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The State Museum of Natural History.
The University.

The Library of Parliament.


The Academy of Natural Sciences.

Philadelphia - *The American Philosophical Society.

*The Franklin Institute.



New York



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The Pennsylvania Board of Public Education, - *The Zoological Society.

The American Association for the Advance

ment of Science.

*The Essex Institute.

The Lick Observatory.

*The Royal Society of New South Wales.

*The Canadian Institute.

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*The Department of Agriculture.

*The Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories.

*The Naval Observatory.

*The Smithsonian Institution.

*The War Office :-*The Ordnance Department; the Office of the Chief Signal Officer; the Department of the Chief of Engineers; the Department of the Paymaster-General; the Department of the Surgeon-General.

*The New Zealand Institute.


La Société des Sciences Physiques et Naturelles. *L'Académie Royale des Sciences, des Lettres,

et des Beaux-Arts de Belgique.

*La Société Nationale des Sciences Naturelles.

The University.

*L'Académie Royale.

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La Société Royale des Antiquaries du Nord.

La Société de Physique et d'Histoire

*Der Königlichen Gesellschaft der Wissen-

The University.

*La Société Hollandaise des Sciences.

*La Société des Sciences de Finlande.

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Der Königlichen Physikalisch-ökonomischen


*La Reale Instituto Lombardo.

*Der Königlichen Akademie der Wissen


*L'Ecole Polytechnique.

*Vereins fur Natur-und Heil-kunde.

*L'Académie Imperiale des Sciences.

*L'Académie Royale Suedoise des Sciences.

La Bibliothèque Municipale.

*Der Kaiserliche Universitäts und Landes


*The University.

*Der Kaiserliche Akademie der Wissen


*Der Geographischen Gesellschaft.




To Cash paid Messrs. Marples & Co., Printing Volume

Messrs. Tinling & Co., Circulars
Mr. G. G. Walmsley, Binding.
Secretary's Expenses.
Editorial Fee
Mr. Doling, Refreshments.

Mr. Burke, Attendance

Rent of Rooms...

Librarian's Expenses..





The Literary and Philosophical Society in Account with R. C. JOHNSON, Treasurer.

F. P. Marratt


in hand (Dock Bond)





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£391 16 6






ROYAL INSTITUTION, 3rd October, 1881. EDWARD R. RUSSELL, PRESIDENT, in the Chair. THE Minutes of the last Meeting of the previous Session were read and confirmed.

The Honorary Secretary read the following


The Literary and Philosophical Society has now completed the seventieth year of its existence; and, if the vitality of its proceedings is accepted as a criterion, the energy is unabated, and the zeal undiminished, with which its members pursue the objects set forth by its founders.

The Meetings of the late Session were well attendedthe average number present at each exceeding 80. On two occasions the attendances reached 127 and 171 respectively.

The two Conversaziones in each Session, now devoted to Natural Science, are proving to be of great benefit; and

the communications then read from the Corresponding Members and Associates abroad show that these gentlemen are making valuable contributions to knowledge, and doing much to uphold the Society's reputation. The information received in this way, during the late Session, from Mr. Dukinfield Jones and Captain Cawne Warren will be found in the forthcoming Volume of Proceedings.

Hardly less valuable are the inter-communications which precede the reading of the paper at each Meeting. It is by these especially that members at home can manifest their interest in the work of the Society, and show the use they make of such opportunities as present themselves for adding to the sum of human knowledge. The Council believe that some good work was done in this respect during the Session now closed.

Thirteen Ordinary Members have been admitted into the Society since the last Annual Meeting. But during this interval the Society has lost twenty-two members, by death or resignation, so that the roll has been reduced from 246 to 237 Ordinary Members.

Of those now reported as deceased, the loss of Mr. JAMES BIRCH will be felt by many. He was an able and frequent speaker in the debates, and brought to bear upon the questions he discussed the results of an extensive course of reading, and the matured powers of a critical and philosophical mind.

The name of the late Mr. DAVID MARPLES, printer to the Society, also deserves commemoration. He was born at Baslow, in Derbyshire, in the year 1796; and, after an apprenticeship in the office of the Sheffield Mercury, came to Liverpool, where, in the course of a few years, he established a business which soon attained a reputation for the taste and excellence of its work. The last sixteen volumes of the Society's Proceedings are fair examples of the productions

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