical Society, Royal, London, vol. i., series ii.

Meteorological Society, London. Journal, 1881.

Medico-Chirurgical Society, Royal, London. Transactions, vol. lxiv. Mathematisch - Naturwissenschaftliche Classe der Kaiserliche Akademie, Vienna, nos. 1 to 28.


Natural Science, Chester, Society of. Tenth Annual Report.
Naturalists' Field Club, Epping Forest. Transactions, vol. i.
Naturalists' Field Club, Liverpool. Report, 1880-81.
Natur, Vereins für, und Heil-Kunde. Verhandlungen, Neul Folge,
4 heff., Presburg, 1875-80.

New Zealand Institute, Wellington. Transactions, &c., 1880.
Natural History, Society of, Boston, Memoirs of, 1881.
Natural Sciences, Society of, Buffalo. Bulletin.


Oversigt Kongelige Videnskabernes Selkab, Copenhagen, 18741880.

Odonata, sub-family Eschnina, The Immature State of the, by L. Cabot, Harvard University.


Polytechnic Society, Royal Cornwall. Annual Report, 1881.
Philosophical and Literary Society of Leeds. Report, 1880-81.
Philomathic Society, Liverpool. Report, 1880-81.
Plymouth Institution. Transactions, vol. vii., part 3.
Physischen Libration des Mondes, Strasburg University.
Parallaxe von a Centauri, Strasburg University.

Philosophical Institution, Edinburgh. Report, 1881.
Paleontologia Indica, London, series xv., vol. i., 1882.
Polytechnic Society, Liverpool. Journal, &c., 1881.
Polytechnique, L'École, Paris, tome xxx., cahier 49.
Philosophical Society, American, Philadelphia, vol. xviii.


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Comparative Zoology, by S. Garman.

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Royal Society, London. Proceedings, 1881.

Reale Instituto Lombardo. Memorie and Rendiconti, vol. xii.
Royal Institution, London. Proceedings, vol. ix., part 3.

Royal Society, Dublin. Scientific Transactions, vols. xiii. and xiv.


Stars, Cape Catalogue of. E. J. Stone, Capetown, 1878.
Snow Storms of January, 1881.

Sciences, l'Académie Royale Suedoise des. Reports, 1877-1881.
Smithsonian Institution, Cambridge, Mass. Report, 1879.
Sciences Naturelles, La Société Nationale, Cherbourg. Catalogue de
la Bibliothèque, 1881. Mémoires, tome xxii.
"Scientific Roll, The," London, part 1, 1881.
Salem, Mass., Visitors' Guide to, 1880.

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Science, Journal of, London, 1881.

Science Gossip, London, 1881.

Statistical Society, London. Journal, vol. xliv.

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